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Long ago there was a small village resting in the southern regions of the Landof Dawn. The villagers were very hardworking, fishing day and night for aliving. Among them was a strong man. named Badang. Enthusiastic and brave, he tirelesslyhelped everyone solve their difficulties in life.
However, a strange thing happened m theVillage not long ago. The villagers got up early every day to catch fish. Inthe evening, they returned empty-handed. even the tools for fishing were broken.Everyone was upset, thinking it was the curse of a mystical water monster. Asfood supplies ran low, Badang decided to give them a hand to find out thetruth. He did not believe in the water monster.
In the early morning, Badang went out tofish as usual. He came to the river near the village to set up a fishing trap.He not only placed a lot of fish. but also hid it with a giant fishing netprepared in advance, trying to find out who or what was causing the village’sproblems. Shortly after, the river suddenly began to roll, a strange creaturein the river appeared next to his trap. DeviI-Iike and fearsome, it began tosteal the fish and destroy the trap. Its eyes were fiery, with long hair and along beard. Badang decisively threw a giant fishing net, trying to trap themonster. However, the monster pierced the fishing net with its giant teeth andstarted to break free. It constantly attacked him, but the fearless Badangjumped into battle with this fearsome beast without hesitation. The power ofthis monster was surprisingly strong and Badang's arms were severely injured.When the beast was about to devour Badang, he used his remaining strength toinsert the fishing spear into its body, and then pulled it to the river shore.After leaving the river, the monster gradually lost its moisture and began todry. It couldn‘t breathe for long. Badang had never seen such a creature.
Badang noticed a magical gem sparkling inits body. Struggling to speak, the water monster begged Badang to let it go.swearing it was the elf who lived in the river but suffered a horribletransformation. Once the beast headed to the southern mountains to prey on thefish but accidentally ate fish corrupted by evil energy. As it spoke, thebeast's body gradually began to change. The water beast began to regurgitateall the fish it consumed, along with the evil energy. Having returned to itsnatural state, the water elf deeply appreciated Badang.
After that, Badang got a stream ofpowerful energy and his injured arms were also restored and were way morepowerful than before. Badang's kind heart drove him to finally let go of themonster. Badang started helping the villager’s day and night, whose livesslowly returned to the monster. Badang started helping the villager’s day andnight, whose lives slowly returned to normal. However, Badang couldn't let goof the southern mountains that the monster spoke of. For the safety of hisvillage, Badang was determined to find the source of the evil energy within themountains and travelled across the islands, towards the Land of Dawn.
He selflessly helps others by hisoverwhelming strength. Basic attack after every 3 times deals extra 120% totalphysical atk point of physical damage as afist wind. All fist wind of badangexplode when hitting the obstacles left by him dealing extra 120% totalphysical atk point of physical damage.
Skill 1: Quigong Fist (CD: 7.0)
He coheres all his strength to his fistsand perform an overwhelming fist wind dealing 220 point physical damage and 70%total physical atk to enemy on the path and slowing them down. The damage ofqigong fist will trigger basic attack effect and stack one time for thechivalry fist. All fist wind of badang explode when hitting the obstacles leftby him dealing extra 220 point of physical damage and 70% total physical atk.
Skill2: Fist Break(CD: ...)
Badang charges his fists and dashestowards the designated direction dealing 230 point of physical damage and 50%total physical atk to enemy along the path. After the dash badang separates theenemies on the path and leaves an obstacle. This skill can be stacked.
Skill3: Fist Crack (CD: 40.0)
Badang quickly throws his fists to thedesignated direction dealing 140 point of physical damage and 50% totalphysical atk to enemies for several times. Damages enjoys basic attack effect.

And Last but not the least Use Fighter Emblem For Best Result.



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