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[Unclassified] Hanzo guide pls??

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After several V.S. A.I. Brawl matches with the use of a double bp card, I've finally bought him~. Can u guys give me more tips or can u cite a link of a guide? What are his core items beside Demon Hunter Sword? What assassin emblem talent should I use? Ty.

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Edited by Kukangz at 2019-5-6 04:57 PM

I believe you can utilize a search feature to look for a guide before creating a new thread about a hero guide.
But I found one anyway, you can look at

for [Forum Original Content] Hanzo guide, and of course, you can use the search feature to get more information and discussion about Hanzo.

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search on youtube! lots of build and gameplay from the pro player
Post time 2019-5-6 11:23 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ag273n at 2019-5-6 11:33 PM

this is my Build:
(in Order) Corrosion Scythe, Rapid Boots, Demon Hunter Sword, Hunter Strike, Endless Battle, Blade of despair
I start with corrosion scythe early, so when I get to level 4 and I start having targets, they will have a difficult time to escape because of the slow effect.
My emblem is still in level 38 and here's my allocation
+3 for Bravery (for additional Physical damage)
+1 for Spell Vamp, so at least the soul form can get a bit more health (you can use others for this instead)
then talent is set to Bounty Hunter - so you get more gold on every kill

Spell is sprint - use this for either defense or offense to chase enemies trying to escape

I start with the buff on level 1, either side is ok, sometimes I go to the enemy jungle and steal their buff. if someone finds me, I immediately sprint. by the time the buff gets fully digested I get level 2, then I cast my skill 2 to the minions in the lane, and just standby close so I start collecting demon blood. Stay away from enemies trying to poke you. Hanzo is really soft so play him in a defensive way. after the minions get cleared, go to the beetle or the lizard, hit 5 basic attacks, then run to the crab and eat it. This way, you stay away from enemies who may be waiting for an ambush by the crab. Never be careless and walk around the map if your HP is like 30%. Hanzo is not too difficult to kill. Then go to the minions and again cast skill 2. Demon blood should be full now, so go inside the turret and use skill 3. find the squishiest enemy on the same lane and do your best to kill this enemy. If your enemy manages to escape, that's ok, he'll be forced to retreat or transfer a lane. now, if there are two enemies, be watchful of your demon blood levels, if one is almost dead, but your demon blood is too low to cast a skill, dont be too greedy just cancel your ult. If your body gets pulled and theres two or more damage dealers, you'll likely die first. Dont be either Foolish or too Greedy.
Also remember if your spirit form gets killed, your body gets stunned so always stay inside your turret or find a spot where no one discovers you easily when you use skill 3. if someone discovers you while you're stunned, you become a free kill. The stun is long and there's a slow effect right after, you really become vulnerable in this state...

Ignore tanks they're just annoying. Always prioritize targets in this order: MM, Support, Mage, Assassin, Fighter, then tank. Only kill tanks if theres no one else left to kill. Your job as an assassin is to suppress enemy damage dealers from progressing so always prioritize them.

Some good Natalia's will prioritize you as a target so be Very cautious if an enemy picks natalia. Gussion too can turret dive alone.  

Hanzo's are the best at farming so use this to your advantage, always farm when there's something on the jungle so you can be ahead of your enemies. if you level gap them by 2 higher then that's good, your skills will hurt more. Your spirit form can reach half the map, I sometimes attack enemies far away so if I get stunned, they wont find me easily, but don't be foolish to do this when your demon blood is not full. if you don't press again your skill 3, your body gets pulled so that's bad.  
Always look for minions so your passive gets full and in team fights, stay behind so you're protected.
and if you start noticing enemies are moving towards your body, immediately cancel Skill 3 and Sprint to safety. You can use skill 2 in human form to slow down enemies chasing you.

if you follow this guide, you will be an effective Hanzo.
Post time 2019-5-7 02:14 AM | Show all posts
Edited by TamagoEgg at 2019-5-7 02:29 AM

I play semi-tank hanzo.

1 boot of your choice, DHS, blade of 7 seas(or corrosion scythe) and 3 tank items base on the enemy composition. + Sprint spell + Assassin Emblem. 3 to speed, 3 to penetration and 1 to lv.20 talent.

This build playstyle is much suitable for higher tier rank game.
Hes tanky, irritating, poke enemy badly and his shadow state first skill deals a fixed amount of enemy HP%, no item can raise this damage except for Bo7s.

My playstyle is to farm and poke enemy. His ulti CD is really low, so just ulti > 2nd skill > 1st skill > ulti to return back. Continue what you are doing until ulti is back up, poke again. A successful combo normally takes down 60% of enemy health. Just poke them twice and they are dead.
Being tanky makes you unkillable too! You don't have to be afraid of Natalia, gusion, Karina, fanny. You can even fight them in your main body state!

Tip for you:
With this build, if your main body is being attack while you're in shadow-state and not far away, don't ult back, fight the person attacking your body with the shadow and stay close to your body, so whoever is attacking you can't hero lock on your body.


my build isn't tanky, but I get more kills. easily eliminate enemies :D  Post time 2019-5-7 08:17 AM
Post time 2019-5-7 07:22 AM | Show all posts
Attack Speed is a must I think.


I see, I don't know bro hahaha I just saw it with one of my opponents and he's good. I haven't bought Hanzo haha  Post time 2019-5-7 09:34 AM
I used to have that kind of build too, - with windtalker, but I find it reduces damage.  Post time 2019-5-7 08:18 AM
Post time 2019-5-7 01:02 PM | Show all posts
There you go, forum already has very good hanzo guide and also @ag273n build is good you can follow.
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