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[Item Balance] New Magic Resistance Item Suggestion

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Edited by TheLtCaptain at 2019-2-12 07:51 AM

With current meta where Kimmy,Lunox and Harith is mostly on the top of food chain where they either got banned or pick first,I can see why the developer is confused how to nerf or change these hero without making them totally useless or become out of meta and that's where I think "instead nerfing these hero why not make a new defensive item to counter them,this will make a great benefit for tank user and also make people play tank more and not make them totally useless against these three hero"

Now hear me out what's tank job ? it's to be initiator and soak a lot damage for the team but because of "these three hero",tank become totally useless against them and people prefer to play burst damage hero or carry hero instead tank to counter these hero but with this item people will play tank more and also add more versatility for bulding up defensive item especially for magic resistance because currently there's only 4 magic resistance items and 2 out of these items isn't good for soaking late game mage like Oracle is not good for Gatot,Tigreal,Franco and Akai because the 25% is mostly only benefit from basic regeneration and even if it's combine with Sky Guardian Helmet the cost isn't worth it because tank isn't a carry and that item can be easily counter with enough burst damage or "golden staff and demon hunter sword" and not a good pick for 2nd defensive items.

Anyway we're here not to talk about armor item,"it's for another blog" for now I hope developer accept my suggestion because this will a good item pick for tank ;)

New Magic Resistance Item "Elf Crown/Necklace" :
Price 2310
•750 HP
•35 Magic Resistance
•Unique Passive "Elf Blessing" : Increase Magic Resistance by 10 for each damage that's taken by skills,stacks for up to 5 times and lasts for 4.5 seconds
•Unique Passive "Holy" : Decrease Crowd Effect Time by 20%

Post time 2019-2-12 01:53 AM | Show all posts
I've been thinking about an item like that too, My fighter - Sun - is very squishy against Mages.. Maybe with more magic defense than anything that already exists but with less passive effects - this way you'll only need one Magic defense item.


it's actually a good sustain for tank especially if it combine with Athena Shield but eh semi tanky fighter isn't a bad idea  Post time 2019-2-12 07:52 AM
Post time 2019-2-12 01:53 AM | Show all posts
its a great item with that passive 85 magic defence is going to be tough to break and the reduced time on cc help the hero actually takes hits from the skills
Post time 2019-2-12 05:25 AM | Show all posts
Sorry to disagree but I suggest nerfing the OP heroes directly.

This item, if implemented, will not just nerf the heroes you said, but will also nerf the already nerfed heroes, like Cyclops, Chang'e, etc.

For me, the 2 Unique Passives of this item will even affect the heroes I said more than it will affect the heroes you said.


I see your point,yeah I think this item isn't ready yet,developer need to buff underpowered mage before implementing this item,well I think about the hero you mention later.Thanks for feedback  Post time 2019-2-12 07:39 AM
Post time 2019-2-12 05:37 AM | Show all posts
shut up and take my gold coins hahaha
Post time 2019-2-12 11:58 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for coming up with this.
Recently i am seeing 2 mage combo in rank also.
Besides that there are many mage tank that can hurt pretty badly.
So ya we do need another magic resistance item.
The item you described is pretty good.
We will convey this to mlbb official. Thanks.
Post time 2019-2-12 02:37 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Lucrecia at 2019-2-12 02:38 PM

I also made new Item but Tank specialist only.
Check it in here.
Post time 2019-2-15 05:11 AM | Show all posts
Yes it should be fun if they all have counter . We should not letting them become a useless and unused hero when it comes banning
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