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[Item Balance] Buff For Wizard Boots

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Post time 2019-4-21 04:34 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by TheLtCaptain at 2019-4-27 07:19 PM

Wizard Boots Change :
•Unique Passive "Support"
-> Awarded 30 ADDITIONAL gold "Tank or Support Role" for an assist.
->15 LESS gold (than normal) for "Tank or Support Role"  for a kill.

edit : just changed some grammar and words
Post time 2019-4-21 05:25 AM | Show all posts
Nice suggestion.
I also think this item needs buff.
Post time 2019-4-21 05:30 AM | Show all posts
That's weird.. Why it should be minus? Why not for Tank/Support allow to kill the enemy?

Well yes, as a Tank or Support is not their main job as damage dealer. In a team, when your damage dealer couldn't finish the enemy, but at the same time you as a tank/support got a chance to finish it, but didn't get reward gold but minus. It's like.. Wtf!

I'm using wizard boots for some of my tank & support heroes. Of course I used it legitly for extra gold, you know right because tank or support can't jungle, and I used this item, so I can buy the item & do quick build. Just let say I use wizard boots on my Kaja, and I get the most kill, just because I have a chance to do it. Is that my mistake when I can kill the enemy?

My opinion about your suggestion for this item.. Remove the option 2, that "minus" thing. It's better I got nothing than minus gold after killing the enemy. And the option 1 can still remain.
 Author| Post time 2019-4-21 05:54 AM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2019-4-21 05:30 AM
That's weird.. Why it should be minus? Why not for Tank/Support allow to kill the enemy?

Well yes,  ...

the point of this is to reduce these kill stealer tank and support. I know it's bad because it reduce the gold gain from kill but the extra minus is mostly won't make a big difference it's just mean you become kill securer and the reason is already said before

the plus side about is to appreciate support and tank more that have a lot of assists, many assists are needed because in my mind this buff will make tank and support won't totally fall behind like 2k-3k gold behind the carry

Let's just say you get this 2-0-15 KDA and doing math, we will get a total of 1800 from wizard boots assists alone and around 360(-40 from 2 kills) from kills

the main thing about this is to make people to realize and know especially for low elo that they need to make the last hit kill for the carry and not for tank and support.Even if they did get the kill, they will remind themself it's for kill securer and the many assists they will get will overcome the -20 from their golds

still if you still disagree, I can reduce it to -10 gold for kill for other solution
Post time 2019-4-21 06:55 AM | Show all posts
No Sense. It means that the player tank or support can not kill the enemy, even if he does not see another exit, because he will be "punished" in a certain way, losing a farm...

As much as it seems that tanks and supports do not use farm, they still need to buy items ... I do not know if you know this, and 20 coins lost can make a lot of difference ...


also wtf you mean by "losing a farm..." are you telling me you're one of those tank that's jungling thinking you're a carry LMAO  Post time 2019-4-23 10:23 AM
 Author| Post time 2019-4-21 07:34 AM | Show all posts
ShinkaJunsui replied at 2019-4-21 06:55 AM
No Sense. It means that the player tank or support can not kill the enemy, even if he does not see a ...

I don't mean for them to unable to kill the enemy but it's more of supporting them to get more assist then kill and assist is the easiest thing to get which is just like cast or basic attack is already enough to get an assist

Most of Tank and Support also doesn't have many kills but instead, they have a lot of assists. What I basically saying is this is to support them to get more assist rather than kill and most of the time it will end up as kill steal BUT as I said for last resort you can secure the kill yourself

remember tank is there for soaking damage and cc enemy's while support is supporting team, you're main point is to be in team fight as much as possible to get the assists for you and aiming to get a kill FOR your carry
Post time 2019-4-21 10:45 AM | Show all posts
Lol, an item that discourage you from killing. Poor Kaja, can't collect kills anymore.


You forgot, he has dual citizenship haha  Post time 2019-4-22 08:00 AM
Post time 2019-4-21 03:11 PM | Show all posts
please appreciate tankers and supports are willing to take this role rather than taking damage dealer like you. It's your fault not able to get the last hit , don't put the blame on them and "punish" them for doing so.

Tankers and supports are already hard to get yet you still give so much trouble for all these small things.

Tell me, which famous tanker from pro team that you know and you watch their stream or gameplay? chances are low , but when looking for damage dealers (carry) , you know a plenty because most of you just wanna be the damage dealer and push the responsibility of tanker/support to other ppl and if the game lose , you blame tanker?(yes majority) , if you win the game you take the credit for yourself.

**These is how they force me to use tanker and carry the team XD
Post time 2019-4-21 06:30 PM | Show all posts
there goes all of helcurts ult assist
 Author| Post time 2019-4-22 12:41 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Rexsamz replied at 2019-4-21 06:30 PM
there goes all of helcurts ult assist

The assist won't affect Assassin role, it's just add new unique effect for Tank and Support role


oh I might of read that wrong sorry  Post time 2019-4-22 01:30 AM
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