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[Hero Concept] [HC] Aetheme | Upholder of Nyx (Mage)

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Edited by DevAqua at 2019-2-23 12:42 AM

Aetheme - Upholder of Nyx

Role :
Support / Mage
Type : Regen / Burst


As the eldest son of the Athmos Family and with the blessing of the gods, Aetheme was born with a natural radiance that stems from his hair, paired with his silk white skin and bright blue eyes. His name was a wordplay from Aether of Brightness and Hemera of Day which depicts his appearance. From an early age, Aetheme was trained under the family's headmaster on the arts of magic. As a noble of a land of vast fortunes but on a faraway place, he upheld righteousness, justice and morals over everything. His place was deemed a Utopia by everyone. However, Aetheme had never seen what it was like on other places other than his own, and have never knew of the chaos and war of the outside world. The time has come for him to find his pair to become the successor of his family, and so, he was carried carefully like a precious diamond to the neigbouring kingdoms. Least he knew, during the time that he's away, the lands where he have once lived was then attacked by the very same land he is currently stepping on. Upon receiving the news, he was enraged and demanded to return. The enemy kingdom held him and his servants, however, Aetheme was all too powerful for them. His radiance, and Aetherial light omitted so much that the guards were blinded permanently while his servants remained unscathed. As he returned to his motherland, he was greeted by grief and misfortune of the villagers, with his family in the depths of despair upon the broken land. He swore upon himself to destroy those who dare lay a hand on his land once again, and with vengeance in his mind, he promised to destroy all that harmed him. His family bestowed upon him the insignia of Nyx, containing powers of the night, completely opposite of his own, creating a mixture of blinding light and eternal darkness that either corrupts or cleanses the mind of anyone.

Passive (Blessings of Radiance)

Aetheme can neither be blinded nor corrupted, and so, he gains the power to ignore stuns every 30s and during the time that his passive is active, he regains mana faster and heals nearby allies by 5 health points per second.

1st Skill (Aetherian Light) (CD : 30s) (Mana Cost : 75)

Upon using the skill, it will be active for 10s even when Aetheme changes locations, he emits a glow of light that heals him and nearby allies by 15 health points per second, for every 75 health points healed, he will stack 2 points. Stacks will stay until used. After 10s, Phase 2 occurs.

1st Skill Phase 2 (Darkness of Erebus) (CD : NaN) (Mana Cost : 175)

Lasts for 10s after 1st skill is used and will consume 10 points per use (If below 10 points, will consume all points but will have less damage) Aetheme places a dark hole on the ground at which he can move freely (the dark holes will last for 60s or until someone steps on it) When someone steps on the dark hole, the corresponding health points equivalent to the stack points (10x75 = 750) will be depleted from the enemy for a duration of 5s. Enemy can see the dark holes, but it will also be hidden on bushes.

(Aetheme may move freely but will have no effects on the enemy upon moving to a hole and will consume the hole)

2nd Skill (Nightmares and Corruption) (CD : 15s) (Mana Cost : 30)

Aetheme links a black string to a nearby enemy and links a white one automatically to an ally (if not, on Aetheme himself) for 5s. The black string will lower the enemy health regeneration and lifesteal by 10% while the white one will heal the ally based on the 25% of damage dealt to him. When the ally has lost all his health, the damage will be received by Aetheme but will first deplete his mana and will return 5% of the allied health and a shield absorbing 500 damage for both the ally and Aetheme after the duration.

2nd Skill Phase 2 (Light and Purity) (CD : NaN) (Mana Cost : 130)

The enemy and ally will remain binded for 5s and cannot go out of twice their attack range. When enemy and ally go out of the range, they will be stunned for 1s. 5% of Health points will be returned when they are within each other's attack range after 5s.

Ultimate Skill (Rage of Blinding Light) (CD : 100) (Mana Cost : [upon activation] 50)

The Blessing of Aetheme enacts on full power, Aetheme will keep his allies health on their current health for 5s, each damage dealt to them will be reduced by 90% and 10% of damage will be deplete on Aetheme's mana. When Aetheme loses his mana, the Ultimate automatically cancels and immediately enters 2nd phase.

Ultimate Skill Phase 2 (Vengeance of Eternal Darkness) (CD : NaN) (Mana Cost : 175)

Lasts for 10s, will improve Aetheme's mana regeneration by 10%. Aetheme will enter a state of Vengeance and will omit a dark glow. There are options that reveal enemy characters, one enemy will be teleported near Aetheme and binded but will consume 50% of his mana. Aetheme can also use his Ultimate skill every 2s which consumes the stacks by 10 points multiplied by 100 magic damage that affects all enemies inside Aetheme's range  (distributes the damage the most to the enemy with least health).

Dialogues :
- I am your undying light.
- Not bad of a place.
- Isn't it hot outside today? let's make it a little bit darker.
- Let the light guide your way.
- I'll always return. Always.

Any thoughts and opinions? Haven't realized how long It's been.

Post time 2019-2-23 03:13 AM | Show all posts
i like the concept its like lunox with the light and darkness theme
Post time 2019-2-23 09:07 AM | Show all posts
his passive is like hanabi one and skill set like lunox.
very interesting. but you forgot to add reference image.
Please upload a reference image and submit this to in game cs as suggestion.
 Author| Post time 2019-2-25 03:26 PM | Show all posts
oh, yeah, right.. forgot about that.
Post time 2019-2-26 07:28 PM | Show all posts
yeay...another support hero :D
i love "the life link" effect on her 2nd skill...
and her ultimate could be life saver for an ally...
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