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With the increase of hero pool comes with new metas and as many of you have noticed, the recent and newer heroes tend to have double roles such as mage/tank, fighter/mage,etc. as well as excelling and specific points of the game like burst/charge,crowd control/initiator and many others. These kinds of heroes are what we can call and label flex heroes or flex picks. This overall can turn predictable metas into unpredictable ones at the same time be able to adapt on the fly.

Why it is important?

Flex picks are highly important in composing your team as this overall lets you and your team be less more predictable as mentioned earlier at the same time can easily make up for what your team lacks if in case the situation of the game changes shifts midway. For instance when you have a Chou or maybe a Guinevere in your team your team can easily shift those heroes to either be a damage focused hero or tanky hero or maybe even split damage and tank. This overall changes how your team should approach the game at the same time changes how your opponents would approach you and your team.

Another reason as to why it is important to have a flex pick in the team is that it basically lets your players especially in a premade team cycle thru that pick for instance 2 amongst your players can play that hero well but both have varied playstyle. This overall can throw off your enemy especially in professional games/tournaments wherein in most cases players/teams would try to learn and discover your playstyle,gameplay and such which means it is important to always have an ace up your sleeve or in otherwords a hidden card to play when facing these kinds of circumstances.

How it helps when playing pub/solo matches..

Flex picks are generally helpful towards any player regardless of who you play with as the flex pick by nature can let you adapt on the fly but at the same time this can be a double edge to yourself as this can also back fire if you aren't met with the proper conditions such as getting proper farm, team rotation, hero picks and much more to consider. But overall it isn't a bad choice as this can also be a comfort pick for not only you but your other possible teammates as well as knowing that a certain hero can be flexed to a different role other than one, you can easily swap it off to a hero or role in which you are more comfortable with. So overall think thru what kind of flex hero you would wish to master

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Ok but flex picks in ML is not that significant. Because it’s obvious if someone is going to tank build a fighter if you don’t see an actual tank. And you can usually hybrid if you have 3 fighters like Chou, Leomord, and Jawhead just as a test example. Also flex pick in some MOBAs usually is a flex because you can take it to different lanes like a hero that can go top, jungle, or mid or another hero that can go top, support. But ML is more strategic because you can take any lane but also luck is involved because sometimes you’ll end up being a solo lane fighter against 2 ranged. Lane flex picks are honestly more scary than role flex pick because lane flex pick is less obvious in what lane they will take. If tanks in ML can farm mid and roam fast then that would be a crazy flex pick but we know that’s not gonna happen because the meta hardly changes significantly and we see the usual mid lane champions in most game like Gusion, Harith, Harley, Kag, Lunnox, etc. mostly mage and some assassin but most definitely a dash hero.
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Flex pick is indeed good for SoloQ but more importantly Duo and Trio because it is indeed can adapt with the random from your teammates

but alas I gave up doing that because nowadays people just wanna carry and it's better to play as a tank and do your best to protect your team core hero
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