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[Hero Concept] Support - Vamor the Shapeshifter

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Edited by Argricus at 2019-2-10 03:43 PM

Ladies and gentlemen I give you the best support hero ever.
Name - Vamor the Shapeshifter
Role - Support/Tank/Damage
Difficulty - Hard
Speciality - None
(This hero is unique to ML)

Vamor is a druid whose abilities allows him to change his form at will into a armored Gorrilla and a Wolf. Each transformation grants 2 unique abilities.
Vamor when needed can act as the ultimate support. He can tank with his Gorilla form, deal decent damage with his Wolf form and grants unique buffs to allies in his human form.

Abilities and Skills :

Name - Shapeshift Mastery
Description - Vamor gains different passive skills for different forms.

Main Skills:
Skill 1
Name - Gorilla
Levels - 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000  Bonus Hitpoints
Skill 2
Name - Wolf
Levels - 7, 10, 13, 16, 19 percent bonus Movespeed and Attack Speed
Skill 3
Name - Human
Levels - 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 percent chance to affect 2 allies with his Blessings.

All of his transformation skill has a 7 second cooldown. This means you cannot just keep changing form rapidly
He has 3 skills which he can level up only 5 times each. Besides his Human form, his other forms cannot benefit from cooldown reduction items.
Transformations have 1 second cast time.

I. Human Form Skills :
Uses Mana, Range attack.
(Artwork by dusint)

Passive - Grants nearby heroes 5% movespeed bonus and 5% damage bonus.

Skill 1
Name - Blessing of the Rhino
Description - Grants an ally hero a shield that absorbs 40% of all incomming damage. The shield last 3 seconds. If used on self, it will only grant 20% of the shield but last 8 seconds. Shield will continue to persists upon transformation.
CD - 12 seconds

Skill 2
Name - Blessing of the Lion
Description - Increases the damage dealt by an ally hero by 20% for 2 seconds. If used on self, it will only grant 10% bonus damage but last 5 seconds. The bonus damage will continue to persist upon transformation.
CD - 15 seconds

II. Gorilla Form Skills :
Does not use energy nor mana
(Artwork by Maria Trepalina)

Passive - Converts 50% of Total Magical Power to Physical and Magical Defense

Skill 1
Name - Smash
Description - Deals 10% of the user Total Hit Points as Physical Damage.
CD - 10 seconds
Skill 2
Name - Defensive Stance
Description - Reduces the user movement speed by 50% but takes 40% less damage for 3 seconds.
CD - 10 seconds

III. Wolf Form Skills :
Does not use energy nor mana
(Artwork by Katheryn Dornan)

Passive - Converts 60% of Total Magical Power into Physical Attack

Skill 1
Name - Fury Swipe
Description - Rapidly attack a current target of the hero 3 times. Each attack deals 100(+100% Total Physical Attack)
CD - 10 seconds

Skill 2
Name - Leap
Description - A short range leap.
CD - 10 seconds.

More explanation give with picture

Story (Just for the sake of it) - In the forgotten forest of Lanoire lived a tribe of people who believed that if they sacrificed their first born to the gods, they would get their blessing.  Vamor was the first born of their family and was due to be sacrificed. One day his family took him while he slept, drugged him and placed him near the 4000 year old tree deep in the forest. Vamor, unable to move and hardly able to breathe lay there for weeks. Just as Vamor was about to die from hunger and thirst, the bark of the 4000 year old tree opened and with it came a being of indescribable form. It looked at Vamor with sympathy and took him in as its own.
The strange being taught Vamor how to change his form at will as well as the ability to bestow blessings upon others. In order to master his new found powers, the strange being ordered Vamor to participate in the conflicts at the Land of Dawn. Vamor bid farewell to the strange being and set out towards the Land of Dawn.
Story aint so good.. am not good with these things.

My other works include:
Fighter - Kasumi the Samurai
Marksman - Roy the Bomber

Post time 2019-2-7 11:16 PM | Show all posts
woah this is a whole lot new idea and a cool hero.
a hero that can tank and carry.. woohooo. all in one then. :)
 Author| Post time 2019-2-8 02:22 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Argricus at 2019-2-8 02:34 AM
symonros replied at 2019-2-7 11:16 PM
woah this is a whole lot new idea and a cool hero.
a hero that can tank and carry.. woohooo. all in  ...

that was the aim. Wanted a support hero that could support in the most complete way. Unlike heroes like estes, rafa, angela,etc. This is a hero that could suport by tanking and dealing dmg when needed
Post time 2019-2-8 02:54 AM | Show all posts
its a great concept but its too op it just needs some damage and health nerfs and its fine
Post time 2019-2-8 08:22 AM | Show all posts
Triple transformation is totally new to us and in that case it is really unique.
The skill description and skill set are good as well as the reference image.
Please submit this to in game cs as well.
Post time 2019-2-8 04:07 PM | Show all posts
i love the idea how he can change into different form, human/wolf/bear...
can i make similiar hero like this on the next of my idea? this give me inspiration XD i will attach to this link on it
 Author| Post time 2019-2-8 04:53 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
luciva replied at 2019-2-8 04:07 PM
i love the idea how he can change into different form, human/wolf/bear...
can i make similiar hero l ...

yes you can make a similar hero. All my works are free for public use
Post time 2019-2-8 05:22 PM | Show all posts
Argricus replied at 2019-2-8 03:53 PM
yes you can make a similar hero. All my works are free for public use

hahahaha ok then i will credit you later
Post time 2019-2-9 10:39 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
The gorilla one is so cool looking that I want it to become a hero. Not just a tranformation of another hero.
Post time 2019-2-10 09:26 AM | Show all posts
This is cool and all, but if all skills only get four levels, that means you can max out all skills at level 12. If all his skills have five levels, he can max out all his skills at lvl 15 like normal.


lol yea i thought about that and forgot to edit the post XD.. will do it now  Post time 2019-2-10 06:43 PM
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