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[Talk With Developer] Feedback&Reward Board[past~04.18](Dev Reply 04.25)

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Feedback&Reward Board[past~04.18](Dev Reply 04.25)

Dear all,

Devs have been kept focusing on community feedback of MLBB. Thanks for you guys' feedback, and we'll send 200 tickets by mail in game as a gift to show our thanks. If you have any feedback,pls feel free to contact the customer service at the lobby in the game, or just post in the Forum to tell us what you are thinking about.

We appreciate the feedbacks from the community members below, we have already PM-ed you, please provide us your server ID and game ID in PM, we will issue some small gifts as appreciation. Valid within 7 days.

    199***725 5**5 whi*****ood - Reddit
    84***127 2**0 nu***up - Reddit
    189***962 6**9 Cl***e#1**0 - Discord
    47***966 2**8 Di***nd_12****1#4**5 - Discord
    341***783 3**8  K***x#9**7 - Discord
    57***669 2**3 v**i#5**3 - Discord
    45***284 2**2 [EXO] R***X#2**6 - Discord
    629***23 2**4 L**ny#0**2 - Discord
    28****97 5**9 ꧁✵ɢ***øя✵꧂#3**8 Discord
    46****17 2**8  r**ul#3**1 Discord
    893****5 5**9  λΙα****rχ#3**2 Discord
    699****4 2**8  Fr***evil#0**0  Discord
    196****66 9**0 хт***ra魔王#6**9 Discord
    226****49 3**0 Boy****ebus Forum
    201****59 5**5 Xa***r374#3**8 Discord
    115****87 2**0 B**ibob#1**9 Discord
    158****45 2**2 DW#5**3 Discord
    290****90 6**9 (A**ph)#9**4 Discord
    ..dtp 2.08-2.28(3.8)..
    11****03 3**7 mo****ii Reddit
    32****882 5**7 Lumin Es***ce#5**0  Discord
    290****90 6**9 MH****Teth#9**4 Discord
      ..dtp 3.29-4.04(4.10)..
       ..dtp 4.05-4.11(4.17)..
    ..dtp 4.12-4.18(4.25)..

For those who have advance server account, please play and experience the game regularly, feedback will be rewarded. While those players without advance server account, please pay attention to account page, we will open it irregularly.

And here are some ideas we'll work on about:


(hint: click "Top" at the bottom of the lower right corner to jump to top)

(hint: These shortcuts does not work in microsoft edge or similar browsers for now)


Right now you need to switch to Japanese language to be able to get hero voices in Japanese. Add an option where we can switch to Japanese voice in the options even if we are in English language. I think some of use here are Anime watchers and find Japanese voices cool and we would greatly appreciate it.

Stay tuned.

A user has made this suggestion due to the fact that on his graphic settings he cannot turn lite mode off. when asked for his phone version, he said he is using Samsung Galaxy S3. he says he cannot disabe lite graphic mode.

We will update this next week. Players will be able to choose whether to use the Lite Mode or not.

Give one skin for free at new year. skin below 299. chosen by the user.

More events will be coming soon.

remove snowballs from survival mod

We will continue to observe it.

Add "i'll take tower damage" as quick chat

Stay tuned.

add more chat rooms in mlbb. im sick of these "sex chat" and auto scroll thing.

We will check it and try to optimize it.

Whenever the game crashes during the hero picking phase, make it so a most used hero is used with the most used emblem spell.

Stay tuned.

Add mastery skin for completing mastery task. requirements: you must complete all the hero mastery task and reach expert. not complete all hero, but complete all mastery task for 1 hero to claim his/her skin. just like hilda's skin for mentor and apprentice task. In addition to this suggestion: a new skin questline opens after a player reaches 500 matches with a hero, completes the hero mastery tasks, has achieved hero mastery (5000 mastery points). the skin questline has tasks that take longer to complete than regular mastery tasks, and when completed, it will reward the player with hero's release date skin and will replace the expert badge with a special badge (which can be seen during the hero loading screen)

Please stay tuned as we will add some rewards just like these

Change Khufra's voice to be more viscious and Egyptian. his voice is like Belericks

Stay tuned.

Fanny's cable is abnormal

We will fix it in the next update ,thank you for your feedback.

Natalia is one of the fastest hero who can roam around the map. But Map always detect Natalia very late. e.g. I saw Natalia at the bot lane. Then, she hid and appeared again in the bot lane on the map when she is at mid lane. This only happens in real game though. Didn't work in custom mode. Anyone experiencing this?

We will check it and try to optimize it.

We buy so many skins and there are some way we can show them more. Like in battle history instea of showing default skin, the game can show the skin we have used in that game. Same goes for battle too. Instead of showing default skin in map, the game can show the skin we are using. Another suggestion regards of trial card we dont want to use or dont have that skin. Is there any way to sell those because we have better skin of that hero already.

Stay tuned.

They should update the layla bunny skin since they r updating other skin of her..the reason is that her graphics does not match anymore with the looks so low quality...not smooth...pls mlbb can u do that..n also it is in rare fragment shop so pls make it special

Stay tuned.

"the new invalid system is terrible. extreme terrible. people dont like the line up in draft, they just go invalid it. thats such a waste of time of the opposite team. lots of people do that because the solo players dont know how to ban/pick and end up with bad line up so they just make it invalid. you should make it that if a person afk in team during draft, they cannot invalid it before 5min not 3min. so it gives time for enemy if enemy knows they afk, they can just push mid and clear game. otherwise its just time wasting. already takes 10min to find a match in aus server, then play an invalid match. so terrible!"

Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to observe and try to optimize it.

Can moonton censor the word 'BOCAH' (means "kid" in Indonesian, considered as rude) in every game mode

Thank you for your feedback, we will block the word in the next update.

Please uncensor these words in some situations.Some proper words can't be used because there is an element of the censored words. Teme > Temen (indonesian for friend). Dang > Badang. Pons > Irresponsible. Mond > Balmond. Swap (for swapping in draft pick) . Oral > Mroral . FK > AFK

Thank you for your feedback, we will do some special handling for these words.


Make an option in practise mode that allows to remove all minions and also an option where you can practise with a bot or with a human. you can enable close lane on the settings to remove minion in practise mode, but I dont like the bot when i chase him, he will run back inside the tower. vs ai mode bots are better than the one in practise mode

We will fix this problem,thank you for your feedback.

When viewing the History tab, if we’re using skin then please show the character display card accordingly to match the skin. Right now it’s just showing the standard display card. It’s a really nice-to-have feature for people who bought skins and may tempt us buy more skins in the future.

Stay tuned.

Make Rafeala's heal/damage proportionate to her HP rather then her magic power. A big issue with Rafaela is that when you pick Rafaela and build tank you give up on a ton of healing potential and when you build mage (to increase the heal), you become more squishy. I think it'd benefit her a ton and make her somewhat more viable if she was tankier and was able to heal more since she seems to be only committed to healing per her kit.

Stay tuned.

Add bushes near the base for Natalia and Hilda

We will enhance both Natalia and Hilda in Brawl Mode,thank you for your feedback.

Please seperate the messages send and the notification from the game. it is hard to communicate with the team

We will look into the situation and consider about the optimization.Thank you for your feedback.

Estes is very underrated hero. Although his healing abilities are perfect, but he can be countered easily with anti-regen items. He also lacks mobility. Increasing his healing will make him OP. But if he gets a little buff to mobility, he can be a really good support again. When casting skills, he stops for a moment. My suggestion is, don't make him stop when he uses healing skill. But keep the stopping of s2. It will balance the slow effect with his stopping moment.

Stay tuned.

Please add another use of XP after level 30 Like 20xp per magic dust or ticket

Stay tuned.

Instead of showing low quality model when downloading resources, it should just be splash art showing up. because the low quality model is really weird

Stay tuned.

