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[Poll] Who's the Best Marksman?

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Post time 2019-5-14 12:05 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Edited by HoaxMuffin at 2019-5-14 04:17 AM

Who's currently the best Marksman?

Recently, A lot of players choose either Claude, Moskov, and most of all Kimmy. Each Heroes have their own specialty and all three are someone unique in terms of play-style. Kimmy can be be played as a lethal Marksman with Assassin emblem or Custom Magic emblem with deals and enhances skill damaage or could use Jungle Emblem for skill vamp. Moskov as it all; attack speed, damage and stun. Claude has minimal damage but the attack speed can overpower any hero plus his ultimate skill. Some players build damage-critical items instead of attack speed for him since he already has his 1st skill.

Streamers would commonly pick either Kimmy or Claude and not often Moskov. In Mythic, players usually ban Kimmy but not all the time. On the leaderboards, Top 1 Moskov has higher MMR than Top 1 Kimmy (recently check may change). I remember when Global Top 1 Warpath was trending with his Moskov Gameplay and in the following seasons no Global Top player mains Marksman. ( sounds bias cuz im a moskov main lololol ). Anyways, If I were to select the best Marsksman for this current season, I would pick Kimmy over Claude and Moskov. She's really a harsh threat as ally or enemy. How bout you? Which of the three you consider the Best and why?

Multiple Polls: ( Maximum 2 choices ), Total 34 Users voted

Poll is finished

52.50% (21)
32.50% (13)
15.00% (6)
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Post time 2019-5-14 12:10 AM | Show all posts
I mean at the end moskov and claude stand no chance vs kimmy

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Post time 2019-5-14 01:02 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
As of right now? I would say Granger if you can aim correctly, i can one hit combo most Assassins, MM, and Mage with only skill 1
And his ult is annoying, it is basically Kimmy's ult on steroids.

But if you're talking about those three i would say Moskov, why? Because he farms the fastest out of the three MM(considering you don't count kills, because if so, Kimmy is the fastest)
and if you can land his skill 2, it's pretty much free kill.

Kimmy is op as we all know, she's the kiting queen, even assassins have a hard time catching her.

And Claude, i really don't know if it was just me or did he get nerfed? When i played him last season, i could get savage, and most gold achieved easily, now I'm struggling to achieve most gold, and even when i do, it's because i ganked a lot of people, and i even use my ult to clear creeps in the early game :')
and every opponents that used Claude that I've seen in ranked game which are still in Mythic 20+ as far as i know usually died a lot in early game, and usually just got snowballed so hard in late game that he pretty much became our food, although the damage of the ult is still insane.
the only time I've lost against a Claude is in classic, and he only wins because my Alucard just goes 1 10 0 against him below 8 minutes...
in 8 minute the claude already have golden staff, DHS, and Corrosive which pretty much made him a killing machine.

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Post time 2019-5-14 02:09 AM | Show all posts
i haven't play in mythic tier for a long time,
does karrie using rate in this tier had a low rate?
does kimmy not auto banned in this tier? hehehe
i think im outdated, maybe it's time to play in mythic again

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Post time 2019-5-14 02:46 AM | Show all posts
I was gonna vote for karrie, but her name doesnt appear on poll. so I would go for Moskov
I dont underestimate Kimmy's power, but with her amount of banned and difficulty to play, moskov has +1
and I dont think Kimmy would strong enough at late game

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Post time 2019-5-14 03:42 AM | Show all posts
kimmy is kiting queen if your enemies are awesomes

sh1t shes shooting while moving backwards
i better chase her and let her free hit me even if i dont have chasing skills and my movespeed is slow

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 Author| Post time 2019-5-14 04:19 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Ncup.Ajh at 2019-12-31 03:07 AM
hudaa replied at 2019-5-14 02:46 AM
I was gonna vote for karrie, but her name doesnt appear on poll. so I would go for Moskov
I dont und ...

Was thinking on putting Karrie into the discussion but I don't think he brings the same intensity compared to those 3 heroes. Karrie and Hanabi are fairy equal imo. Both are monsters in late game.
MobiusSeven replied at 2019-5-14 01:02 AM
As of right now? I would say Granger if you can aim correctly, i can one hit combo most Assassins, M ...

Right.. In terms of farming it goes to Moskov. True that Kimmy is a killer but I don't think she's a hero that can stand a 1v3 fight unlike Moskov and Claude (relying on ult)

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Anonymous user  Post time 1970-1-1 08:00 AM
Post time 2019-5-14 04:46 AM | Show all posts
Moskov.. But why moskov has short range of basic attack? Not like all marksman hero

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Post time 2019-5-14 08:43 AM | Show all posts
Why Hanabi not included?

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