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[Hero Balance] A list of things that need nerfs/buffs.

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Edited by aferli at 2019-4-14 06:45 PM

Those ideas were suggested by me on the MLBB-Discord and have gotten positive ratings, so I've decided to put em on the forums.A general rule that MLBB-Designers lack is that only Support/Tanks should only have a longer CC than any Fighter/Assassin/Mage/Marksman.   
Franco is a need of a buff in form of reducing the insane mana cost on hook, let it go through minions and make it more viable. The current state of France is that his hooks are not working when they should have hit.
Lesley honestly just deserve to be nerfed, her passive range is insane and the damage being multiplied is too high. It is x1,3 rn, reduce it to x1,15 and reduce the range a bit. She can already get kills easily due to her ultimate.
Angela, same as Lesley, deserves to be nerfed. Reduce the ultimates shield from 1200 to 1000, reduce the slow on her root skill to 50%, and please reduce the stacks from 5 --> 4. She is way to good and almost impossible to kill when she is in a MM or Tank. And make her ult interrupted by autoattacks.   
Esmerelda is in a dire need of a nerf, should never be dealing more damage and tank against 3 people.
Kimmy, her autoattacks + mobility is OP and broken, if your team doesn't have a CC, reduce either the attack speed or movement speed.   
Miya, reduce the attack speed gained from the passive.
Fanny, add a short cooldown on her cable, to reduce the spam.
Sun, reduce the attribute on the clones to 25%, having 180% of the total damage from Sun+Clones bashing on anyone is literally insane to think of, especially with certain items that provide lifesteal.
Ruby, make her stun actually be 0.5 secs and not 1s. MartisReduce the slow from 70% to 40% and reduce the duration from 2s --> 1s.
Gord, overall nerf to his bouncing ball (reducing stun duration) and a 10% damage reduction/removal of slow on ult, it literally feels like being stunned for more than a second, which is all he needs to nuke you down.
Martis, slow reduction from 70% --> 40% + duration reduction from 2s --> 1s, he does not need extreme slows to kill people.
Vanir's Flames damage reduced when they hit on the edge by 25%, it is 100% more damage due to how the ability works.
Alucard, a) range of pursuit decreased, lifesteal on ult decreased, should not blink to 1-5 people at the same time or b) add a cooldown to passive (1s).
Guinevere, get rid of her clone or make it take x4 more damage, nerf her knockup bonus damage, nerf the slow from 70% to 40% on her projectile, she is impossible to play against once you are in her combo.
All non-tanks/supports, CC abilities: CC lasts for 1s and CD is 7.5s+, Tanks and Supports are lacking the damage to kill anything, while as certain heroes have the damage to kill anyone with their CC's.

Some gameplay changes:

More Sacred Statues.

Remove the goddamn limit on howmany people you can follow, thnks.

Balance Classic by Rank please, so that Warriors play against Warriors.

Permaban Feeders in Ranked for the current season, and if they get a lot of reports in Classic too, then they should recieve an 12h ban.


Add a little jungle in Brawl, to make flanks a thing, some heroes are literally useless without flanking.  

Another thing to Brawl mode, it is unplayable without a proper balance, it is just stupid to play against 3-4 Mages while you got no Mages and just Marksman and Melee heroes. Additionally buff melee XP gain in brawl.

Related collections:

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PoorDracula replied at 2019-4-14 02:24 PM
miya has enough dmg and attack speed but escape using ult is weird
alu can catch up but he will b ...

It is her only tool to do so, and it usually screws up target selection, since she goes completely invisible.

Correction, Alucard will catch up.

Angela is too useful right now, a nerf won't make her useless, it will make her more vulnerable. You can literally play Angela very aggressively and can get away with it once you have your ult.

So what if her passive already got nerfed and what if every MM with full build is dangerous? Lesley can trigger her passive every 2s with her s1. Clint clearly does not deal 3k, the highest I've seen was 2.2k and Irithel is the same as Clint.

Martis doesn't deserve a 70% slow, if he has abilities that catch up or CC the enemy.

 Author| Post time 2019-4-14 03:21 AM | Show all posts
PoorDracula replied at 2019-4-14 12:50 AM
miya and alu needs buffs
angela 1st skill healing amount is not so good as estes even rafaela
and he ...

I honestly do not know why you think Miya would need a buff, she has enough damage, escape (with her ult) and has the highest attack speed. Additionally Alucard doesn't need a buff, each of his skills can catch up with the enemy, as mentioned earlier, some heroes have either non or only one.

The issue with Angela is not her healing, its about her usefulness in every game, she provides speed/shield and that allows or a lot of broken things, also she is hard to kill.

Do you even play Lesley? Give her any full build and she just goes wild. Also Clint and Irithel do not have a higher damage than her.

It is not hard to catch up with people as Martis, it is hard to get away from Martis.

"Gord is so squishy and no mobility", most mages are squishy and not every mage has a stun that lasts as long as Gords.

Post time 2019-4-10 06:36 AM | Show all posts
Post time 2019-4-10 10:49 AM | Show all posts
i agree with some, disagree with some.. i guess.. haha xD
Post time 2019-4-10 11:31 AM | Show all posts
I agree with most of them.
Thanks for sharing this in forum
One thing i wanna mention is, i think miya needs buff.
We will submit this to mlbb official. Thank you.
Post time 2019-4-10 11:39 AM | Show all posts
Nothing to argue with


Why not? Because those nerfs seem mostly reasonable or do you disagree yet don't want to say anything?  Post time 2019-4-11 02:20 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-10 12:43 PM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-4-10 11:31 AM
I agree with most of them.
Thanks for sharing this in forum
One thing i wanna mention is, i think mi ...

Miya doesn't need a buff, I could give at least 3 reasons why.

#1, She wins in most 1v1s
#2, Her ult makes her untargettable, which can also result in 2+ kills.
#3, Her Freezing Arrows forces the enemy MM to move or get frozen.
Post time 2019-4-10 03:06 PM | Show all posts
Miya needs agility or dash !!!


Regarding this, I disagree, Miya can vanish and its kinda one of the strongest escapes if used correctly.  Post time 2019-4-11 02:22 AM
Post time 2019-4-10 10:02 PM | Show all posts
Sun is already a meme in higher rank. He has already been nerf on damage twice now so he is fine.
Post time 2019-4-10 10:48 PM | Show all posts
i love the franco buff a lot man
 Author| Post time 2019-4-10 11:10 PM | Show all posts
Edited by aferli at 2019-4-11 12:36 AM
Staufferboy replied at 2019-4-10 10:02 PM
Sun is already a meme in higher rank. He has already been nerf on damage twice now so he is fine.

Just because a hero is a joke/meme in higher ranks doesn't mean that the hero is bad, in some cases a hero sees less playtime due to other heroes being more OP than the other. Kimmy also doesn't have a high pickrate.

Also updated the list.

The detail:

Brawl is literally unplayable, fix the hero balance there so that people dont have to face 4 mages.
+ Tanks are absolutely UP in Brawl, buff em there, they are ALWAYS 1-3 levels below EVERYONE.
Franco's hook is the most buggy skill ever, that requires a FIX.
Gord's stun duration on his ball should be reduced and damage reduction/removal of slow on ultimate.
Martis slow reduction from 70% --> 40% and 2s --> 1s.
Vanir's Flames damage reduced when they hit on the edge by 25%.
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