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[Ranking Tips] Tank users suggestion :)

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I'm still having problems in my decision making in Mythic, especially when my teammates are dumb. I play tank role most of the time and fighter if there's another tank. The biggest problem is; What do i do in order to pave a way for my team to victory as a tank? Because i know that as a tank user myself, my decisions and gameplay can affect the game itself. In which makes me ask you guys, What should i do as a tank myself?
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Very good question. I rarely to use tank because I don't believe everyone can carry me (I play solo mostly), except when I play with my squad I prefer to use support instead of tank (when there's no tank).
Post time 2019-3-4 01:59 PM | Show all posts
Which hero do you always use? What is your build? How was the matches went?
Post time 2019-3-4 08:31 PM | Show all posts
Its hard being a tank.. you initiate a team fight, sometimes your team is blind enough to.follow.. if there seems to be no communication, there is no hope.. if your teammate is trolling, there is no hope.. if your teammate wont cooperate there is no home..

You cant carry.. this is tanks most problem.. you can hardly do anything i suppose.. not if your teammates are bunch of awesomes..
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2 last seasons, I was brought to mythic by Mages. This season, Tank role did. If you are solo player, firstly you have to pray that your team mates are good enough to be carriers.
You have to protect the core heroes in your team, no matter what. If you want to initiate a war, make sure you aim their core heroes. Pay attention to the mini map and command chat from your team mates, always. If one of your mate says "attack" and you are close to the target, you MUST DO. eventho you have to dive into the turret and dead
For items? it depends on what hero you use and what role that enemies have


great advice  Post time 2019-3-5 02:15 AM
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Edited by Rexsamz at 2019-3-6 04:34 AM

if you have wide selection of tank pic a tank that synergies well with your teamates so for example if you have early game assassins like selena and gussion  use grock to deal high damage early which helps them secure kills and allow them to dominate


im confused with hylos if enemy has demon hunter sword what would you do?  Post time 2019-3-6 04:35 AM
Yesss...If my opponent team mostly 2 or 3 melee heroes, I would pick belerick or hylos  Post time 2019-3-5 06:12 AM
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I suggest that you should always be present in team fights and to prioritize roaming the map to guard your team's damage dealers rather than staying in 1 lane to leech gold. :)

Many players don't know how to choose a target in teamfights so staying in the frontline to tank all the damage is already a very big contribution to any teamfight.
Post time 2019-3-5 07:50 AM | Show all posts
If you really wanna tank, try grock and kaja.
This two tank has ability to control the game.
I know some will ask jhonson and mino.
It is true that those have same potential but they cant save team mates as smooth or have so much control over game like grock and kaja.
Post time 2019-3-27 08:03 AM | Show all posts
I am a mythic tank and I solo, no teams.  Basically its luck.  Good teammates and I shine, I even get some kills myself.  Bad mm or assassin and we will lose for sure.  You cant change this as a tank, unless you are Jhonson to get a multi kill, or Mino to stun the whole enemy team and wipe them out.
Post time 2019-4-9 12:20 PM | Show all posts
i oso wanna know this. i always lose endgame. i'm talking about leading from beginning and the enemy turret is gone.

my mistake is i do not communicate much coz i dunno whats wrong with my thumb. always press wrong button. meibi coz i lefthanded.

anyway, tank must make their presence felt at character selection process. if you request tank early, team will settle down fast.

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