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Author: Tyler.Xu
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[Talk With Developer] Feedback&Reward Board[past~04.18](Dev Reply 04.25)

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rhyzen    199***725 5**5 whi*****ood - Reddit    84***127 2**0 nu***up - Reddit    189***962 6**9 Cl***e#1**0 - Discord    47***966 2**8 Di***nd_12****1#4**5 - Discord    341***783 3**8  K***x#9**7 - Discord    57***669 2**3 v**i#5**3 - Discord    45***284 2**2 [EXO] R***X#2**6 - Discord    629***23 2**4 L**ny#0**2 - Discord                28424097 5009 ꧁✵ɢ***øя✵꧂#3**8 Discord    46944217 2078  r**ul#3**1 Discord    89398445 5019  λΙα****rχ#3**2 Discord    69962994 2128  Fr***evil#0**0  Discord    196129766 9020 хт***ra魔王#6**9 Discord    226805449 3510 Boy****ebus Forum  


what ???  Post time 2019-2-21 07:27 PM
Post time 2019-2-21 04:04 AM | Show all posts
server ID 261989582
game ID 6093
in PM

server ID 328968325
game ID 6032
in PM

server ID 56390242
game ID 6210
in PM


What does that even mean ?  Post time 2019-2-21 07:26 PM
Post time 2019-2-21 01:48 PM | Show all posts
I buy diamonds via very good guys


I believed Sir it's against regulations to buy diamonds from any 3rd party sources apart from the store on MLBB app itself  Post time 2019-3-22 06:25 PM
Post time 2019-2-21 07:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Found a bug in hero selection. When changing heroes, battle spell and emblem remains the same as the previously selected hero. Pls fix. Thanks.
Post time 2019-3-2 11:54 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Star2Dust at 2019-3-2 01:57 PM

Found a bug.

Moonton releases New Heroes too soon.

Max new heroes 1 or 2 a year. This game can't "mature" if you (Moonton) are too scared of losing trash players (i.e. losing some money to gain more loyalty and steady income). Up you you.
But why not learn from Blizzar'd World of Warcraft (where Dota Dota2, League of Legends, etc was born from).

Why reinvent the wheel? Because you're after retion on the scale of Egyptians, or Caesar, or the Ancients (regardless of cultures). lol.

Come on, write and live your own path Moonton. What, are yous scared??????? Yes, yes, you are. Of losing toxic players. Not sure why you are scared of this. but Whatever, will support your fear, Moonscared.

lol toxic1.png

lol toxic2.jpg

Post time 2019-3-4 11:43 AM | Show all posts
1. too much sensor words
2. rework ulti pharsa have ministun
3. Buff premium hero freya
i want see her in tournament again im little boring meta right now,, please come back to meta freya and pharsa


be careful fella, mods are watching  Post time 2019-3-9 01:52 PM
Post time 2019-3-9 08:18 PM | Show all posts
Post time 2019-3-11 06:29 PM | Show all posts
I hope Odette will be brought using BP.  Its really hard to earn hero fragments.
Post time 2019-3-11 07:11 PM | Show all posts
i did not claim my code
Post time 2019-3-13 09:42 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Mjuyts at 2019-4-23 02:43 PM

Buff and rework suggestion in the Faramis
for him to enter the

The souls he collects will resurrect the soul owner's minion with magical damage.
And he will become a Super Necrominion
Will have 10% of the atributtes of Faramis
The Super Minion he resurrects will have 20% of the attributes of Faramis
And he will become a Mega Necrominion.
Maximum 2
Time to die again of Super Necrominion 10sec
Time to die again of Mega Necrominion 14sec
(The Passive will not cure
And it will continue to decrease his resuscitation time)
(The necrominions will walk along with the Faramis or in the lanes to destroy towers ,just controlling them
Type vexana's ult)

he will make a zombie or a skull leave the ground (the zombie will attack closely and the skull will attack from a distance using bones)
which will last until the enemy kills
they will always be together
when you press 2skill
both together used the current 2skill (will give 30% slow and 15% more damage per on each enemy that is hit by the skill )
it will take about 10/8/6/4 seconds
Until they use it again.
The two will have 40%/50% of the attributes of Faramis
zombie increases 10 pts from faramis def and nearby allies
and the skull increases atk
(Faramis will be able to choose which one to invoke
type selection of Angela's ult)

it casts a transparent dark sphere that connects a current to each enemy in the range.
The orb will slowly move forward.
after a while
will pull the enemies.
It can absorb the orb when you have the buff in movement and get close to the orb.
To pull the enemies faster, when it absorbs the orb
It will heal 260/380 of his life.
(chain can be broken
with a certain distance)
(and it will continue with the buff at the speed,immunity to slow and the ghost mode of the current 1skill

which will last until orb disappears)

He will resuscitate he and an ally with physical body after spent 8 seconds as an ghost
(You can choose which ally to resurrect
Type  selection of Angela's ult)

buff in range of basic atk

and add it to the support class again

he has no damage
even the Estes has more damage than he

pls buff his damage

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