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[Forum Original Content] Season 11 Jungle Guide

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Jungle this Season 11 has been changed drastically wherein the heavy importance in getting turtle and lord is much more higher than before because of the new benefits it brings. Which is why it is also important for players to know more about the jungle in the Land of Dawn as these knowledge can possibly make or break your game.

Basic Jungle Informations

1)Jungle Timer Spawn- When jungling it is essential to note the spawn timers of jungle camps wherein each jungle has its own spawn time and it follows as
>Jungle Buffs- Spawns at 0:32 into the game
>Jungle camps adjacent to the 1 jungle buffs- Spawns at 0:32 into the game
>Jungle Camps away from the buffs- Spawns at 0:45 into the game
>Crab-Spawns at 1:00 into the game
>Turtle- Spawns at 2:00 into the game
>Lord- Spawns at 8:00 into the game

2)Jungle buffs- Would usually last 2mins 30 seconds which also is the amount of time in which the jungle buff camp would respawn(provided that you cleared the camp first before killing the jungle buff)

3)Turtle Buff- The turtle buff basically gives a slight increase in stats as well as a true damage proc every few seconds and this buff can only be granted to the player that was able to kill the turtle. This buff generally last for 2mins from the time the turtle was killed.

4)Lord- Lord is a jungle objective in which each time you kill the Lord, it grows stronger making it difficult for teams to take this jungle objective single handedly wherein the more times you kill Lord, the stronger he becomes. He is important in the game as he can easily change the outcome of the game depending on how the team uses his pushing power and benefits.

5)Retribution- This battle spell has two major uses wherein it can be used between jungle camps for either last hitting or initiating the camp since after using, it gives the user reduced damage against the jungle camp. Or it can be used against heroes provided that the player has purchased atleast a tier 2 jungle item, to slow and damage them.

Capitalizing the Jungle

It is important for players to capitalize the jungle since first of all players won't be doing much after clearing the lane which leaves for players a stagnant/steady level and farm if they only stick to laning which can overall lead players that don't capitalize the jungle to losing the games. At the sametime capitalizing the jungle leads players to either get ahead or catch up on farm and level depending on the situation of the game. This also overall breaks the ice between players of which side would win but does not fully determine it because how players use the benefits of the jungle is something that has a heavier factor towards the game results.

How to capitalize the jungle?

Capitalizing the jungle isn't simply just killing the jungle camp and just go back to lane. It is also a matter of distributing who gets what amongst the team as some heroes require little farm while some require the opposite. So here are some tips on how to capitalize the jungle even further.

1)Distributing the camps- Distributing the jungle camps amongst each other is an ideal way of starting out on capitalizing the jungle.

2)Taking Jungle Objetives- Getting and/or contesting jungle objectives is one of the few things and ways to capitalize the jungle since both the Turtle and Lord are the jungle objectives and each both gives a global exp and gold and aside from that their own respective benefits after killing them. So be sure to always stay alert for these objectives.

3)Jungle Invade- Invading your enemy's jungle is another way to capitalize the jungle as first of all you're stealing their resource to gain exp and gold aside from the lanes. Aside from that this would only push your lead further if you are clearing your own as well.

Overall this is just a simple and brief guide towards players who wish to learn more or refresh themselves of the jungle in the land of dawn but for those who wish for a further extensive guide, stay tuned for future posts!

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