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Invading the enemy is one of the keener tactics in the game that requires a stratigical team composition as well as route of pushing onwards to the enemy territory as well as escaping. This tactic is seldom used in the game due to the fact of the fast paced nature of the game as well as the lack of understanding fully what this kind of tactic can bring to the table. Of course not all tactics fit well for players/teams which is why we'll take a closer look at invading in order to fully understand this tactic.

What is invading?

This is obvious to anyone but invading is basically the lapse of invading your enemy jungle, yes just the jungle and nothing more. Wherein most often than not you can see junglers/teams start out the game by invading and clearing the enemy jungle after which they return to their territory. Sometimes invading extends to early team fights in which the enemies would try and contest to push you or your team out.

Why invade?

It is a tactic not often used or isn't popular amongst players which is why it can easily throw off enemies or catch them off guard in terms of how to respond against this tactic. In other words its highly important as to how you make your first move right off the bat wherein invading can be one of that first moves you make in order to get that early lead for you and your team if it all goes well.

Another reason why you should invade is that you get more map control at the early stage of the game wherein you can easily access both sides of the map be it top-mid or bot-mid at the same time those lanes would not have to worry about enemies rotating unexpectedly just because you know that your teammate/s has secured that part of the map. Meaning to say if ever the enemy has a jungler or plans to rotate you can easily predict where they would be comming from and respond to it.

Lastly invading your enemy gives you a slight control of the pace of the game and how you and your team would want to the game to unfold because early leads does make a difference in Mobile Legends due to the fast pace nature of the game.

How do you invade?

Invading comes can be disected into three parts:

1)Choosing where to invade-
This is essential to invading as this will dictate how you would want to set up your lanes and where you would put which hero in certain lanes. It also dictates how your team would play out after this depending on the routes you or your team would take.

2)Choosing between clearing camps or an early pick-
after choosing which part of the map you or your team chooses to invade you would want to decide if you guys would clear the camps or get an early pick. Although there are cases in which both happens, it honestly depends on how the game would turn out or how your enemies would move at the start.

3)Choosing between continues pressure or farm- It is given that the select invader can choose between pressuring the enemy or farm up for mid-late game but then again the overall reason as to why you want to invade is to put pressure on your enemies at the same time force them into taking actions that you can more or less control. Such as forcing them to respond to you and your team on the other side of the map while the rest would be free to either push or farm on the other half.

**There are of course on ocassions in which the enemy would contest thus resulting on an early team fight. Depending on who draws the first blood as well as who gets on top of this fight basically dictates how the game would progress.


Overall this is the fundamentals of invading as well as some ways on how you could execute it. Lastly when executing this plan, the team must be decisive and must consider your team composition well wherein it must comprise of heroes with escape,cc and damage at the early stage of the game otherwise you can easily get contested by the enemy.

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