Please adjust the position of this icon, it is blocking some heroes' face

It has been fixed ,thank you for your feedback.

Remove that when someone dies as revived and the death counts from Faramis ultimate skill

We have fixed it in patch 1.3.50, thank you for your feedback.

Is it possible to add 1,5 sec CC control immunity during apo wings passive works ?This item got very big nerf. Nobody use it now. My suggestion : Bring back old apo wings or add 1,5 sec CC immunity. By the way, Why do admins not interest with items ? I didnt see new item long time. We would like to see an item which against CC controls. There is no any anti-cc option in ML.Only diggie.But people dont like to play diggie for one skill.It is not interested hero. Purify is already useless as you know.I dont even want to speak about poor purify. If developer create an option against CC , i know many old hero will be useful again. No need work on every old hero. Just give us an item.

Stay tuned for new gear.

As more heroes join in the game (the latest is Kadita as of now since 12-18-2018), Layla is becoming weaker to counteract with other heroes. For my experience using her, I like her passive but then I keep on losing each match whenever I use her because her skills I think she should deserve to be revamped (aside from her skins being remodeled).

We will take a look into it ,thank you for your feedback.

Please allow us able to switch off chat conversation in order to avoid negative conversation and harassment

We will keep optimizing the chat environment, thank you for your feedback.


1.I cannot believe Moonton had the audacity to nerf Lolita’s S1 before they release her skin this feb, I mean how can a player be so dumb that they need to simplify it with an auto attack? Also I noticed her S1 I was using it to Natalia but her smoke made her immune, was it always like that ? Idek, but this rework is whack ! Please help us fix this tomfoolery. 2. I've been using Lolita for 1500 matches, she is my main. This recent update is ridiculous, changing the stun trigger to normal attack button delays her stun. Her shield and reflect damage duration is now ridiculously reduced. With her ultimate that can be easily cancelled, 2 second for full ultimate stun, no healing ability, average defense, she is now as useless as a punching bag. She's not even the current meta (John, Grock, Mino?), you want to make her obsolete? Return her old skills, ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? LEAVE HER ALONE! 3.bring back 1st skill Lolita which can single target stunned enemy. Many other suggestions came in about Lolita, all suggesting to revert her skill 1 back.

We are currently working on fixing Lolita's skill 1, which is a bug.

Please add ‘Attack the crab’ in the quick chat

Thank you for your feedback

Full screen entrance for epic skins like Karrie and Gatot

Thank you for your feedback, please stay tuned

add an energy regen item in brawl fanny's energy runs out way too fast and fanny becomes useless in brawl mode

Her energy regen is already buffed in brawl mode

Testing new heroes in classic can affect your win rate and with a low win rate no one takes you serious in rank

Thank you for your feedback, please stay tuned

Please make a "show online" or "show offline" button. Many time I log in just to check something and not play and people start inviting me like crazy. Then its seems rude to reject their requests.

Thank you for your feedback, please stay tuned

Rework Clint Sun And Sand as well as Guns and Roses/Cannon and Roses. They're fingers are obnoxiously huge and the models are outdated.

Please stay tuned

Inventory gets full and people forget to activate it when they already own the skin.

Please stay tuned

Optimize Lapu-Lapu passive description. Lapu-Lapu will stack up to 5 blessings of bravery upon hitting enemy with skills. The next basic attack at max stacks will generate a shield 500~1200 points which scales with level and deal additional damage but can not be critical. The current one is VERY MISLEADING AND INACCURATE.

We have already fixed this issue in the advanced server, thank you for your feedback.

What I mean by this is right now it is only possible to creat builds with the highest tier items. For example, I can only equip max level jungle item on my build. I can only equip clock of destiny. But for brawl, I want to get elegant gem first. I never want to get max jungle item first, I’d rather have the first jungle tier item, then boots. Speaking of boots, sometimes I’d like to change what kind of boots I buy so I’d like to equip just the generic boots as my first item and then decide. Can we have the ability to create builds with items of any tier? It’s so annoying to be really focused in the game to then find out that you spent all your gold getting max tier jungle item.

Please stay tuned

[Gameplay] Conquest of down event bad time play so the event allows you to play 2 hours every 2 days .. thats shhit and nabs players dont understand when u say to them surr at 5th min dont waste time with long games every game gives you medals ... its so hard to collect medals like this

Thank you for your feedback

[policy] Severe Punishments and Toll Mild punishments or low credits toll won't convince the player that violated a law to change or improve her/his performance at all. I've thought of making these tolls or punishments a little bit more impeccable. After the 1.3.14 patch back in October, we had some major adjustments on the game including the system changes. That day I thought Idlers, salty players, griefers, intentional feeders etc. would somehow change because of the system adjustments. But still they managed to bypass the point where they were about to get a temp ban or get to the point where they'll think of improving their performance. AFK players get their credit score deducted by 5 points, excluding the verified reports others made...which only deducts 2 - 4 points it depends on how many people reported the afk player. Which still is easy for the guy/gal to get his/her credit scores back by just playing in the VS A.I mode, which is fine...but the way their credit scores get deducted by like a few amount is not good at all. Here's an example if you do not know what I mean: A player left the match intentionally, because he/she got pissed at his/her own teammates either for not playing well, trashtalking, etc. His/her credit score got deducted 5 points for leaving the match, and another 2 points because his/her teammate reported him/her. So that leaves his/her credit score to 93. Below 90 the player won't be able to play rank matches. But the player would not think of improving his/her performance well by preventing playing rank matches with poor internet connections, feeding un-intentionally or intentionally, blaming and trashtalking his/her teammates for not playing well like him/her etc. The player will just play some classic, brawl or vs a.i matches to get his/her credit score back. Doing this the player will do the same thing over and over again (Grief in serious matches). I've thought of increasing the credit toll. Increasing the time on when the player can get to play a match again. Some serious warnings for the player to notice. This includes: Idling, Not entering a match, Feeding intentionally, Trash talking, Griefing, Poor performance and more. I'd say -10 Points for Idling/AFK, Trash talking, and Feeding Intentionally and Poor performance -5 for Not Entering the match (This could prevent game exploiters) Let's maintain a Family Friendly and Balanced Community!

Thank you for your feedback, please stay tuned

As you know hilda got a big nerf at past. Was it necessary moonton ?? Really ? You are perfect on killing a hero I do not know how you decide nerf or buff a hero. Hilda was a pretty hero.She was my only tank. There is tank picking problem in the game and you nerf every tank hero. There are many super op hero which really deserve to be nerfed but you dont nerf. When a tank hero become a bit op , you nerf it fastly.But harith is op since you create it or aldous or lunox or gusion.Why dont you nerf those heroes ? I really would like to meet with leader developer.I would like to know how they decide nerf a hero or buff by which reasons and mind.. I repeat again.Remove forgotton heroes or buff.I am sad when i see them.I hate your new op heroes. #bringbackhilda

We will adjust it in next main release

I just feel it unfair for people who have afk players in their team, and the compensation is just too low. The punishments for afk'er now: Ye you can basically say there's no punishments for them. The compensation now: 50 protection points (what the hell man) Below is my suggestion: The punishments: If the team won, the afk player lose one star and all his star points and protection points will be removed. If the team lost, the afk player lose two stars and all his star points and protection points will be removed. The compensation for those who have afk in their team: If the team lost, compensation will be given according to their performance in game. The MVP will gain 50% of their protection points bar Gold will gain 40% of their protection points bar Silver will gain 30% of their protection points bar Bronze will gain 20% of their protection points bar

