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[Talk With Developer] Feedback&Reward Board[The previous~05.30](Dev Reply 06.05)

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Developers have been paying attention to MLBB's community feedback. Thank you for your feedback.
If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact the customer service department in the game lobby or just post a message in the forum to let us know what you think.
For those with advanced server accounts, play games and experience the game regularly, and feedback will pay off. Although those who do not have an advance server account, please pay attention to the account page, we will open it from time to time.

If you want to see the previous one, please take a look:[Talk With Developer] Feedback&Reward Board[past~04.18](Dev Reply 04.25)

5.10 - 5.30

Allow people to make simple local tournaments in-app.You already have a contest tab to put the feature. The tournament creators canset the location of the tournament with the already available street feature orthrough some invite code. The tournament creators should pay a specific amountof diamonds. The prizes won in the tournament scales with the amount ofdiamonds payed by the tournment makers. This will let small groups of peoplelike schools host events on campuses or just some random people who want togive diamonds/prizes by hosting tournaments. This will be game-changing forMobile Legends e-sports. People can go join the tournaments solo, or by squad.

------We are in progress of making an all-new tournament at the moment, please stay tuned.

have aseperate que for solo and party rank, cause some are boosted
Make an option insettings where players can toggle Strict Solo Matchmaking. This optionseperates them from duos and trios. Solo players need this.

------This may enhance everyone's matchmaking experience, we will arrange professionals tostudy this idea.

since players might be getting bored with the design ot theme for mobile legend, whynot make some theme, joystick available on the shop that is around 50 - 100diamonds.

------We are in plan to try out already, please stay tuned.

Please upload a video or mv for your 515 united theme song in you YOUTUBE channel, sowe can know who are the singers, at the same time you are promoting them too,isn't that a win-win situation?

------We've already done that, you may watch the MV through this link:

Lolita's Guardian's Bulwark: This shield is so buggy.. sometimes Guardian's Bulwarkdoesn't work or blocks projectile.. so i wanna suggest to make her skillworking fine..

------We have technicians putting a lot of effort to develop an all new calculationalready, just so Lolita's shield can block more accurately, we are testing itourselves too, please stay tuned.

make kadita immune to khufra's ball state... Or should I say, fix the bug. It's notabout buffing her by doing this. According to kadita's skill description, sheshould be immune to cc when she cast her skill1, though she is not knocked upby khufra, but this is still a form of cc that makes her to be 'displaced'...Please fix this, this is not a buff suggestion

------We will arrange to fix it, thank you for your feedback.

Please release Kadita skin already!

------Please stay tuned

Selena's zodiac skin: change the attached "abyssal mark" on enemies with agemini mark.

------A very good idea, we will consider it.

-To make paintedskins purchasable using rare or premium frags. Or at least 30000 magic dusteach. chikendoge
-To exchange magicdust for a permanent border, recall effect, BP, etc.
-To be able todonate magic dust to other players 5:1 ratio

------Please stay tuned

When people get banned and are not able to login, show the ban reason on the screenso they at least know why their account have been banned. It would be much moreconvenient as a lot of people think they are now being banned for no reason.And if they get banned with a legitimate reason they can at least know whatthey shouldn't do next time.
For example a lotof people ask if customisable joysticks are bannable, which they are, but somepeople don't seem to know this and don't understand why they got banned.
Just show a banreason on the login screen.

------We will consider adding this feature, thank you for your feedback.

Please fix faramis ult visual effect!!! Wolf form of dead roger and abyssal form ofdead selena, also ghost form of hanzo in his ultimate have their own colorinstead of his ultimate's color... Please fix this, this is a funny bug, a joke

------We will check whether this problem exists or not, if it does exists, we will fixit.

Allow UPGRADING of old skins to LATEST skins. Because if we buy the new ones, the oldwould literally be USELESS. I have seen this UPGRADE with Diggie. I hope to seeit with GROCK's Venom (and other upcoming skins) previously purchased skin.

------Please stay tuned

you can only buy 1 pair of boots so people cant troll that way

------Please stay tuned

5.02 - 5.09

add anitem that allows you to expand the squad slots. 9 members is too small, atleastlet us buy something that lets us get more slots for more friends

------Thank you for your feedback, we will take that into account.

Increase star protection when MVP loss

------Thank you for your feedback, we will take that into account.

Make FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and make it easy to access.
Many player,usually newer and/or below epic, doesnt know basic thing in game.
For example,many player, even sometimes in legend, doesnt know that maximum Cooldown is 40%. And many more.

