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[Hero Balance] [Suggestion] Some ideas about Rafaela's passive rework

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Edited by ratul547 at 2019-4-3 05:23 PM

Everyone knows that Rafaela revamp is horrible.
Instead of giving her a proper buff, her passive has been nerfed. Compared to this new passive, her previous passive was better.
"Support" heroes should have skills focused on supporting the team. Not a damage skill that barely can effect any teamfight.

My suggestion is, give her a passive that doesn’t require her to die.

Here are some ideas/suggestions that can be useful without feeding:

Suggestion 1: Every ally hero near Rafaela will enjoy 5% extra movement speed and 5% extra HP regen effect from items/lifesteal.

Suggestion 2: When Rafaela's own HP drops below 20%, she will turn into a spirit and become immune to all damage and restore 300 HP per second for allies around her (but not herself). She cannot use any skills in spirit form. Spirit form lasts for 3 sec and It has 90 seconds cooldown.

Suggestion 3: Every time an enemy unit (hero/minion/creep) dies near Rafaela, it will drop an orb. If any ally picks up the orb, it will restore 50HP+(25% of dead unit's max HP). If enemy touches the orb, every orb will deal 50+(25% of the dead unit's max HP) magical damage and reduce movement speed by 10% for each orb

Suggestion 4: When a nearby ally hero's HP drops below 30%, that one ally will receive a shield which scales with 50% of Rafaela's total Magic power. Cooldown - 70 seconds.

Suggestion 5: When Rafaela gets an assist, The ally who got the kill will enjoy 25% CD reduction on their ultimate instantly. This effect cannot be triggered for next 60 seconds.

Suggestion 6: All nearby teammates will receive 4%/6%/8%/10% additional amount of armor and magic resistance based on Rafaela's own hero level. If the allies go far away, this effect will wear off.

[These suggestions are not final suggestions. They can be adjusted upon discussion, testing and practical utility in battlefield.]

Post time 2019-4-2 09:09 AM | Show all posts
What about change her passive should be like this:
Rafaela penalizes the target who has killed her (the target should be within a certain range). She charges for 2 seconds and then sends the penalization power to the target, dealing True Damage equal to 20% of the target's Max HP. It can't be blocked by other enemy heroes. This skill works only on enemy heroes.
Post time 2019-3-29 08:28 AM | Show all posts
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
We will be recording this.
Post time 2019-3-28 10:09 PM | Show all posts
Suggestion 3 and 6 seems really good
Post time 2019-3-29 12:03 AM | Show all posts
how about a passive - Respawn time is reduced by 25% + (5% - 25% depending on Rafaela's Level), and heal all nearby allies + 5% health based on Max HP

- my thoughts
Post time 2019-3-29 06:45 AM | Show all posts
Suggestion 7: When Rafaela dies, she will go up in heaven and a ray of light will shine and enemies will feel the wrath of GOD destroying all heroes, monsters and minions.

Hint: It will be WIPE OUT,but that is the last time you can play Rafaela on that game.


Post time 2019-3-29 01:12 PM | Show all posts
Nice! I agree.
my passives
1. when killed, rafa explodes in light, healing nearby allies and dealing damage to enemies.
2. when killed, just like now, she attacks her killer, but with a machine gun like chungs ultimate.
skill 2 heals allies and deals damage to the enemies.
1. a super heal.
2. alice second skill, the stun, but its a mega stun, a mega petrify.
3. gets a sword from heaven dealing damage like freya or alucard. lol
Post time 2019-8-25 08:28 PM | Show all posts
Nice idea, it seems pretty balanced to me, her passive can't kill anyone :/
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