We are working on improving the mechanism. Thank you for your feedback

After seeing so many leaked of upcoming skins especially epic skins (the lucky box one). I'm really impressed, but at the same time I'm also disappointed. This game is evolved now. In term graphic and animations. It's getting better and better. I just re-watched again previous epic skins that already released. From Karina Doom Duelist, Akai Imperial Assassin, Martis God of War, Gatotkaca Sentinel, Moskov Twilight Dragon. Those skins deserved to be epic, the animation and skill effects are top notch. But my disappointment about this.. Compared to those skins, Legendary Skin especially Saber "Code Name: Storm" looks so pathetic. In this case, I just ignore the other two: Miya & Gord, because those skins are still recent. Code Name: Storm is the first legendary skin, and for sure it's considered as old skin, maybe it's already 2 years since it released. And remember, legendary skin is the most expensive one also. Myself, already owned this skin, but after seeing several new epic skins, I just thought legendary skin now isn't worth to be called a legendary. Sad. Couple times ago I just watched Karrie upcoming epic skin "Hawkwatch". Its design looks really similar with legendary Saber especially its wings. And also recent epic skin Gatotkaca Sentinel also looks similar. Seriously?! It will make Legendary Skin Saber more pathetic. Some of us know Alucard will get Legendary Skin also.. But before that happens, please.. I demand to rework Saber Legendary Skin. I realized that skin rework is not the priority one, because still there's another issues that must be fixed like bug, matcmaking, hero balancing, etc. At least this one can be included in dev agenda. If Legendary Skin Saber will get rework. I have some references for that.

Thank you for your feedback, please stay tuned

I propose a complete overhaul of the jungle creeps/areas and the introduction of a legitimate jungle role. Here are some reasons why: Better understanding of hero roles Rework of jungle items that include acceptable effects and passives. Better distribution of gold and exp amongst teammates More organized composition, such as carry-type heroes like Leomord having a solo lane. If you're a carry hero, it is your job to do just that: carry your team or be a prominent force in team fights. That means getting as much gold and as much xp as possible, but as well as staying alive. Having a solo lane allows that to happen at a more productive rate. Roam. Roaming enables tanks and supports to aid other lanes, gank, and offer vision on the map. Since they aren't getting much gold due to letting the carries lane and last hit creeps, tanks and supports should be offered better ways to get gold themselves. For example, a support item that offers certain benefits that fit a supporting role. With a jungle role, the jungler will be able to gank, provide vision support of their own, well as pressure to the enemy laners, or even the enemy jungler. They are essential in securing objectives such as towers and the Turtle/Lord. And many jungler-types have great carry potential, especially heroes like Gusion, Fanny, or Helcurt. So in effect, the organization, as for as team composition and map placement, should be: 1-1-1 + Jungler + Roam. To have a better assurance of all carries having an appropriate lane, have certain heroes adhere to similar lane matchups such as having someone like Aldous always landing on the "Non-Turtle Lane". A better way to prepare this would be to include it in the outline map in the hero selection screen. But regardless, players should be able to determine which lane is the Turtle lane right as the game begins, as always. Now, as for as the jungle itself: I do not think the crab should be available for the enemy to steal. I'd suggest moving the crab(and rework the crab itself completely) to the rest of the jungle. Just like the current setup, there would still be two jungle areas. I propose the classic Red buff and Blue buff monsters that are centered around the smaller, individual jungle creeps in their own respective jungle areas. Both jungles should give the same amount of gold and exp. How much that would be is up for later discussion and much further analysis of the general game flow compared to progression rate of junglers vs laners. The jungles also shouldn't be as easily accessible to enemies. This would require a rearrangement of some areas of the map layout itself. Which would be recommended. Now, of course jungle invasions should still be very much doable. But the pathway to jungles should be positioned in a more "guarded way" I believe. Such as the lone spider creep that is by itself. Perhaps in closer proximity to the others. I'm sure there can be other ideas added to make this entire suggestion even better, so this is just the start of it. Feel free to offer you input, whether you support this idea, or are against it. If you're against it, it'd be great if you could offer some reasons as to why you are.

Thank you for your feedback


Remove the mail that you get after reporting someone. we are already aware that we reported someone.

Thank you for your feedback, we will review this mechanism again

add more slots to friend list please 100 friends does seem like a lot but when you play a lot of matches alone there are times you really click with people and you want to add them but then your follows reach the limit

Thank you for your feedback. You can try to remove inactive friends first

Option to disable the red dot notification for event/ads and also for the pop-up ads when we log in to the game. I understand that it’s a source of income for the devs but forcing it everytime we log in is just too much. Maybe make the ads only pop up once a day?

Thank you for your feedback。 We will try to improve this experience.

Change Nana's 2nd skill Molina transformation effect. Her Halloween/Season skin, she transforms enemies into a bat/mini skeleton/pumpkin. Her Slumber Party skin, she transforms enemies into a stuffed Teddy or any other stuffed animal. Her PInwheel skin, she transforms enemies into a pinwheel . It'd make her skins more fun.

Thank you for your feedback~

With every new Alice skin, I think it would be better to also change the colour of her when she uses her ultimate. It has always been red. And steam glider also has a red Alice when using her ultimate

Please stay tuned

I remember that when lesley and harley are played in the same team they got 10 additional HP since they are related. This should be implemented on more heroes, like karina and selena, minotaur and aldous (cuz they know each other zz) and others. Besides, its a fun little easter egg and 10 HP won't make a huge difference in-game.

Please stay tuned

Uranus is barely used these days,mainly because people use tanks with aoe stun more:, gatotkaca, minotaur.

Uranus will be reworked in update 60. Please stay tuned.

rework fanny campus youth, in the new update, the original skin has orange skill affects but campus youth the blue skin has exactly the same, so why not change the campus youth to blue and rework her epic to purple. ///for every skin from Fanny, please change the cables for every single skin. For example, Campus Youth = Blue cable, Punk Princess = Pink Cable, Skylark = Purple Cable etc.

The cable colors are really cool. Please stay tuned

Revamp menu screen into something elegant. it currently is outdsted and too full

Please stay tuned

Improve tutorial. Which role needs farm. Where and when creeps spawn. Add sentence "Green dot on your ally hero on top of screen, means your ally's ult available" for example when tank or support have ult. Describe all roles, why we need MM assasin mage TANK support fighter and what they have to do. First 3 darft matches with bots. Why do you think there are so many awesome players? P.S. uncensor word "awesome"

Thank you for your feedback, we will add small tips in game so more players can see.

Can we have a settings of where to drag the skill to cancel it casting? Whenever i play Claude or Lesley when I try to aim the monkey placement to teleport or Lesley ulti aim to choose the right Target it always tend to be moved to the cancel cast skill position and I can't cast skill properly.... With Claude I can't escape or chase for kills and with lesley I waste my ulti and get 15 CD for nothing.. I believe other players also face the same problem so pls have a solution to it like give us a option to move the cancek cast button higher or other places to prevent players from cancelling cast skills unintentionally

We will continue to observe this problem

Please fix hero lock mode. I already locked onto a hero, which is to target lowest HP first, but when the target is almost dead, it suddenly switched to targeting minions, so the enemy escaped.

Thank you for your feedback. Can you please provide video along with a detailed description so we can locate the problem faster? (For example what game mode, what scenario, is there any action for suddenly entering/leaving the bush etc.)

