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Traditional laning for players is simply to go up to the lane and wait for the minions to reach to the middle part of the map where both are open for farming. This in turn starts the traditional laning phase for both teams but have you ever wondered what would happen if you start the game by cutting down the lanes?

Lane Cutting is one of the rising tactics amongst the players wherein there are particular heroes who can excell at this and get away from the enemies with ease. As you can see, lane cutting starts by intercepting the minions in between the enemy towers wherein this shortens the time for you to farm them by shortening your wait time but then the risk of getting yourself killed is higher as you are overall risking yourself of getting caught between your enemies in the middle/jungle as well as the lane you are cutting.

How does Lane Cutting work?

It works by preemptively going thru the middle of the two enemy towers in which you intercept the minions before it meets with yours. Wherein you have a small window of opportunity to do this especially at the start of the match. So if you wish to do this tactic you must be atleast out of your tier 3 tower/base by the 10 second mark and atleast reach your tier 1 tower/river by 25-30 second mark wherein during this time you should decide for yourself if you will cut the lane or not otherwise you will only get yourself killed/trapped and get nothing done.

Why should you lane cut?

You maybe wondering, why should we lane cut when traditional laning is safer. Lane cutting actually gives you more opportunities and things to do compared to traditional laning. Wherein when you lane cut the benefits/opportunities you get would be:

A)Easier access to enemy jungle-
Since you are first to clear out the wave of minions, your enemies are forced to decide wether or not to clear theirs first or chase you down.

B)Creating space for your team- Lane cutting can be considered as a form of lane pressure wherein your enemies might be quick to react to your lane cutting and go to you rather than focus on their own lanes thus giving your teammates space to farm or do whatever it is they need to do.

C)Free Roam/Rotate- Since you are technically cutting down your time to wait for the minions to reach you and eliminating them faster than your enemy. You are basically giving yourself more time to either farm back on your jungle or rotate to assist your teammates on other lanes.

The risks of lane cutting...

While there are benefits to lane cutting, there are also risks for players to consider when lane cutting and here are some of the risks players should consider as to wether or not it is worth to lane cut;

A)Getting yourself killed-Although you are clearing your wave faster than enemies you should consider that you are entering a slightly deep enemy territory so before cutting down the lane, consider if you have options of escaping or a get out plan if in case things goes south.

B)Trading Blows- Of course while you are busy clearing down the wave, your enemies can decide to either contest or harass you out of it or maybe just whittle down your HP so your overall laning phase would backfire rather than snowball you up to where you want to be.

C)Backfire- As mentioned earlier, you are risking your laning process of back firing at you if it goes south and you get harassed out of clearing the wave before you finish it. Wherein you may have exhausted all your means to sustain at the lane and expose yourself to a possible tower dive/first  blood.

Overall Lane Cutting is a rising tactic that not everyone is aware or feel comfortable doing but it maybe something you guys should try or even consider doing to see how it can affect your gameplay. Who knows this kind of play style might be something that suits you and might work well for you.

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Usually solo top easier to cut lane compare to bot lane.
Post time 2019-1-30 06:42 AM | Show all posts
It's good to this if you have teammates that is responsible to their respective lanes :)
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