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[Poll] New Guide To Write [Choose owo]

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Post time 2019-3-15 12:36 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Hello guys! Yun here with a new pole. But this time I will not be asking for another new hero guide as I will be following the order from the highest votes to the lowest in the last poll I made. [After Season -> Bane, After Update -> Rafaela]
This time I will be asking a different guide to write about which are:

1. Guides in playing with and against [Hero Name]
- In this section, I will explain how players can play with and against certain heroes and how players can adapt to it. This one can come in a lot of sections and segments since draft pick can be frequently random. This is targeted at players who aren't familiar with picks that are truly different from their usual drafts and perhaps they will know more about the hero itself rather than what its good at. (i.e Weaknesses, possible combos, strength etc.)

2. Guides in match gameplays (Solo Q, Squad, Invited Teammates, Regular teammates etc.)
- A short section of a guide that focuses more on how to have the right mindset and ways to communicate when playing in multiple situations during matches. This is recommendable for players who want to improve more in terms of getting to know oneself and others. Toxicity will not be included in this section as this is no surprise for many MOBA communities, but I will give some precautions on avoiding crossing the line. Also, the best tip in this is to have fun with the game OwO

3. Guides in playing your roles effectively
- Another short section of a guide, of course, I personally wouldn't want this to appear as everyone should know what their respective roles are and how they should perform based on what role they decide to choose and play. (Have you seen assassin Khufra? That failed miserably but good try, though I lost because of that...) This guide will focus on roles not just based on emblems but also based on what black magic (Not hacks!) you can perform that change the battle, Again, based on the roles you chose.

Note that I'm not really taking this guide thing very serious. I'm simply writing this as a hobby and wish to contribute to the growth of this game as well as the community. So far, I'm enjoying it! It's not as stressful as playing the game itself nor is it as irritating as arguing statements with people who demotivate others to not play underrated hero they like. You can also tell me to stick to writing guides for heroes since there's like 70 more of them I can at least give a fully explained guides on heroes that I'm good at (or fully analyzed)

Another note here: I won't be complaining about the game's current status either as this guide will be written 100% to guide. Not to propose any complaints about matchmaking, hero buff/nerfs, toxicity, punishments, unbalance, useless heroes (Which are mostly false) etc. So if I see any ranting or request relating to the game's current situation I'd advise you to make another thread on it and not flooding the guides with negativity, I will either request for deletion (If it works, of course, =3=)  or read it without any consideration and move on.

That's all for now, I'll be off to study for exam for 2 weeks UwU. Let's see how it goes~
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Post time 2019-3-15 12:47 AM | Show all posts
Lol, I forgot my old thread about my next guide poll. Thank remind me again. (lol, what I talking about )

On-Topic: Just do guide about effectiveness each roles cause some player didn't know yet mains purpose using that role and do and dont each role.

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Post time 2019-3-15 01:53 AM | Show all posts
hero guides and hero gameplay would be great

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Post time 2019-3-15 05:29 AM | Show all posts
Guide to where the best place in England, Tokyo and New York LOLS

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Post time 2019-3-15 08:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by shinee. at 2019-12-26 03:39 PM
starboi replied at 2019-3-15 05:29 AM
Guide to where the best place in England, Tokyo and New York LOLS

England best place? There is one in baker street london.. Sherlock Holmes Museum!! omg i was so excited.. omg yes i was really excited!!! xD
Ill just stick to hero guides i guess.. hahahaha xD


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Post time 2019-3-15 09:58 AM | Show all posts
I know solo q, team, squad gameplay is important.
But for me i vote for effectively play your role.
But just my personal opinion.
Looking forward for your guide.

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