Hello everyone! I wanna hear what each of you devoted players want to see in the game in the future or any existing mechanics in the game that you want to be improved besides the usual (like improve the lag etc.) so you feel excited, challenged and look forward to playing it again? Here's mine: I've been playing Ranked game for years ever since the first two seasons of this game and I've never really felt the presence of jungler hero. What we have in the game is basically an assasin/fighter hero who does laning phase at early game and visits the jungle after lane clearing there's really no pressure from other lanes to take caution or over extend the river should a jungler ambush their respective lanes. So as a loyal player, I feel like improving the jungle and its mechanics will freshen things up for competitive gaming as well as casual gaming if we make aiming for the objectives more worth it because what I usually see from competitions is that even in the first 5 minutes of the game players are not aiming for objectives and just hunt heroes with less than 2 gears. It's crazy! Maybe modify that final tier jungle item to make it worth it? Maybe we can learn from other MOBAs and how they handle this. My next point is the fog effect. I reeeeeeaaaally love the fog effect in survival mode I think I'm always on my toes roaming the map because of the suspense the fog gives me. And because of that, I think Epic players and above deserve a more challenging and exciting rank game for reaching this tier by giving us the fog effect! I believe it will change the way we experience the game for the better so please maybe have a look into it and experiment on it on the Advance server? My last point that I wanna raise: Buying gear items. Maybe this is not your cup of tea but I really like the idea of visiting the jungle/river area or somewhere risky to buy my gear items it makes jungling fun. I noticed that the jungle/river area serves not much of a purpose other than the blue buff for most of the time. A lot of players do not know how to rotate lanes too! So I think adding this feature to maybe epic and above players will be cool? I mean we may be reaching a higher tier but the gaming experience is no different than playing in lower tiers it gets really stale and tired after a while, like is it even worth it reaching the higher tier and playing multiple times when the gaming experience never improves?

Please stay tuned for the next update.

always matching up with people that using other country's flag as theirs and I absolutely don't like it. Some people using Palestine's flag and we all know no Palestinians had time playing this game, some players using Japanese flag but unable to talk in Japanese, some using European flags but we all know ML is not famous there and much more. So I am here to suggest that Moontoon to change all players country's flag according to their location.

We will continue to observe this problem, thank you for your feedback

Heard you guys have been having trouble being matched with low tier players since... forever. Legends who get teamed up with Epics, etc. If that's the case then wouldn't it be better to gain additional star protection points for every teammate who's rank is lower than yours in a rank match (rank matches only, since nobody is serious in classic or brawl). get additional 30% more star protection points for each lower ranked teammate you played in a match but Only if you lose the match (Since it wasn't your fault that you lost) and get at least a silver grade (Since it's still your fault for playing poorly). get additional 30% more star Protection points for each higher ranked enemy you play against with in a match if you lose but still got a silver grade. If you invited a low ranked player in a match then the additional points will not be given to you nor to the one you invited. (So people won't abuse this method to easily rank up). So if you were matched up with 2 random low ranked players on your team and 2 higher ranked enemies, you'll get additional 120% star protection points when you lose assuming that you did well in a match. That's more than enough for you to not lose a star in 1 match. Cool, right? What if you won the match? Same as usual, get a star and a bit of star raising points.

We will adjust the matchmaking machanism, please stay tuned.

5dtp 2.08-2.28(3.8)

Please remove some censors. It's very hard to communicate with your team when nearly their whole sentence is censored. Like 'me' for example is an unnecessary censor. Almost not worth talking because we can't understand each other because of censoring. Like trying to say 'emblem' too.

Keywords that could not be used such as me, da etc. has been fixed, if there are still abnormal censorships please do not hesitate to let us know.

If a Player owns all the S.A.B.E.R skins and ZODIAC skins, a trophy should be displayed in the Trophy Cabinet Collecting all of them costs so much, why not give those skin enthusiasts a trophy on their trophy cabinet? Having all of them is quite fascinating it's just unfair that those Legend skins are the only ones who have a slot.

Thank your feedback, please stay tuned

RIP English. Moonton needs an English speaking lead in their team to oversee all output if they want to be a serious global game. A freelance writer is just a couple of thousand dollars to look through in all game writings. Mod Comment: WIld Power Talent should be rephrased to ' Slowing effect of Retribution will be increased by 20%. Eliminated Enemies hit by retribution will grant the user 50 gold. Subsequent eliminated enemies that were hit by retribution will grant user 10 gold. (up to 1100 gold)'

Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to optimize and improve translation quality.

Respawn button for practice mode, who wants to wait for respawning if you need to practice?

Thank your feedback, please stay tuned

Suggestion 1: Remove the "Support" Role from revamped Kaja. All I see that Kaja is now a new kind mixture of "Mage/Tank" instead of support tank. And Diggie is now more like "Mage/Support". His s1 was a good zoning skill. Now this thing has damage but no CC. What are coming up next? "Tank/Assassin" role? I don't know but I am not satisfied with Kaja revamp. Suggestion 2: With the recent wave of Support reworks might as well remove the class and rename it "Mage Wannabes". Or Revert back the Diggie and Kaja changes. Kaja was already superb, he needed no reworks whatsoever. Same with Diggie. Suggestion 3: I've seen a lot of peopple saying that Kaja needs his 2nd skill back. So I have think that instead of speeding up kaja using his new 2nd skill he can. First when he casts 2nd skill he will blink then after the blink he will gain move speed then also after the blink he leaves those electro balls.

We will continue to observe; We have adjusted Kaja twice, do you still feel the same now? Will also continue to adjust some revamped heros, please experience again and continue to provide us with your feedback.

do some changes for players that have all heroes from fragment shop,and all heroes/emblems ingame,i have 138 hero fragment and can't use because i have all of them also i allmost finished to get all heroes

Thank your feedback, please stay tuned

Allow us to sell off excessive fragments for emblems we've already maxed out. Or allow us to convert them into dust at a 5:1 ratio maybe. Or remove emblem fragments for maxed out emblems from prize pools

Thank your feedback, please stay tuned

I feel that I need to reiterate this after the recent 4 characters revamp. Please rework or at least buff Saber. Dude's currently one of the worst assassins with little mobility and suicide playstyle with hardly any sustain and AoE damage. His kit is too outdated and can't keep up with the current meta/non-meta characters since the standards of Assassin role have increased significantly.

Please stay tuned for version 60

I recently played in a game, where 3 of my teammates kept spamming “ch1ng ch0ng” (to avoid censor) at my chinese teammate and a couple of chinese teammates, over and over throughout the whole match. They were being intentionally racist and kept harassing them, and laughed it all off. This was really disheartening for me to see, and outlines what a huge problem this is. It honestly ruined the day for me, it was such a sad realisation of the state of the game. My suggestion is that there should be a separate report for abusive/racist teammates, with a harsher punishment, such as temp-permanent bans, as now it only decreases credit score, which does not change anything. This is different from normal suggestions, but I just had to outline this.

Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to observe. Please continue to let us know if you encounter more unpleasant keywords.

The all Seeing Bots Man I can't tell you how many times I have been ganged up on by a gaggle of bots! and you can always tell because they b-line straight for any player, bushes, invisibility, ect. Nothing matter these mean little Savage's see through it all.. they can be a pain showing up 4 to 6 at a time, focusing down a player team, moving on to the next, then finally Turing on each other after all the players in their range are dead... A few fix's #1. Decrease the range at which they detect players, because man these guys function like map wide radars! #2. Make it so they don't still chase you when invis or wait for you to turn visable again. This can be done with the range tweeking from the 1st suggestion, shorten the range at which they detect real players and people will be able to escape their range and actually hide in bushes and be invisible like they are supposed to.. #3. Bots can only Pick up their Class type of gear, this should be self explanatory because the bots can't drop gear to share it with you.. so if they steal your class gear your kinda out of luck.. Well I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this and really enjoy playing this game I look forward to further updates

Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to observe

buff guinevere's HP because her speciality is charge... she cant charge without enough HP.... you knockup 1 enemy hero and you get ganked and you die when u use ult

Please stay tuned for version 60

Soul Scroll is way too undependable in general and the current meta. The way its passive works is too difficult to stack as you'll need to at least complete a full 15 stacks before dying while you only gain 5 stacks for kills and 3 for assists, making it a burden in most situation. While the low base stats and low passive magic power bonus is expected considering its pricing, Soul Scroll is still far from being worth buying even compared to other items with two times the price, and with the CoD + LT combo proving to work great on most heroes, Soul Scroll is so much more overlooked currently.

