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[Poll] Mayhem Mode, Yes or No?

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Post time 2019-1-23 08:30 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
I know this is the second time that the game had this mode. But the main point is, do you guys enjoy it? Personally I think the current Mayhem Mode is better than the previous one (the previous one sucked really bad) since heroes added in this edition like Kaja, Selena, Gusion and Leomord (but not Aldous) are really fun to play with. And unlike the previous one, this one is more fun when you are playing with a premade team.
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Post time 2019-1-23 09:36 AM | Show all posts
Its really fun.. even nana is so fun to play here.. would be even better if me and enemy team didnt pick aldous.. this haram hero really knows how to open mini map.. he can literally use his peeking ulti non stop.. make me angry everytime..

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Post time 2019-1-23 10:59 AM | Show all posts
Kaja triple pulling, triple fun.

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Post time 2019-1-23 11:08 AM | Show all posts
In general it is improved and more fun.
But some heroes are overpowered like ruby, sun, aldous etc  compare to other heroes.
And some top mythic players are ruining the experience of this mode.
I daily play 4 match everyday in this mode and today i face 1 team twice.
They all 400 star ish players and playing mayhem like rank mode.
And they also toxic a lot like they won arena contest.
I checked their profile and saw they playd like 12+ mayhem mode game.
I wonder why player playing so many mayhem game when nothing will add in profile?
Just for fun or trash talking other players? To prove that they are top above everyone and mayhem mode? lol i mean does anyone care?

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Post time 2019-1-23 12:09 PM | Show all posts
I love playing nana in mayhem mode...havent lost a single match yet whenever I'm playing nana

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Post time 2019-1-23 12:38 PM | Show all posts
Mayhem is no longer fun since Aldous joined the party

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Post time 2019-1-23 12:59 PM | Show all posts
i agree toio current mayhem mode is more funnn.

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Post time 2019-1-23 09:43 PM | Show all posts
Mayhem is fun for me but mybe 2x a day only

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 Author| Post time 2019-1-23 11:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by TheEpicJobber at 2019-1-23 11:38 PM
Vymonchyyy replied at 2019-1-23 09:36 AM
Its really fun.. even nana is so fun to play here.. would be even better if me and enemy team didnt  ...

It's true that Aldous is indeed "haram" enough to the point that he is one of the most overrated hero in the Mayhem Mode. My usual problem for him in the Mayhem Mode is I usually encounter skilled Aldouses while the Aldous in my team usually feeds.

@Ar3neKn1ght Kaja is great in the Mayhem Mode imo too. He is currently one of my favourites along with Minotaur. (Hmm...KFC with Red Bull?)

@kampungnafri Nana is pretty fun too! 4 Molinas = bye-bye tower divers! (except for Johnson and Hanabi)

@iri Aldous is overused in the Mayhem Mode due to his Ulti. I usually hope the enemy Aldous is bad, but unfortunately the opposite happens.

@Nicky_veronica Yeah, the previous version is really bad because heroes like Hayabusa, Harley and Minotaur could "destroy" the fun and dominate the mode easily, not to mention around the time when the mode was first released there's many players who are racing for getting Bruno's Street Football skin. And I used to encounter at least two of these in the previous Mayhem Mode. This edition had improved by putting new additions who are on par with those aforementioned in the Mayhem Mode except for Aldous.

@BD007 I agree some heroes like you mentioned especially Aldous are overpowered. Yeah, and some top Mythic players would play this mode for fun too, though I had yet to encounter a Mythic player ruin the experience so far. But like most other special modes, Mayhem Mode is quite toxic as well. Yesterday I had encountered such match - A player insulted my country simply because he/she got first blooded by me.

@IZxCOLD For me Mayhem Mode is more fun when playing in a 2-4 man team. While solo queue Mayhem Mode is usually nightmare.

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Post time 2019-1-24 03:16 AM | Show all posts
mayhem is fun but there are op heroes but i always play gussion and try to master the 30 dagger combo!

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