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[Gameplay] What the Matter with jungle (or even the game)

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Hello everyone on this forum, Aither here back again to this forum.. it has been long break from MLBB i guess 2 or 3 month hmm.. whatever. Nothin from me was important after all... Why do i even make this intro

I actually have this idea for long time but just can't get the time cause my highscool study and just need a bit more tryhard to catch up with other. anyway... the reason i make this thread just to give my idea and maybe your idea?? umm.. i mean opinion. OR to get other BETTER IDEA. yes.

Listen well people.. i mean you reading this but still. yes. I played at the end of season 1 and not get into ranked annnnd miss Nana seasoned skin (kinda sad actually...) and through the season after season i see somethin that not been touch by moonton until recently and it more like a little poke to this matter and that is Jungle. Yes it may not look like big matter but for people like me who played other MOBA games on PC or Mobile.. Jungle was somethin special and it really something that people have to get used to. Cause Jungle had it own META and more complex that just farming on lane or literal ganking other lane.

Jungling on MOBA was something to be learn or even master and that thing need dedication. And i see Moonton was look like doesn't even bother to do something to this other than making Emblem specifically for jungling, making jungle monster harder to kill, and make jungle item reduce exp when farm on lane and one thing i hate "WHY THEY EVEN REMOVE DIFFERENT TYPE OF BUFF... U KNOW THE RED AND BLUE. IS IT CAUSE PEOPLE THING IT COPYING OTHER MOBA F THEM, JUST MAKE THE BUFF DIFFERENT ALREADY MAKE SOME DEPTH TO JUNGLE D****T. anyway nothing big changes. People may have opinion about "this MOBA meant for casual" or "that not the point of Mobile MOBA" or some other that not comes to my mind when writing this. and yes it sound really bias to other MOBA but you know good thing is good thing.

and did i let sugestion or just flowing my built up anger into this thread i don't even know anymore. but my sugestion are:
1. Make people who not equip retribution can't get jungle item, this simple thing can help people to stop buying jungle item strat for laner. it annoying to see 4man on my team just buying first jungle item at same time. like really.

2. Make the map a little bigger, yes just little bigger not much just don't do what VA*****RY did making map tooo big just Make the battle to long from walking to lane or just ganking and killing their game. or even better remake the map making new META for everyone.

3. Make minion more stronger or spawn faster, making them stronger make the laner stay and take their time to kill the minion on early game and even better if they trying to get last hit. or you can just make them spawn faster making there always something to kill on lane so they can't just "HA HA i clear my lane and there not gonna be consequences for leaving my lane too long"

4. Make jungle a bit far or just take a bit of time to walk from lane and with my 3rd idea it will be perfect. "Why u should go to jungle if there minion on lane trying to push.

5. Make jungle punishing for people who not using jungle Spell and Jungle Items like reduced Exp and Gold.. and even more Less Exp and Gold when they were trying to get it together with teammate or just make them hit really hard on early to mid game for people without jungling items

6. And for last please just bring back old Buff. yes it will look like other MOBA heh, but it will making jungle thing make more sense and more META and Strats will born

For ending this thread, i hope Moonton will see this thread and try to make jungle better or even better than my idea. and people please just don't take any my offense seriously pls.. and if you had another idea, improved idea of mine, or just another big concept please just tell everyone on forum and make a another thread like this, we need more improvement to this game to make this game more better and long living. and i love this game but something from how this game had no basic and META cuz new hero comes out, People Scripting or Cheating cuz they got have problem in their life mostly attention (kinda sad actually) or just literal no skill, toxicity and trolling, Server and Connection problem (some connection proble comes from scripter or cheater too).

and for last yes, i do think my idea will u know... kill some of the casual. and that may or may not killing the game but atleast u know only Tryhard and Competitive Player will get on high rank not not some random Carried by their friend or team. but maybe i will make another thread regarding Ranked. well see you in another Thread. <3

Huah.. i gotta go sleep RN XD spending to much for one thread

Post time 2019-5-12 11:00 AM | Show all posts
Hmm okay not bad idea.. Nice suggestion!
Post time 2019-5-12 07:46 AM | Show all posts
I think enlarging the map a bit is needed. I dislike to see people to take creeps after creeps just for himself alone.

I also would like to see every monster have different buff, like the spear lizard will only increase attack speed, the gargoyle give 10% extra damage, top buff lessen Mana/ energy consumption and bottom buff is for stat bonus.
Post time 2019-5-12 06:06 AM | Show all posts
I read the whole post and i must admit i am totally agree with you.Except tank everyone buying jungle item is really straight and boring. Only people with retribution can equip jungle item. Thats the deal.
Other junr suggestion are really good along with old buff suggestion. Really missing them.
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
Post time 2019-5-12 12:20 PM | Show all posts
Totally agree..
i felt that our map is a bit little size compared with another Moba
and yes the jungle need more attention, and retribution+jungle item i am totally agree because there is a hero that meant to be at the jungle...

instead of fixing jungle system/make a map bigger and lane improvement, they only remodel the jungle monster/jungle design itself but it doesnt affect anything which is sad :(

but we already heard a leak/rumor that our map would be changed and we hope they implement this on that new map, not only the design...
Post time 2019-5-12 10:20 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I hope your idea grow. This changes can potencially induce the META to middle game. Because of this, many heroes will become META and, with that, new rotatations, new composition, a new ML. I'm so excited, change the META is the deal.
Did you see that, Moonton?
Post time 2019-5-14 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Wish you good luck in your suggestions
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