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[Request] LF Guinevere expert

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Post time 2019-4-3 07:00 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Help me learn to play her.
Be my mentor
Post time 2019-4-4 01:33 PM | Show all posts
Hey bro,
Guinevere is my favorite hero right now.

Skill 1 cool down is super fast. When you use skill 1, the cool down of Skill 2 and 3 will be reduced. So, don't forget to use skill 1.

Skill 2 is the key for combo hit. You can use Skill 2 for poke or for combo. The most important thing is you need to jump to the right place in order to knock up the enemy. If you can't accidentally, you can use skill2 again to jump away from enemy.

For poke, Skill 2 (knock up)+ Basic attack+ Skill2 (jump out)

Skill 3 Ultimate: Remember. You can't use her ultimate without combo. Her ultimate only works with combo. Her ultimate can immune all cc effects.

Combo (finisher) : Skill 2 (knock up) + Ultimate + Basic attck(with passive)+ Skill 2(Jump out)+ Skill 1
That combo can finish the enemy.

By skill2, you can escape very easily from enemy. You don't need flicker. I use "execute" to finish the enemy 100% surely.
Post time 2019-4-4 04:27 PM | Show all posts
The combo i use to her is to first stack the passive then
2nd skill(knock up)>basic attack(damage is increased when knocked up) >ult>basic attack>1st skill> execute (to finish if not killed)> 2nd skill(dash if available)
my other combo is when u have no stack of passive
1st skill>2nd skill(knock up)>ult> basic attack > execute(to finish if not killed)> 2nd skill (dash if available)
the only difference in the combo is the BA after knocking up, it will greatly improve her damage if she uses her buffed BA after knocking up because you deal more damage to enemies when they're knocked up
timing of the basic attack after knocking up is kinda hard so you need to practice it also practice your aiming skill of 2nd skill to maximize the use of it
hope this one helps and for the build, the build that ChrisSummers said is good.
have a great time playing her!
Post time 2019-4-4 12:13 AM | Show all posts
any tips on the build as well as emblem?
Post time 2019-4-3 09:21 PM | Show all posts
Her most important skill is 2nd skill.
And to place it properly you need full concentration and you also need to predict enemy movement. I think selena player can play her well.I use execute spell. So even if they survive my 2nd skill+Ultimate, i finish them with execute.


alpha players are pretty good with her too  Post time 2019-4-4 12:47 AM
Post time 2019-4-3 10:36 PM | Show all posts
i could probably teach you. i have 142 matches and a 85.8% wr. but im located in america and i already have two apprentices


I believe your both in the same country.  Post time 2019-4-4 05:42 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-4 12:34 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
ChrisSummers replied at 2019-4-3 10:36 PM
i could probably teach you. i have 142 matches and a 85.8% wr. but im located in america and i alrea ...

I am also from the US of the motherfkin A :D

Based out of Georgia

IGN is AnnaNovotna


hahaha does it matter!? she is just asking for help with Guinevere LOLS  Post time 2019-4-4 05:44 AM
whats your rank and stats. do you play carry a lot. what role are you best at. here's my build: arcane shoes, calamity reaper, concentrated energy, holy crystal, devils tears, bloodwings  Post time 2019-4-4 01:03 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-4 05:25 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
AnnaStrasza replied at 2019-4-4 12:34 AM
I am also from the US of the motherfkin A :D

Based out of Georgia

I mostly play Estes or Valir.
Do I get carried? Don’t know. I put my 100% every time.
Win some lose lot more :(


also im looking at your profile rn. and i think i might know why you're losing. you have the same problem a lot of lower tier players have: your builds are a mess. but i can probably fix that for you  Post time 2019-4-4 10:09 AM
if you have discord, add me ChrisSummers#3450. also im gonna send you a friend request in game  Post time 2019-4-4 10:05 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-4 10:08 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-29 12:17 AM

I did ok today for a Guin newb hahah

Thanks guys.
Mush appreciate the guidance and support.
Will be practicing a lot in classic before I do more ranked.

How can I record my gameplay and post on YouTube?
Was thinking of recording and sharing it so
I can request feedback.
I using iPhone X
Post time 2019-4-5 01:33 PM | Show all posts
Edited by CossetteGeeGee at 2019-4-5 01:38 PM

Here is my personal Tip or Advise on Guinevere, when playing with Guinevere specially in Ranked games. Allies expect Guinevere to be a Fighter and not just the Mage. I use Guinevere as a Fighter and I use Fighter build, when I mean Fighter Build it doesn't mean Physical Build, Guinevere's is still strong with magical items or magic damage. When using Fighter build I don't just go Full Magcial items, I replace 2 of my items for 1 def item and 1 attack speed or crit item, so that Guinevere can be strong as a melee Hero.
My Fighter (Hybrid Build) with Guinevere; Concentrated Energy, Arcane Boots, Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, Necklace of Endurance, Scarlet Phantom, and Blood wings.
Con Energy, Wings of Apo Queen, and Blood wings will serve as a defense items for Guinevere, this way not even combo or assassin can kill Guinevere immediately, and it will keep her sustained on team fights. As for scarlet phantom it give her attack speed and crit damage, it's so to increase the damage she deals and cooperate with her passive. But you can always replace it with another Magical Item or maybe items like Wind Talker or Corrosion Sythe, increasing her Attack Speed will make it easier to get her passive. Wing of the Apo Queen is my favorite def item cause you'll increase you HP and be able to Dive Turrets with your combo. But in serious cases according to the type of damage the enemy deals, change it to different items such as Physicsl Def items or Magical Def items.

My tip in early game, prioritize Concentrated Energy, it will keep you sustained in early game, you'll barely recall with this item and could alway just kill jungle monsters or minions to regenerate HP.

Warning: this is My Build for Guinevere as Fighter Build (meaning she also be strong as a melee), if you don't know how to be a fighter then I suggest not using it.
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