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[Forum Original Content] Top 10 Must Ban Heroes in Season 11

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Season 11 has begun and a new set of meta heroes has emerged and these heroes can either make or break your game with ease so be sure to check out this top list of must ban heroes especially if you are not sure which heroes to ban during your ranked matches

#10 Angela
Angela is still proven to be one of the best supports thanks to her ultimate as well as her kit wherein she can easily turn the tide of 1v1 battles as well as easily protect those who are in need while locking down the enemies. Which is why she deserves to be in the top 10 bans.

#9 Lancelot
Lancelot has fallen quiet in terms of picks and bans but make no mistake, he is still viable and almost up to par with the current main stream heroes. Since of course his skills allows him to move in and out of the battlefield at the same time his burst damage is something to be very cautious about wherein if you act too slowly he can easily delete you.

Helcurt is one of the deadliest assassins that can burst and zone out high priority targets with ease thanks to his skills wherein his ultimate, literally minimizes the vision of all his enemies is one of the strongest ultimate in the game because if your enemies see little, you can take the opportunity to pick them off so long as you know how to use it. At the same time his passive that silences enemies casting near him intterupts heroes that relies on combos which overall is the reason he ranks the lowest at the same time deserves the spot in the top bans.

#7 Alice
Alice is one of the most viable team fight hero in which she can both bring in the damage needed as well as sufficient Crowd Control during the teamfight. In addition to that her mobility as well as her ultimate lets her be a hero to be cautious against otherwise she could melt you with ease during team fights.

#6 Chou
With the recent updates, Full damage chou has never been more viable than before at the same time his skills make him one of the most annoying heroes to deal with which is why he deserves the 6th spot.

#5 Gussion
Gussion may have fallen out of the places in the recent bans just because other heroes have risen up to the task of being a feared hero to play up against. But make no mistake, in the hands of a player who is well versed with gussion, they can easily get the job done at the same time your teams would more or less have a difficult time with gussion.

#4 Leomord
Leomord is one of the recent heroes to be wary about regardless due to the fact that he can easily burst and wipe almost any squishy heroes with ease especially when he is riding his ultimate.

#3 Claude
Thanks to Claude's stat steal ability as well as manuavarbility he can easily get in and out of the battle at the same time wipe out the enemies with ease since his kiting mechanism is basically near to that of irithel.(Due to his ult and constant slow with his 1st)

#2 Harith
Harith is one of the recent popular bans all thanks to his spammable 2nd skill wherein his dash not only gives him the mobility but durability and damage as well wherein he can easily deal with multiple heroes provided that the player knows how to play Harith properly in terms of positioning and maximizing his 2nd skill.

#1 Aldous
Aldous basically gets the easy number 1 spot all thanks to his scaling potential wherein regardless of the situation of the game, he can easily change it so long as he manages to farm enough stacks for his 1st skill as well as getting the necessary item wherein he really is indeed a hero to be wary of regardless of playing solo or premade que.

Post time 2019-1-15 09:55 PM | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2019-1-7 08:53 PM
i like how lunox and selena aren't in the top ten banned list. I feel insulted because apparently th ...

I agree </3
Everyone has there own opinion aswell ^^
Post time 2019-1-3 05:43 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
This is the proof that heroes are not balanced.
They are picked every time while layla, argues and others hide in the shadows, I don't think montoon cares about players at all
Post time 2019-1-3 10:43 PM | Show all posts
how about angela and selena? they always got ban in epic
Post time 2019-1-5 09:41 PM | Show all posts
i wonder anyone has banned layla
Post time 2019-1-6 12:02 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Where is lunox?
Post time 2019-1-6 06:36 PM | Show all posts
i wonder why no one ban karrie in rank games even though he is a monster if he finish getting his hybrid build
Post time 2019-1-7 03:08 PM | Show all posts
I wouldn't ban angela and lance...better banning lunox the killing machine and johnson...a good johnson can turn around a losing game into a winning one with its awesome car crash...
Post time 2019-1-7 05:02 PM | Show all posts
I believe that each hero having their strength and weakness during battle, and i am very sure this two factor are always depend on skill,timing and teamwork from player. To play well in the games, only one word can said, "practice make perfect".
Post time 2019-1-7 08:53 PM | Show all posts
i like how lunox and selena aren't in the top ten banned list. I feel insulted because apparently they're not ban worthy. (lmao lunox always gets banned) but im happy since i literally spam selena in rank and destroy every game
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