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[policy] Is there any policy about protection and preservation of customers right?

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Edited by AZNUR at 2019-5-19 06:24 PM

First of all, how to check privacy and policies of ML? Anyone know?

Back to topic, is there any policies set by Moonton to protect customers right about their purchasement?
Let say you bought a new hero for example "Kaja" with its skin using diamond or bp because you are a main tank user and you love how his skills work. You enjoyed using him for a few of months untill suddenly Moonton reworked him to become a fighter/support. Isnt this is unfair because the purchasement was made to bought a hero named Kaja with role tank/support... not fighter/support. Things get worsen when not just role but skills also got reworked to something doesnt fit your playstyle. Moonton should know that purchasement of heroes were made because we like how their skills work, not just because of looks.

Here is another example, let say one day Argus got reworked and his role is no longer a fighter but a tank...a pure tank. It may sound nonsense but it actually happen to Kaja from support/tank to fighter/support so it mean that it is not impossible that it may happen to other heroes too. Just try imagine it where you spent real money for his glorious skins and then suddenly Moonton change his role and skills to something you dont like (something that make him become a tank and cant no longer collect kills). Isnt this is an obvious unfair. Customers already paid but Moonton take back what he sold and give a new different one which isnt the same as players bought.

To make it clear, what Moonton is doing right now is like a bittergroud seller who took back what he sold and modify it to become sweet because he thought everyone dont like bitter taste and then give it back. (yes without even giving option for refund)

To make it easy, please Moonton, please at least apply one from these suggestion below to please the customers feelings

1. When any heroes got reworked, wether their skills or role, compensate with something worthy that will pleased the feelings of other customers who disagree with the changes. ( bp, diamonds, another free skin)

2. Any upcoming rework will not change heroes roles and playstyle. Only small changes were allowed for rework that doesnt change much the playstyle. (just like they did to Harith)

3. All released heroes in original server will have no further changes regarding their skills and role except hero's stats like hp, damage, etc

#dont be greedy Moonton
Post time 2019-5-19 03:44 PM | Show all posts
Good suggestion. We will be recording this. Thanks for your feedback.
I personally think mlbb should compensate bp. diamond or a skin for this type of situation just like you said.
Post time 2019-5-20 03:57 AM | Show all posts
This isn't the first time Moonton change sometime without customers satisfaction or notice.

Franco butcher skin was changed into some puppy chef. People were pissed.
Fanny Campus Youth skin heavily censored. People were pissed.
Balmond Ghoul Fury face was censored. People were pissed.
Layla Saber skin immediately censored after release. People honestly liked this. But the people who didn't fell for a huge trap. What's the point of making something if you're censoring it days after?
Freya's Dark Rose and Monster Hunter skin heavily censored. People were pissed.

Also don't forget whenever a meta hero gets a skin, they get the neft hammer.
Post time 2019-5-21 09:11 AM | Show all posts
WOW! Keen thinking..

Splendid suggestion! I hope it applies for acquired free heroes hahahaha
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