We will consider

Hello there, i have a big suggestion for Moonton. This is a serious matter. Recently there's a player misused God's name while chatting. And it is very sensitive. Can moonton please censor the word JESUS, NABI MUHAMMAD, BUDDHA, CHRISTIAN, ISLAM? It is very very sensitive and rude when a toxic player misused it

Thank you for your feedback, we will continue to observe. Please continue to let us know if you encounter more unpleasant keywords

there should be special border for those who have 200+ skins! just a little perk for those who support ML.

Please stay tuned.

I suggest release more legend skins, and combine them with very cool achievements!

Please stay tuned.

1a. When you max all your emblems, you have way too much magic dust in buffer. If possible the magic dust should have an option to convert them into bp or tickets. 1b. Once we have maxed our emblems, there isn't a use for magic dust anymore and the dust pile just becomes larger and larger. Would it be possible to convert magic dust to tickets or other forms of currency? Thank you. 2.Allow other people to gift their friends fragments.

Please stay tuned.

Please enable the purchase of premium starlight in Malaysia's codashop asap

It was released last Friday, please reconfirm.

6dtp 3.1-3.14(3.25)

Add delete button for Video Chests

Thank you for your feedback

Suggestion 1: Please fix your auto-target mode. As it says "aim low HP targets" but why does it aim tank while there is mm mage assasin. Its really annoying to press "lock button". Suggestion 2: can the "aim low hp target" thing target enemies with the lowest NUMBER of health instead of lowest health percentage?

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into setting's problem

Burning Bow and the Summer Party skins are way overpriced for entry level skins- and there is also another skin- a better skin- for both heroes. Suggestion: anyone who already has the Summer Party skin should have an option to either upgrade it to the Monk skin, or convert half of it into diamonds (like 200?), and same goes with Miya.

Please stay tuned

I hate working hard for no.1 just to get little points. At least make the no.1 spot worth fighting for. At this point, I just go for kills and a full build set, kill the lord and i get most points that way.

Please stay tuned

Switch between the passives of Nana and Rafaela. It would suit them perfectly. Nana's raccoon will chase and hit enemy hero when Nana dies. Rafaela turns into a spirit and becomes immune to all damage. Since Nana gets angry if someone pokes her, this passive will perfectly suit her. On the other hand, Rafaela can stay longer in team fights and can help as a support more.

Your imagination is creative! Thank you for your feedback

IN MY OPINION, MLBB right now just has too many human-like heroes. It isn't a problem for me but I think it should has variety of races/creatures too.

Thank you for your feedback!

I suggest to buff the AI mode heroes from Computer. Currently AI's doesnt have any emblems, - this makes them too easy to kill and we end up with a very very easy match. I suggest that the overall emblem levels of AI would be around the Average level of our emblems. Or IF possible, include game modes: Easy - low emblem normal - average emblems of players participating hard - emblems higher than participating players

Please stay tuned

More hero dialogues would be nice. For example, when Guinevere killed Lancelot twice, she'll be like "Oh well, I guess I'm overpowered than my brother." or something.. i kinda found it inspiring when they taunt them everytime they dominating a player. :D

Please stay tuned

7dtp 3.15-3.28(4.2)

Buff Rafaela, Lolita, and Diggie support abilities instead of their damage. Give them better healing/shields respectively Please return the old Rafaela's passive.

We will continue to observe

1. Granger’s skills and passive does not really match his (music) description from his story. 2. Change Granger's lore. One of his quotes says "my guitar case" but in the lore it says the instrument involved is the violin. 3. Granger’s skills/passive should involve and relate to some kind of music based attack. His current skills seem to have derived from Clint and Layla, and it does not really match his story where it says that his violin playing made enemies lose focus (so this should be something like a cc type of attack where they get stun from his violin attack)

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

I've been waiting for alucards fiery inferno (i forgot whats it called) to be reworked its like alucard (old version) but he got reworked but not the skin i wasted my fragments because i thought he got reworked.. Since 2 of the old starlight skin has been redesigned/reworked, can we get a redesigned/reworked of the old season skin, especially S1 Nana and S2 Alucard skin.

Please stay tuned

Please give a general buff to the defense (both magical and physical) scaling of all tank heros. I find that its becoming really hard to frontline for my team in the mid to late game phases. Mid game my health is non existent to mages and late game marksman melt me. Keep in mind that my emblems are almost maxed so it's not even an issue with that. (Pt.1) Also can we give a few tanks hard crowd control. Minotaur's only form of hard cc is a rage enduced ultimate. Uranus who I love playing no longer has any form of cc and just feels like a punching bag. Belerick has to basically kamikaze when hes the only tank on the team. Johnson is really weak vs any kind of magical damage with the way he builds due to his passive. I'm not wanting to make tanks unkillable. (Pt.2) Tanks need to be able to have a chance to live through the engage and not have to back out half way through team fight. So in all please give a buff to the defence scaling of all tanks and give them some more crowd control to be more effective at peeling for their damage dealers. Thank you for your time sincerely a tank main.(pt.3)

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

it is time to create MORE ITEMS, it is boring and very limited to just have a few to build our heroes, I know it is difficult because you can not control the balance good, but it is necessary, be creative in terms of the gameplay of the game as well, not only in the visual of the heroes with tons of skins.

Please stay tuned

also if possible make it so that badang yells ORA ORA ORA while casting his ult in the japanese voiceover

Thank you for your suggestion

Reduce the cooldown of Lolita's shield by the number of projectiles she blocked when it was activated. And fix the shield's interactions with projectiles, sometimes I am unable to block things like MM shots, Claude ult, or lunox projectiles even when directly facing them.

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

Original I believe that if you’re playing a healing class (like Estes) then you should receive an assist when the person your healing kills someone, this way we can focus more on healing than attacking.

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

Add more information about damage numbers for skills and items and please improve the translations, some words do not make sense to me.

Please stay tuned

can the devs set the no CD option in practice mode to reset item cooldowns as well such as immortality or WOTAQ. That will provide the players with much more convenience and fun.

Thank you for your suggestion

It's not right to avoid attacks just to charge her passive because she's a tank and the job of tanks is to take damage. Make her passive charging can't be stopped, but passive shields can only be activated using skill after passive is fully charged (20 second). This also applies to her ultimate. And add more information about her passive because I still don't know the amount of damage that can be absorbed by her passive shield.

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into it

About the Eudoras Japanese Voice Over, can you reduce her "sound effects" when using basic attacks? its pretty weird, just please reduce it

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

Make ulti cooldown timer for team, not just green indicator on hero icon on top, if u use ulti when its still cd its said "ulti is cooldown" to TEAM so we can say to team that our ulti is not ready.

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

maybe the devs can set up a system where they can recruit a few community members to review the gameplay footage of real ranked matches where many players reported that a certain player is using hacks or other really serious problems and decide what the player has done wrong. Of course all the players name in the footage will be replaced by callouts such as nana and harith or just random names so that the reviewers cant be biased. Reward these reviewers if they make correct decisions or fire them if they consistently make bad decisions. Similar to the CSGO Overwatch system. This will allow the playerbase themselves to decide if the player is cheating and will probably make the playerbase very happy. The key is to recruit the right people to review the footage.

Thank you for your suggestion

Can you please show us the CoolDown time for: Angela's first skill, Clint's ultimate, and Diggie's first skill insted of (--). For example I am testing builds but cant see the exact cooldown time.

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

Sometimes the clones of Sun confuse teammates. Make the clones easily distinguishable for allies. But enemies will still see the same thing.