------We have made similar FAQs on social media platforms, of course after this we willalso consider making a better and more complete Question and Answermechanism.

Please remove the girl section in streamers. That is point out sexist to give femalesa section and not for males. Everyone is acting like a girl because of that. Sodisappointing.
------We will optimise the streaming function soon. Please stay tuned.

During announcement update and reading patch note in-game, can you make theheroes'name font not red? It is readable but painful to the eyes.

------This does make reading it take a bit more effort, thank you for your feedback, wewill optimise it.

Change the font colour for required emblem/stardust. Almost illegible and really hurtsmy eyes. Stop forcing us to take unnecessary Color blind test.

------Thank you for your feedback, we will optimise these fonts.

Please add Khmer Channel to the Public Chat Channel.

------We are currently working on this, but it may take a while more, please stay tuned.

Brawl should also have Leaderboards for FUN. And other Modes too if possible.

------Thank you for your feedback, we will take that into consideration.

Make Ravage Mode permanent on the Original Server like Survival
It looks too goodthan to be a useless thing that you can play once every 3 months.

------Thank you for your support, we will keep track of its statistics, if the situationremains well, we will consider your suggestion.

As mentioned in Rafaela's first skill, her damage will stack, but we don't knowhow much stacks the enemy has, my suggestion is to add an icon above theenemies head when they are hit by rafa's first skill. In other words, makesomething like Angela's, so you can clearly see how many stacks the enemy has,so you can estimate the next damage you deal(because keep referring to theskill descriptions isn't a good way of playing)

----------Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it.

Change Uranus Chapter 3 Mastery Code. I don't think that it is even possible to dobecause when I am near stack of 4 ionic edge on an enemy, they rather diequickly before adding additional stacks or I need to flee because my regen isnot sustainable to keep me alive for all the damage taken.

-----------Thank you for your feedback, we have made arrangements to look into the completionstatistics for this task. In case the average completion rate for this task isnot very high, we will then consider lowering its difficulty.

please fix Granger’s sound when he dies. He says “my guitar case”, while in the storyhe said it’s a violin.

-----------Thank you for your feedback, we will make arrangements to fix it as soon as possible.

Please do not remove the old starlight skins from what I've saw from the patch notes.I'm a free to play player and I only have 185 rare skin fragments. I want toget Miya's starlight but looks like I'm too late

-------------We will change the rotation for the skins available in the shop. In case youmissed the opportunity to exchange for the skin you wanted, in the followingrotations, it will be available again.

4.26 - 5.01

Cancel Button when Swapping in Rank Mode

Cancel button when swapping (draft pick) cuz sometimes some players accidentally clicked and lose their hero ... (sry fr bad english)

------Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it.

More Interaction Dialogues between Characters

The new dialogues for Esmeralda and Khufra are really nice. Its cool seeing heroes interact with eachother. I think people would enjoy it alot more with more heroes such as me find my brother?" line and will be replaced with something like "I when Guinevere is matched with Lancelot she wont have her "Will you help finally found you beloved Lancelot".

------We're glad to hear that players like such interactions among heroes, we will consider doing this in the future.

People filing reports over the most rediculous and more often than not, hypocritical things. Then that person that's being reported, ends up being penalized over unjustified complaints. Just a short while ago, I was reported for feeding and penalized with a stiff warning. Yet, I only had 4 deaths more than 3 of those that had more than likely made the darn complaints.

------Stay tuned, we are now improving it.

Suggesting to include an "Invisible mode" in the friend list. (main UI). so one can open ML without getting a bunch of in game invites. It should look like on another player's view that a friend is offline. and this should default to "online" when logging into the game.I sometimes login just to view items, or look at the shop.
We could reject easily the game invites but sometimes its a person thats hard to say no coz you've been good friends and dont want the other person to feel bad in any way.

------We're worry that adding this invisible feature would make others no longer able to see their friends' online status, but this feature does seem useful in some ways. We'll introduce this in a better way. As for "special friend", it is quite a good suggestion, we will consider it.

Give us the option to invite an enemy player after a match

------Great idea, we will try to add this feature as fast as possible.

I think the best way to explain player skill is using the average grade instead of Winrate. Because solo player will have low winrate although they have great skill. So please the best way to represent is using average grade for example  Esmeralda 500 match average grade 9.2 etc.

