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[Item Balance] Item Balancing - Abused Passives

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Post time 2019-4-20 01:57 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by ryans46 at 2019-4-22 08:51 PM

Ah S! Here I go again, (pun intended). Ok jokes aside, I'll try to start posting suggestions again and see if it will be ignored again or not.
As the title said, It is about Item Passives that Can Be Abused.

Demon Hunter Sword (Editted) -
Physical Dmg Increase to 60
Attack Speed Increase to 35%
Reduce Dmg Scaling from 9% to 7% of Enemy's HP or add a Cooldown of 0.3 Sec to it.

True Dmg Items -
Increase CD from 1.5 Sec to 2 Sec

Ice Queen Wand -
Reduce Slow from 15% to 10%, Increase Stacks from 2 to 3 Stacks which Lasts from 3 Sec to 2 Sec.

That is all, I also want other items to be buffed but I'm only focusing on these Items today as they can make Certain Heroes More Powerful than intended.

 Author| Post time 2019-4-21 08:23 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-4-21 01:34 AM
demon hunter already nerfed.
It was %10 and nobody was buying demon hunter.
It became populer with c ...

I considered it too but as I've stated in the Ice Queen Wand part, Moonton seems to have a "Hard" time Balancing them. That's why I suggested this instead so that they will consider Nerfing them Properly than this (little Psychology, my friend, if they will took the Bait then Players will Unite and what happens to Martis will happen to these heroes, a quick nerf).
Heroes that bothers me using this Items are:
Karrie - DHS takes care if you have Full Health while True Dmg takes care of the rest
Claude - DHS deals MORE DMG than basic attack? What the...
Roger - Wolf Form deals extra Dmg based on HP paired with DHS = HP Drain
Kimmy - !!!! Deals Continouos Basic Attack = DHS Passive Abuse

That is all, thanks for the feedback. I'll Edit the Post later (maybe buff Dmg in exchange for HP based Dmg)
Post time 2019-4-20 06:17 PM | Show all posts
demon hunter is so op because golden staff(and passive of hero) but its the only use for golden staff (to combo with demon hunter)I yet to see a top players build with golden staff but not with demon hunter I believe its because crit is an important way to deal alot of damage and sacrificing something like that for attack speed is a huge drawback even for a high dps hero because max attack speed is not rewarding if there isn't power behind it.

true damage items..there are three of them and all them are very viable depending on role but breaking through all defences will be game 'breaking' if not for a drawback and 2 secs cooldown is one way you could do it

Ice queen i thought people forgot about this and this would remaining my secret weapon when using cyclops,valir and aurora(which is ironic since she is a ice queen).Slows are always annoying and sometimes deadly I mean look at Angela's skill 1 but i don't think 15% slow makes a big difference i mainly use it to land my skills and get way more effectively with cyclopes skill 2,but of course it would add on to other slows and make retreating or chasing kills difficult
 Author| Post time 2019-4-20 07:58 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Rexsamz replied at 2019-4-20 06:17 PM
demon hunter is so op because golden staff(and passive of hero) but its the only use for golden staf ...

I get your point BUT my Point is about Abussive Passives. Let me explain why:

DHS isn't for most Marksmen as they rely more on Power and Crit is the Highest form of Power in the Game. The only thing about it is that it Counter's almost all Tanks and makes their HP useless and paired with Heroes that rely on Atk Speed = Quick Death. Karrie and Claude are an excelent examples.

True Dmgs are really Game Breaker as well as %HP Dmgs. It makes Tanks practically useless. That's why we should minimize it.

Ice Queen Wand is a Very Helpful Item to Mages that have Low CD skills BUT because of this One Certain Hero who can Abuse her 1st Skill that deals Continouos Magic Dmg, it's just getting a special mention here. Moonton can't properly nerf her that's why this Item should be the one to be nerfed to prevent her and other heroes in the far future that deals countinouos magic dmg.


ohh of course  Post time 2019-4-21 01:15 AM
Nope, Kimmy  Post time 2019-4-20 10:29 PM
Angela am i right?  Post time 2019-4-20 08:15 PM
Post time 2019-4-21 01:34 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-4-21 04:45 PM | Show all posts
Dhs is op Because of golden stuff as another user mentioned.
Dhs itself is not op. So you need to consider this.
Other suggestion are not bad.
Post time 2019-4-22 08:55 AM | Show all posts
Are you not using those items???


I'm using these Items though not on Heroes that can Abuse it.  Post time 2019-4-22 08:44 PM
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