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[Poll] Invalid Match

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Post time 2019-1-26 09:29 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by BD007 at 2019-1-26 09:34 AM

Invalid Match Abuse
It has come to light that the new invalid match has brought abuse upon the land of dawn.
There are players who abuse the current invalid system as they please.
Before I continue explaining the abuse of it, I will first explain the difference between the previous and new invalid match system.

Old system:
In the old system, you needed to have at least one AFK player in the game within the first 3 minutes of the game while having 0 kills or deaths in your team. Basically, your KDA would remain 0.
Kills: 0                   Deaths:0             Assists: 0
If you or your teammate killed an enemy or ended up dying, the game would be valid even with an AFK player in the game.
In the old old system there were players who tried to kill an enemy to prevent the enemy team from triggering an invalid match.
After 3 minutes of the game, you would be given an option to surrender, and you would not lose your star.
Players used to stay in the base for 3 minutes whenever there was an AFK ally, just to make sure that the KDA remained 0 to be able to trigger an invalid match. You also had to make sure that the AFK player did not roam around as a bot but remained in the base as the bot would be able to die easily against the enemy team which would make it a valid game.

Current System:
If your stranger teammate getsdisconnected from the beginning of the game and has not reconnected within the first three minutes, you will be given the option to surrender. In these conditions the game will be invalid, and you will not lose a star.
The big difference between the old and the current system, is that the KDA does notplay a part anymore.

There are still conditions that will make you lose a star:
-          The AFK player is someone you are matched up with;
-         The AFK player becomes AFK after 3 minutes;
-          The AFK player reconnects during the first 3 minutes;
-         Your team surrenders after 6 minutes.

Since the current system can be triggered while your teammates have slain an enemy or have been slain by them, some players will go AFK on purpose.
In most cases the team triggers an invalid match when having a bad team composition comparedto the enemy team and sometimes it is triggered just to annoy their own teammates.

Your experience with Invalid Match Abuse
We would like to know if you have ever encountered abuse of the invalid match system.
Please bring out your vote!

Single Polls, Total 27 Users voted

Poll is finished

55.56% (15)
40.74% (11)
3.70% (1)
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Post time 2019-1-26 12:25 PM | Show all posts
There is one more thing.
The afk player in new system also not loose any star.
I think only this part is the reason of abusing the invalid matchmaking.
What do you think guys?

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Post time 2019-1-26 12:27 PM | Show all posts
yes these days lots of players are abusing the new system of invalid matchmaking and yes it need to be fixed asap before it gets more worse and players get upset.
hope it is fixed soon.

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Post time 2019-1-26 04:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by IZxCOLD at 2019-1-26 04:10 PM

I meet at least 7-10 invalids a day, that made me gave up on 5Q.. because no one wanna just play like a normal person there. Been playing normal trios and that works usually, you won’t meet so much invalids there. I think the way how to stop invalid is to make the punishment system higher. Basically “oh you go afk? If its invalid we’ll make u lose 2 stars” and maybe a x amount of ban

Additionally to that its important to know that invalidation might slowly fade in the future eversince its a bigger 5Q problem than a solo,duo,trio etc problem and in 5Q everyone loses a star for invalid (except for if someone doesn't have the afk in he/she’s friendlist) but due to the amount of abuse of this that might take too long

This seems to be more often then not a problem in the russian server, when i rank in russia they invalid quite a lot


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Post time 2019-1-26 07:39 PM | Show all posts
there does not have to be an invalid match and not give players a star just make the team with a afk not lose a star and the actually afk lose 2 stars and 10 points credit points then the team who won gets a star but if the side with the afk won then the other team would not lose a star if both teams have afk then the winning team gets a star while the losing team does to lose a star and stays the same

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Post time 2019-1-26 09:07 PM | Show all posts
The abuse is real especially in mystic rank. All players know each other usually and depending on the hero match-ups, the matches are over when they see the loading screen lmao.

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Post time 2019-1-27 07:41 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-1-26 02:25 PM
There is one more thing.
The afk player in new system also not loose any star.
I think only this par ...

Agree, they should lose 2 stars, not only 1.

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Post time 2019-1-27 08:28 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
The current system is good but has a major setback.

People can go afk and invalid the game without losing any star. I don't know if others knows this as well but I have proven that the Invalid Match system right now can be abused in this way.

The old system was good but also bad because even if we have afk and want to Invalid. There are toxic players who refuses to invalid and intentionally die.

The only solution i see is correct the current Invalid system so that it can't be abused, and when the match is invalid, the afk player should get a 2 star reduction and banned from Rank Matches for 30 mins or so with at least 10 credit loss.

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Post time 2019-1-27 10:51 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Seriousleeee?????? Ive got posted this already last year and this is just being noticed??? I was the one who requested the change on determining afk and allowing invalid as early and not complicate things which was agreed and changed so the 2nd phase of determining early leavers is rolling which is a good sign to make fast invalidation but i also noticed when the new system rolled down there is an abuse and again i requested a more harsh penalties for these player who where the reason of invalidation but its already 2019 i already plotted some penalties that will make those abusers to take what they deserve but from early november down to this year all i noticed about montoons action where more skins and heroes where also matchmaking problem for 2-2-1 were already posted and revealed earlier than the invalid abusers  then still nothing happens.... Thats why i saw this forum a joke  the youtubers and other platform is what they gonna notice not the platform they made on their doorstep this forum really not been taken cared im sorry for those mods....

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