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I'm sorry if I have to do this message by this forum thing but here I am.
Uranus was one of the most useful and most sustainable hero ever to have been created by ML. Props to you guys for creating such a stable and well balanced hero. What I don't get is why the hell change him just so that more people will play him? If anything, Uranus will be played more as a fighter or not used at all like a tank like he's suppose to be. He is just now a stupid selfish golden floating fountain fighter/mage. It's unfair that you guys listen to some phony jealous bad playing heroes(namely some angry Fannys, Gusions, Honzos, Hayabusas, etc etc) that Uranus actually counters and listens to them to change his ult when the sole purpose of this hero existing is to stop the flying Fanny. To stop the endlessly dashing Gusion. To stop the teleporting Hyabusa. And to stop the turret diving Karina. Its just so unfair to see such a good hero being changed for the majority use even though that will be the reason it will stop being played by the minority that actually likes the hero for who he is and not just some Kaja ripe-off or a secondary tank. On many occasions, I see top players globally former, or current, of Uranus critisizing the fact that Uranus was dead fine in his old version no matter what the majority of assassins thought.
Uranus was a tank. He supports and encourages teamwork among the teams he is picked in. In order for the team to be strong, he cooperates and shares and plan out strategies like your game has been featuring since the very beginning of 2016. I've been with this game so long and even though I sometimes don't understand why you nerf a hero when that hero is suppose to do alot of damage I didn't mind because a skilled player can easily bring out the potentialof that hero, nerfed or buffed. But what you've done in this update is the worst you have ever done. Giving stronger attack damge to supports? Really? I'm sure that Rafaela can now solo three people regardess if they're assassin or not now, huh? whats with all the tanks giving overpowered upgrades? I get that you are trying to give Belerick better suports but was the leap in Kaja and Uranus' moves necessary? the second move of Uranus allowed the user to calculate what time they should jump in a team fight and his instant sheild, slow immunity, and speed boost was perfect for that kind of situation. he could time it just right to secure a kill from a extremely low health hero or escape a fast retreat while potentially sheilding the slower moving marksman with his temperary sheid. the leap added to his move is equally terrible. Since it doesn't exactly activate the sheild when leaping but only after he has leaped which can cost time and easy kill for the nemy in that time frame. The leap also doesn't justify the removal of the slow immnity and the speed boost. the amount of time it takes for Uranus to leap is the same amount of time I could use the old second move and just walk to that spot just minus the extremely useful slow immunity and speed boost and instant sheild changed to after leap activated sheild.
My final complaint would be: why that useless ult?
Very nice of you to throw a useless dried up bone at us Uranus players, Moonton. After all the slow immunity removals and speed up removals and delayed sheild, you really think a stupid 20-30 second cooldown ult is gonna fix that? Our fingers aren't lightning, you know. Before we just click the second move once and we recieve both affects the new second move and the new ult does. Now Uranus can be easily stunned in that period, erased from the map, and then maybe a Gusion or Honzo would finish off the squishies. what a useless counter. after all thiscomplaining I probably have a dozen more complaints that just haven't said because I'm basically ranting to the people who see this or the rare chance of a Moonton worker seeing this. (which I highly doubt.) I will repost this if you haven't seen the number label I have put on the title. It doesn't mean I'm number one at Uranus. No.
It means I'm going to number the amount of times I will have to copy and paste this complaint until you see the reasonable reasoning behind why Uranus's supposed "Revamp/rework" is actually contradicting everything this hero stood for in the Uranus players community. For everyone complaining that Uranus is fine because he does more damage or some stupid beif like that. You can usually say those things because you really don't care, you're more of a solo player, or you think Uranus should just be gone from the dangerous hero list. Shut up and move on. Tanks aren't suppose to do solo damage, idiots. Uranus is there to protect and how the hell does he protect when he can't regenerate? How does he regenerate if he can be slowed down by the enmy team when he is trying to recover? And how the heck would he be able to recover if no enemies even hit him because he's just a brick wall at this point? How can you even be a tank whne you clearly don't need a marksman to do damage? His existemce as tank is useless. Just change him to fighter like you guys did with Kaja. Things would either be that or change him back to his original self with the small upgrades and not the rediculous ones like the change of two out of three of his moves.

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too long I want to sleep ZZZzzzzzz
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someone please read this thread for me and @starboi


I am seeking for a help. we both too lazy to read the thread  Post time 2019-4-4 05:13 AM
what are you talking about!?  Post time 2019-4-4 05:11 AM
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