We do have this indicator, we will look into it

The UI in the esports tab needs an improvement and clean up since it is old, too many unnecessary tabs, a hassle just to place bet (it will throw us back up there after we place a bet, imagine when it’s 10-20 matches to bet and you are at the 17th bet, let the rescroll begin!), and the worst of all is that we have no way to sort the already completed matches by date.

Please stay tuned

Now that Granger has been released and eyeing his passive... I have one problem with it. The attack speed penalty. To make this punishment or loss of his, he could get a bonus effect to it. For example just like lesley, pen increases crit for her. But for granger, it could increase physical power or even crit or pen. Even if granger is balanced and a decent hero, i think this could actually make him alot better in my opinion. And it would actually reward granger users for picking attack speed items if they so choose. Or remove the attack speed penalty and make it to lessen his reload time.

Thank you for your feedback, we will check on it

8dtp 3.29-4.04(4.10)

Make the Halloween Skins for this year, 2019, be Halloween Couple Skins for Khufra and Esmeralda

Please stay tuned

As we all know, still there is 2-2-1 exploit and map hack continues. but moonton does absolutely NOTHING about this. wanna proof? watch Demonal’s proof videos about cheaters. ( youtube demonal channel) Remember this seasons global 1 clan? yes i am talking about intizar... yet they are still playing and call themselves pros.. lol. Who’s the blame? they players or the moonton that didnt punish them, and let them 2-2-1 and map hack and be the global on heroes and clan power.. and get the rewards with unfair gameplay.. I’m really disappointed moonton’s behavior and decided to not spend any dime on this game until they get the punishment they deserve. Well, actually i am not surprised, moonton still does moonton thing they say fairplay but let the cheaters cheat. and be silence because money comes anyway .. i hope this change in the future and moonton show us they still support players and fairplay.

We are currently evaluating a series of players' (including this squad) battle history, if the mentioned situation is real, we will proceed a series of punishments, including banning ID, removing their rank, deleting history reward etc. Also we are designing more mechanism to prevent players from using 2-2-1 at the moment, please give us some time.

Remove censorship of foul words in ML because of these two points: -The community is toxic and there is nothing we could do about it -It limits communication between team members

Currently already undergoing optimization

Heroes are hard to get currently. I mean saving up 32k bp isn’t easy especially with the 7.5k limit per week. I mean like that’s a hero every 5 weeks or so. 24k bp heroes are a lot easier to get especially if you do decently during the rank season it helps a lot. So how about making it so 3 random heroes are discounted to 24k bp every other day. It will be random so no planning but if u are interested in a hero and see a discount you are more likely to buy it even if it’s not your first pick. Or after each season similar to the current 2nd hero/skin half off do that but with only heroes with the purchase currency being bp.

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into the amount of BP players can get, and we will adjust it if needed.

when granger gets first blood the saddest violin song plays exclusively for the killed enemy

This is a cool idea, thank you for your feedback

We need a support/assasin and support/marksman

Please stay tuned

1.Zhask passive is weak as it only deals 900 damage even in full build.Therefore i suggest him to have a new passive,since theres a few hero with less hp more defense,why not make zhask different percentage to have different effects. passive:zhask everyskills have special effect due to zhask hp percentage 1A).high hp percentage(higher than 50%) = spawn more damage+add effects on skills.(passive) 1st ability spawn have greater range. 2nd ablity will auto lock when it is cast by spawn(lesser dmg for the one cast by spawn)but bigger then the range 3rd skills bomb silence 0.4 sec for each bombs touches 2A)Low hp percentag(lower than 50%)e=zhask higher defense but weaken spawn states. +special effect on skills 1st skills/ult, spawn gains attak speed when zhask hp percentage decreases to 40% add 10% attack speed,when 20 %hp,add attack speed to 20%(Cant stack),and each attack of spawn does slows the enermy by 10% can be stack to 60% 2nd ablity, adds an immobilized effect of 1.2 sec 3rd ablity or give a dash for zhask 3rd ablity and leave a trail of those current bombs with the slow effect Extra idea:making zhask spawns able to heals zhask when zhask hp falls below 15%(still able to deals damge to enermy),cd 120sec Hope the devs could add this,it might be a tough jobs as it is complicated and could even use for a new hero,but if this is given to zhask,it would really bring him back to meta.if this is too overpowered some ideas could be remove but just make sure zhask survivability could be better please. thank you :)

We are already planning, please stay tuned.

Show the emblem of our teammates in draft pick. Right now it’s a guessing game with no clue on what emblem they are using until we have reached the loading screen. It will help avoid misunderstanding especially for players who like to experiment with play style eg. Assassin Chou, Fighter Kaja, Marksman Nana, etc

Thank you for your feedback, currently our UI already has too much elements to show, we will consider using other way to let people know more about the heroes' playstyle soon.

Cycle out or add more skins in the premium and rare skin fragment shop, most of the heroes who have skins in the fragment shops are old and some players may not play those heroes.

Thank you for your feedback, we are considering, please stay tuned.

Please have the community in the advanced server read and check the lore before releasing it. This can prevent embarrassing typos and inconsistent word use. I mean people of the advanced servers doo wonder why the lore for heroes rarely get quality checked.

Currently new hero's background story already been reviewed strictly, if you find any mistake please let us know, also we are undergoing some old heroes' background story checking at the moment.

First of all, I was disappointed that the excess scores for last month don't stack. It doesn't specify that these excess points will be gone after the renewal month. It wouldn't hurt if this was explicitly mentioned on the rules. As a paying customer, I have to understand what I'm paying for without thinking of the what ifs and what nots. The current rewards are underwhelming. I hope there will be other better options for exchange, like magic dusts, fragments, bp cards, or even trial cards. The current ones cater so much for aesthetics that some of it are the ones we already have permanently.

About excess scores will be cleared, we have already mentioned in the rules clearly, about rewards being more diversified, we will adjust accordingly soon.

Increase the BP limit to 8k instead of 6k and when using a double bp card it will be increased to 13k. Reason: Only very rich people will buy heroes with diamonds and I think lowering the BP limit to 6k (the last time i remember the BP limit was 7.5k) will make the player to not play the game anymore because, now it takes a month to get 32k bp plus the 1-day double bp card is not that easy to get unlike on the old seasons where you share something on facebook then get you will get one now you will get one useless victory bp card :/

Thank you for your feedback, we will look into the amount of BP players can get, and we will adjust it if needed.

so can you guys make a new skin to put in the lucky shop because I have 40 gems but I can’t buy anything bc I own odette and her skin also this new treasure thing kinda sucks bc like who wants to waste the gems that are so hard to get on something that only last 3 days? Plz change it like 50-70 for a permanent recall or something

Thank you for your feedback, we might considering making some permanent special effect to put in the shop next time.

Add something like when we enlarge the mini map and tap the lord it send a "Attack The Lord" signel but make it for the turtle too so we can tell our teammates to attack the turtle easier User means instead of the chat ""attack the turtle" a notification would appear when you press on the turtle on the minimap. just like when you tap on the lord, it shows a picture of the lord and tells you to attack it

Please stay tuned

Rework Soul Scroll I don't see anyone using it maybe bcz it is hard to accomplish and it's not even worth it after full stacks

This item is indeed not suitable for the current version anymore, we will consider adjusting it.

another thing can you guys make more skins for the people who barely have any skins and since ur making a Claude summer and fanny why not make a tank, mage , and support and then make those in a beach squad or you can call it summer days I think that would be interesting and then plz add on to the slumber party design bc nana is all alone in the slumber party it’s sad.

Please stay tuned

hello, i just want to suggest that give Lolita’s ult immune to all kinds of cc because she is super useless into team fight when the enemy has cc , shameful to a healer that can’t heal and useless because ult can be canceled easily

We will discuss whether to adjust it or not.

