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[Forum Original Content] Rank Picks & Bans

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Edited by WtripleO at 2019-2-4 10:35 AM


Picks & Bans

This may seem as simple as picking and banning at first glance but players should know that there is more to this than meets the eye. In Ranked games picking and banning is more complex than what people think. Wherein there are numerous factors that players should consider regarding this phase of the game.

Why Picks & Bans are more complex...

Picks & Bans in ranked is more complex than players think it to be because for one this phase of the game basically dictates the overall outcome of the game wherein as early as picks and bans, players/teams are already strategizing out what type of game they would want it to be at the same time they are forcing out the team composition of their enemies to an extent.

Another reason is once players see that certain roles are filled up by the other team, players can safely assume that the other team won't pick another of that kind provided that the standard is 1 of each class therefore if players have other priority heroes to pick from other roles then they should pick that one first rather than trying to get a hero of the same role from the other team.

How Players/Teams Take Advantage of this...

Picks & Bans has a 2 part advantage for both sides wherein the 1st team that gets to ban is also the 1st team to pick while the 2nd team to ban are the team to get the last pick so as you can see both sides has their own distrinct advantage but there is of course a slight advantage over the other wherein:

1)The 1st team that gets to pick & ban can force out the bans for the 2nd  team although in doing so, they maybe resorted to choose their 1st pick wisely as they are trading 1 hero for 2 in the 1st round of the pick. Of course this can be easily predicted by the 1st team that is why as mentioned earlier that the 1st team more or less can dictate/force out the team composition for the 2nd team.

2)The 2nd team who would usually get the pick of the litter would often retaliate to the team composition of the 1st team but of course they can still choose to throw the 1st team off by deliberately banning unexpected heroes wherein the first team would then have to choose carefully which hero they would want to get as their priority 1st pick.

3)Both teams would have a priority pick & ban in mind wherein in most cases at ranked matches it would be meta heroes or heroes that are considered to be "op"/hard to counter heroes

The Essential Of Picks & Bans

To sum it all up, players should carefully consider the pick & ban line up wherein players must 1st consider who gets to pick & ban first and last followed by what heroes they want to leave open or heroes they want to force up on their opponent/counter pick and all those aspects. Lastly players should not take likely the power of banning as well as prioritize picking because this is basically where players start to communicate & coordinate within the team and this essentially dictates how well your early-late game would go depending on your team composition against your enemies.

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Draft pick is fine, but banning is not. I hope there is a different rank game that has no banning system.


And one more thing!! I know the purpose of banning and that is why I don't want that system. And it's not to give way for balancing!? AND WHERE THE HELL IS ABUSIVE THERE!!??  Post time 2019-2-5 09:10 AM
And first and foremost, What are those heroes for if it can't be used in rank games???? You mean those meta heroes are only for classics???  Post time 2019-2-5 09:08 AM
@TheLtCaptain Hello!!!?? Is it MLBB's fault if that player has no enough BP to buy a hero??? Is it MLBB's fault if they bought a not so OP hero rather then the OP one???  Post time 2019-2-5 09:06 AM
So no I disagree with your idea,it's totally the opposite for balancing,ban pick is there to lock these op hero while developer find a way to adjustment AND NOT ABUSING THEM  Post time 2019-2-5 06:57 AM
That's totally not fair,what if people didn't lhave enough bp to buy that op hero or they just like using underrated hero,your suggestion basically make UP hero become less,people won't play that hero  Post time 2019-2-5 06:56 AM
So what!? That is rank game, it should not be easy. It's a challenge, both teams has the chance to choose heroes, so it's fair. Those heroes were made to be played to whatever game mode MLBB has.  Post time 2019-2-5 05:09 AM
Basically you want everyone to get 2-3 op hero for each teams ?  Post time 2019-2-4 08:34 PM
Post time 2019-2-5 03:41 AM | Show all posts
starboi replied at 2019-2-4 11:45 AM
Draft pick is fine, but banning is not. I hope there is a different rank game that has no banning sy ...

i thought no comments on @WtripleO post but i guess i was wrong and if there was no ban system i dont think i could play rank because all i would see is kimmy and aldous in my nightmares


i was kidding bro  Post time 2019-2-5 05:15 AM
Oooppps! Are we forbidden to comment here? Sorry. Well, that is how it goes, I guess just like I said. "Those heroes were made to be played to whatever game mode MLBB has."  Post time 2019-2-5 05:12 AM
Post time 2019-2-19 01:41 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Alp-Player06 at 2019-2-19 01:43 PM

I agree with the starboi coz those Heroes ALways Banned In the Draft Pick Rank is now Being Useless Specially di Aldous,harith, and kimmy. Yes Their strong and Hard get rid of them But Those heroes is No used anymore and what the porpose of there Existed?
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