------Thank you for your feedback, we will consider it

After reworking and remodelling many heroes and skins, this game is getting much and much nicer. My suggestion is that it is time to rework some tags of heroes' specialities:
Alucard: remove "crowd control"
Balmond: remove "crowd control"
Ruby: add "charge"
Rafaela: add "crowd control" and also buff her a little to match with this new tag
badang: remove "burst", add "crowd control" isn't his passive with full atk spd an endless stun?
chou: remove "charge" add "crowd control", hey he is the cc king... why isn't this stated?
irithel: add "burst" guinevere: I don't know what to remove but "crowd control" is definitely her speciality, maybe u can nerf her, so she don't enjoy one tag of the current ones(yup, this is undeniable that she fits to many tags=OP)

------It does sound right, we will plan to update the heroes' tags.

What if the skin benefits are changed from giving +8 physical / magical or +100 hp to + 20% BP, + 20% EXP, +5% Star Protection Points, and +5% Star Raising Points. And after the maximum level, the skin benefits will change to + 30% BP, + 10% Star Protection Points, and + 10% Star Raising Points. For Mythic players and other mode, the skin benefit changes to + 40% - + 50% BP.

------Thanks for your feedback, currently, starlight membersalready have this benefit, at the same time we will consider your suggestiontoo.

4.19  -  4.25

WhenWatching Stream make an option where we're able to buy the hero we're watchingwith BP instead only able to buy it through Diamonds
--------Thankyou for your feedback
And plzadd a option to report players as "racist" this game has a become aracism game, there is insult not only to region or caste but also religions,people insult each other's religion just for the sake of a single game, thismust be fixed asap(as slow as possible as in your case)
Thankyou for your feedback, we will slowly optimize our censorship mechanism, wewill also take religion factors into our consideration

Canwe have sound/voice like protect [Hero Name], protect tower, protect base, andalso quick chat to have sound it would be nice. For sorry quick chat, to havesound too.

------Thankyou for your feedback, we are starting to consider optimizing the language ofthis part

Some people are uploading nudity pics in their album. I just opened a naughty boysprofile and unfortunately, saw his album in public. Don't want to tell wht happenedtheir aftee that. Moonton do something

------We will proceed stricter examination, and will give harsher punishment to playerswhom uploaded inpropriate photos

please make punishment more harsh in Conquest of Dawn, as u can see conquest of dawnonly comes 1 per week differ than rank and classic when u can play anytime. ifu do so, they gonna think again if they gonna afk or leave. like reduce 50point or less.

------We will observe the data of Conquest of Dawn, and consider whether to create apunishment system exclusively for the event or not

the ability to gift emotes to friends, like emote packs of all types and singleemotes
It can be used toexpress friendship

------Pleasestay tuned

do atutorial on ganking and lane cutting

------Pleasestay tuned

It’s incredibly hard to aim with his ulti whenyour you have to aim anywhere from south to south west on your screen.
If they make his ultimate’s viewpoint like Yinsub shin’s and Gatot’s it’ll be much more “proper”.
------Thankyou for your feedback

Plsadd and indicator for chang'e's passive
------Thankyou for your feedback

Isuggest making kimmy's basic attack bullets and/or first skill bullets purple,because you can see it obviously in her entrance scene, she is"attacking" herself with purple liquid, but the projectiles turns upbeing yellow hmm
------Thankyou for your feedback, we will consider it.

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I see many good suggestions have been ignored. Disappointing.   
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Ok! Thanks moonton team
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What if the skin benefits are changed from giving +8 physical / magical or +100 hp to + 20% BP, + 20% EXP, +5% Star Protection Points, and +5% Star Raising Points. And after the maximum level, the skin benefits will change to + 30% BP, + 10% Star Protection Points, and + 10% Star Raising Points. For Mythic players and other mode, the skin benefit changes to + 40% - + 50% BP.
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Edited by starboi at 2019-5-8 02:37 PM

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LOLS inactive and playing poor, but we won and I was the MVP of that match. DAMN! I did not go on AFK nor I played poorly obviously.


I'm sorry for the caps lock, I don't have time to redo it.

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I see many good suggestions have been ignored.
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This is kinda a dieaster if good suggestions by people are being ignored, kinda shows that MLBB needs better Developers.
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@AshleyQian Please check this thread and THANK YOU. ... id=70216&extra=
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starboi replied at 2019-5-8 02:31 PM

TF how you get reported when you are mvp? I didn't even know that's possible.


It only proves that they need to work on the reporting system  Post time 2019-5-10 07:12 AM
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ratul547 replied at 2019-5-6 08:32 PM
I see many good suggestions have been ignored. Disappointing.

True. SIGH
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I have some suggestions, the developers should put an option whether to toggle on and off the fixed position on Kimmy's auto attack wheel in the next update.
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