I think Layla's 1st skill should be lockable to an enemy the same as how her 2nd skill works but can be block by enemies and minions. Reason: Layla has a great disadvantage early game because, of her very small attack range, combine this with her low HP and she feeds the game. I think this will help her early game where you can attack enemies from afar and it might get her out of the "awesome Picked Heroes".

It is designed to be like this

please change the turrets color and make the maps more realistic this looks like poop. It looks like kids game but ur main customers are mostly adults why the turrets has pink in it? Please as a regular player i request u to change the map & turrets entirely

We will optimize the map soon, please stay tuned.

once hanzo eats a minion or a jungle with his skill 1 make him regen some hp as he is devouring the minion. It would givr hanzo some sustain while farming or evading from hero as an extra hp regeneration

Currently using first skill to kill jungle creeps will regen some hp, we will observe Hanzo's capability, and will adjust if needed.

I guess instead of tapping collect again and again after completing daily reward tasks, ML should just introduce a "collect all" Button to make it easier

We will have this function soon, please stay tuned.

Prevent Players from Practicing in Rank Mode I want to pick Esmeralda: 0 matches". Just don't allow players pick hero in ranked until they played 10 mathes in classic.

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider having optimization regarding this situation

Recolor Cyclop's default model (the hat) to purple. In the art is purple but ingame it is blue.

We will adjust this model, and make it same as the picture shown

the official website has a "gallery" feature, i hope we can get the gallery updated with every hero and skin release. I actually use them for my phone home screen so i want more options

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it.

Why there are some important information that didn't shown in the game, especially about heroes stats? Such as during gameplay they show the number of physical/magical lifesteal, but they don't show the number of spellvamp? And in hero stats screen, i think they shouldn't only show the basic stats,they supposed to show the stats growth too, like phys.attk,hp, physical/mag defense, mana growth etc. They can show that growth number after the basic stats by giving (x) just like that, so simple. So we can see heroes strength and weakness clearer.

Thank you for your feedback, we will clear up the heroes' skill descriptions and stats entirely in the near future

add more international events in the game like April fools etc. so more fun in game. For example April fools make a pranking event to fool players and at the end of the day give them some rewards like skin fragments. This will make the game more fun and popular, and allow more players to look forward to playing the game everyday.

We will bring fun events to players regularly

9dtp 4.05-4.11(4.17)

The Tank Emblem talent Attack and Defense is not used much because it only converts 0.04% of your Maximum HP into physical/magical attack. With 10,000 HP in late game that means you get 40 physical/magical attack which is near worthless on a tank hero. I suggest making Attack and Defense an aura that buffs the attack of ally heroes within a certain distance of you (Like Courage Bulwark), because having them get the 40 attack benefits damage dealers more than it would benefit the tank.

We will analyze the relevant data and consider whether to make changes based on the player's usage.

We need more sacred statues! It's rare to see one because of the limited amount of statues there are, we should either get the option to use a sacred statue on any hero, or more should be made so we can buy them

We will gradually add more sacred status in the future

too many cc(s), very hard to use support. Add more support heroes and items. Support items are very less including the heroes, revamp some heroes and add immuntiy like Nana's passive. Or bring back Rafaela's passive current one is useless, with the old one we could at least heal some allies. Add items like shield for nearby allies or regen, there are only 3-4 support items right now. Thanks Additional support items please Add more items. E. g. for Kaja, He's Tank/Mage(No one uses him for physical) We need Items that are good for 2 roles. And yes, Feather of Heaven is a good example, because it's good for guinevere which is Mage/Fighter it gives her atk spd and magic dmg. So it would be great if you add an item that has attribute to Tank/Mage, Tank/Fighter. And add more active items. CC-Nerf Most CC combos are literally no fun to play against, add a passive that goes for every hero, that prevents to be CC for 1-2secs. Feeders in Ranked Ban them for the current season that they are feeding.

Please stay tuned.

Make an extra folder in draft where you can pick your heroes, there is all, fighter, mage etc. 1 extra for favorites would be nice. You can put your favorite mark just simply at hero overall list

Please stay tuned.

a feature that allows you to keep track or show a history of your diamonds spent for the past like 2 to 3 months

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider.

I know that the post-game score has been revamped but I think it need to be reassessed especially when a player is in the losing side. Playing tank who tank the team all the times and repeatedly died or other squishy hero which is heavily targeted by enemies, will often lead to the player getting the lowest score. Sometimes those two factors are unfair due to lots of factors such as your teammates are stubbornly going to initiate war/gank the whole time and forcing tank or late game mm to join in, or just plainly stupid decision to roam from top to bottom lane in the first 3-5 mins and leave your teammate alone to defend the lane, etc etc etc. I’m not suggesting that all of us should get a silver or gold medal post match, but it’s just plain unfair when you got wrecked due to the reckless or selfish decision made by your teammates. This also includes people who farm all the times even after 10mins and almost no contribution to push or attacking the tower, ending the game with defeat but still get silver medal because the KDA (eg 213) is better than the tank/support with KDA 168? Bronze KDA will lead to player getting reported which may be biased due to the unfair rating.

Currently, the player's teamfight participation rate is included in the score. We will continue to observe and optimize in order to reflect how effective a player is in their team.

make a weekly report system if a player gets to many report for AFK/intentional feeding or toxicity would get a ban or low priority as a punishment of ruining the gameplay for other players. Can we actually get harder penalties on people that feed or afk. Every once in a while I get a mail saying that the player was heavily penalized but how by removing points, what kind of a punishment is that. There should be stricter punishments to people that have been reported multiple times like a ban from that game mode or the whole game. Let's be strict to the feeders. In each match if a player dies 10x and has less than 3 kills and no assissts the game will flag them as feeders which will be banned for 1 day. CC-Nerf Most CC combos are literally no fun to play against, add a passive that goes for every hero, that prevents to be CC for 1-2secs. Feeders in Ranked Ban them for the current season that they are feeding.

We already have a punishment system for continuous reports. Optimization will also be made regarding reports for intentional feeding and negative gameplay shortly after.

Also make system detect your connection problem or Internet problem or latency problem while you face lag. System message pops up to all players, A x player facing lags, he will be back, no punishment given. Player must type lags while being lag to notify system and player too, so he can restart his device or game without being punish.

Please stay tuned

In Survival mode, let the creeps drop 2-3 blood orbs for Alice to collect. Right now her passive is useless because she doesn't get any stacks.

Very effective suggestion, we will consider allowing creeps to drop blood orbs as well.

The game is not in a good state right now, Tanks are underappreciated and broken heroes just can do whatever they want. Franco is a need of a buff in form of reducing the insane mana cost on hook. Lesley honestly just deserve to be nerfed, her passive range is insane and the damage being multiplied is too high. It is x1,3 rn, reduce it to x1,15. Angela, same as Lesley, deserves to be nerfed. Reduce the ultimates shield from 1200 to 1000, reduce the slow on her root skill to 50%, and please reduce the stacks from 5 --> 4. She is way to good and almost impossible to kill when she is in a MM or Tank. Esmerelda is in a dire need of a nerf. Kimmy, her autoattacks + mobility is OP and broken, if your team doesn't have a CC, reduce either the attack speed or movement speed. More Sacred Statues. Balance Classic by Rank please, so that Warriors play against Warriors. Permaban Feeders in Ranked for the current season, and if they get a lot of reports in Classic too, then they should recieve an 12h ban. INCREASE THE BP GAINED FROM DAILY ACTIVITIES.

We will continue to observe.

the biggest counter to Martis is shields even with the true damage passive in his ult when enemies are in a certain amount of health. Allow his ult to ignore shields when they are low enough to be killed with the ult and make the range a bit longer but not too much

We will observe the data and consider if any changes will be made.

Adjust hero on brawl. (Do this after finishing 'the main problem') Some hero are too imbalance and some other are practically useless. Every AOE need an adjustment to their damage (the only mage i know get this is Pharsa and Vexana, even though many other hero need this). Buff fanny energy consumption. About 10-20% reduced energy consumption is enough since her damage is also AOE.

We will adjust certain heroes in brawl mode. For example, Hanzo and Natalia have already been adjusted. Please stay tuned.

slightly nerf leveling up from jungles and kills. As the game heavily relies on jungles and killing quickly and usually teams win in early game instead of late now (where is the late game I know from season 5?)

Please stay tuned for our new season's changes, we believe it will provide players with a different experience

That repetitious “PSYCHO BALL!” line is quite annoying. Lessen the times she screams “PSYCHO BALL!”.

We have already handled this matter.

Since we don't have a chance to obtain past Epic skins like Wizardly Teacher, Child of The Fall, War Angel, and etc for now, please make them obtainable in some way outside from limited time event? as they should be "obtainable" just like Legends skins from Magic Wheel in "any time".

Please stay tuned.

Can Dev(s) improvised Alice all skin skills effects? Much glad to see it real!

We will optimize her skin effect during ultimate so that her entire body is red.

Hope Layla's blue spector's skin will be available for purchase

Please stay tuned.

10dtp 4.12-4.18(4.25)

give harper an event or mini-game inside game lobby

Please stay tuned, everyone will eventually see the new contents of Harper

Please, add a box where we can also write some other reason for declining an invitiation to play rank game. A lot of my friends won't understand me for declining so it would be best if we would write our reason including the four options for declining an invitaion. Like, you know, an additional message for declining.

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it

When the match ended then you're the MVP.... I just noticed that I wanted to suggest this when your hero is not skinned the mvp like picture suppose to be normal skin , then if a hero has a skin , the MVP suppose to be the skin of the hero

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it

Make the ai to buy your preset build set rather than following its own. the ai will follow your build when you're afk.

We will further optimize AI's logic of purchasing equipment

Make "All(Well Played)" / "All(Excellent Game)" unseen when enemy is muted. It's very annoying especially when a kid keeps spamming on it.

Thank you for your feedback, currently we already have the function of blocking player's message, also we will slowly optimize the function of this part

Separate volume control for the characters' voice and the game sound

Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it

When a player invites a player from the other server such as Indonesia>Philippines the game notifies the players (The one who invites and the one who is invited) that the game might lag because, of cross server. Add and option on settings that blocks players from other countries to invite you on Classic and Ranked matches. You can simply turn this off when you want to play with someone else that badly.

We will consider optimize the gaming experience of this part, at the same time we are thinking is there any other better option to make it better

Tier 2 Retribution target lock should make jungle monster the priority over the heroes. Its so hard to land. Stealing buffs with tier 2 has never been easy. Retribution was made for killing jungle monster in the first place.

We will continue observing the situation of using this skill, thank you for your feedback.

please make Preferred class system to make matchmaking work. I tired to tanking (even though my main class isnt tank) while the one who want to be damage dealers is just someone who talk big without skill.

We will consider it.

"Go AFK" should be "Gone AFK". A minor grammatical error.

Thank you for your feedback, we will fix this ASAP.

For those players who have maxed out all of their emblems, magic dust is pretty much useless. I hope devs will take a look into it on how to make it useful aside from using it on emblems, like using it to create a new talent page, or converting it into Battle points, tickets or fragments, or maybe share/send it to friends

Please stay tuned, this is already in plan.

I don't understand the mechanism of invalid match

Thank you for your feedback

The public announcement update is too fast, thus we are unable to read the news at all

Thank you for your feedback

Unable to delete the photos in photo album.

Please stay tuned, we have already added the delete photo function

improve the passive descriptions of chang'e and ruby. For ruby, new players doesn't know the exact amt of armor and magic res you get for jumping. As for chang'e, the passive is misleading as it says "whenever the skill hits the target..." despite we know that it is actually referring to Ultimate only. Please improve descriptions which involve background stats

Please stay tuned, we have already optimized the content of this part

All previous Epic skins especially Legend skins should have their own cinematic animation like recent new skins.

Please stay tuned

I am Chang'e user. Nowadays, many people use Chang'e in rank game since she rework. However, Chang'e still don't have her skin (above Elite) in recent update. I believe many Chang'e player are waiting for the new skin launch for her. Hope ML with notice to my comment. Thank you

Please stay tuned


Post time 2019-2-20 05:24 AM | Show all posts
So many feedback that's been answered and that third update on the feedback is a huge improvement and I would love to see the new jungler meta and another change for credit deduction
Post time 2019-3-14 01:18 PM | Show all posts
Nice improvement
Post time 2019-3-27 03:48 PM | Show all posts
wow nice. it took me a while to read it all but i finally finished lol. Great to see that our voices are being herd.
Post time 2019-1-21 07:39 PM | Show all posts
Why there is no reward for activ users on forum? Where can i find that discort?
Post time 2019-1-21 05:50 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Limit.Company replied at 2019-1-21 05:04 AM
Can I suggest to bring back the old version of Natlaia?



is that your id or something?  Post time 2019-2-19 03:06 AM
Post time 2019-1-29 09:33 PM | Show all posts
Squad Match Idea

How about the game will have a squad match? Wherein it must be full 5
Members squad team for match, a logo in the Squad background info if
the squad reach the permanent points of playing as a team to get the
logo & a rewards that can only be obtain if they will be playing as
full 5 team squad? just for more exciting part on the non-pro & pro
players. Im sure more players will be excited to play as a team,create
squads & play.
Post time 2019-1-18 12:43 AM | Show all posts
as indonesian, please dont censor the word "bocah", i think thats not rude, just to remind them thay they play like a kid comlain complain and complain but not playing


yes hahahahha XD XD  Post time 2019-2-21 03:29 PM
i swear you said this before with the exact words and emoji  Post time 2019-2-19 03:06 AM
Post time 2019-1-27 08:13 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I only got 100 diamonds...  but anyways thanks tried the unlucky box and yeah all fragments hahaha as usual...


did you get any heroes?  Post time 2019-2-19 05:23 AM
Post time 2019-1-21 04:12 PM | Show all posts
Do they have plans in selling the Vexana Epic Skin (Sanguine Rose) in the shop and not as a limited skin?


i dont think so  Post time 2019-2-19 05:23 AM
Post time 2019-2-5 03:27 PM | Show all posts
Lapu Lapu was bug with his passive Hero's Faith . Lapu don't gain a stack of Bravery Blessing if he do a basic attack. Only skills give him stacks.

Hero's Faith
Lapu Lapu will gain a stack of Bravery Blessing after hitting an enemy with a basic attack or skill,after gaining 5 stacks Lapu Lapu's next basic attack will deal extra damage (this basic attack cannot deal critical damage) and will also give Lapu Lapu a shield worth 500~1200 damage resistance (scales with level)


yea they're going to fix  Post time 2019-2-19 03:08 AM
what ?  Post time 2019-2-8 11:25 AM
Post time 2019-2-5 05:27 AM | Show all posts
Please change the Trial Cards. Those are old heroes and most of the players already have those heroes/skins.
Post time 2019-4-28 03:03 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
yutsumong replied at 2019-4-27 05:10 PM
Isnt this supposed to be a question?

"I don't understand the mechanism of invalid match"

I noticed it too. It only shows that they don't want to mention Balancing here and instead will post anything besides Balancing, even a post which clearly isn't suggesting anything.
Post time 2019-1-21 05:04 AM | Show all posts
Can I suggest to bring back the old version of Natlaia?


maybe the rework was supposed to be a nerf  Post time 2019-2-19 05:23 AM
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