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[Item Balance] Physical Atk % Vs Magic Attack %

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Edited by Listeror at 2019-6-5 05:13 AM

I've noticed that Magic % Items is quite easily obtainable compared to Physical Attack Items. Firstly, lets take a look at Magic Attack Items.

Green for Base Stats
Red for Passives
Blue for Active / With Special Conditions

Clock of Destiny: 60Magic, 615HP, 600Mana, Unique Passive: 30HP, 5MAtk every 30s up to 10times = 50MAtk         (1950 Gold)                    Unique Reincarnation: Extra 5% Magic Atk 300mana after 10times   (50MAtk)(5%)

Holy Crystal: 100Magic, Unique: +25% magic power, Unique Passive: Magic Atk +15% for 3secs after skill hit     (2180 Gold)      target,next skill dmg terminate efftect. 10secs cd                                           (15%)(25%)                             
Courage Bulwark: 770HP 10% CD, Unique Passive-Bravery: +10% PAtk, 10% MAtk, 10% Phy Def & MDef.      
   (1970 Gold)                          Unique Passive-Heavy Armor: Nearby soldiers can take more turret dmg
                                                  Active Skill-Encourage: Increase Movement Spd of hero and nearby allies 30%,
                                                    Phy Atk & Magic Atk +20% for 3s, CD 40s       (10%(Active 20%)

Mage Emblem(Max Level): Assuming add all into Magic Power and % = 5% Magic Lifesteal, 5%CD, 2%Mspeed, 13.5Magic PEN, 5% Magic Power, 29 Magic Power                                                          (5%MAtk, 29MAtk)

                                 Sub Total Excluding Active And Conditions: 45% Magic Power, 79MAtk
                                                                                                 Inclusive  : 80% Magic Power, 79MAtk
*Special Item
Soul Scroll: +20 Magic Power, Unique 15Magic PEN, Unique Passive-Soul Steal: Killing hero + 5 stacks soul, assist +3
  (1300 Gold)                            stacks soul, assist + 3 stacks soul, every 15 stacks convert to 40 Magic Attack

Now let's take a look at Phyical Attack Items:
Berserker's Fury: 65 PAtk, 25% Crit Chance, Unique: 40% Crit Dmg
(2350 Gold)    Unique Passive - Doom: Crit hit will increase hero's PAtk 5% for 2s                   (5%)

Blade of Despair: 170 PAtk, 5% MSped, Unique Passive - Despair: Attacking enemy units HP below 50% will
(3010 Gold)   increase hero's PAtk 25%for 2s                                                                        (25%)

Courage Bulwark: 770HP 10% CD, Unique Passive-Bravery: +10% PAtk, 10% MAtk, 10% Phy Def & MDef.            (1970 Gold)    Unique Passive-Heavy Armor: Nearby soldiers can take more turret dmg
                         Active Skill-Encourage: Increase Movement Spd of hero and nearby allies 30%,
                        Phy Atk & Magic Atk +20% for 3s, CD 40s                        (10%) (Active 20%)
   Sub Total Excluding Active And Conditions:                                (10%)
                                                           Inclusive :                               (60%)
Do you have a better idea of what I'm trying to say now? After comparing the 2 different set of items, I feel that there should be something we can do about the huge differences between the stats % provided by the 2 different set of items like revamp item stats or even new items. You might argue that phyisical items have critical chance, attack speed, so on and so forth, but let's look at the insane burst damage of mages like Aurora & Eudora. How often can Fighters/Assassins endure the crazy damage of them? 1 combo is all it takes for u to go home and we all know that MDef is not so easy to obtain compared to PDef items and we only have so many item slots. Please don't misunderstood, I myself is also a mage user. I'm not against mage users or anything. The purpose of this post is for comparision purposes and to discuss if we can better balance the 2 sets of items. Please do not hesitate to voice out your opinions(constructive) below.

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Post time 2019-6-5 01:31 PM | Show all posts
Now i know what to buy for mage haha
 Author| Post time 2019-6-5 01:40 PM | Show all posts
Xanzy replied at 2019-6-5 01:31 PM
Now i know what to buy for mage haha

I didnt set the items for u?
Post time 2019-6-5 01:42 PM | Show all posts
Listeror replied at 2019-6-5 01:40 PM
I didnt set the items for u?

i dont know. i dont know how to set also. later you do for me


kk. rmb to charge your phone before u sleep. later i go set for u  Post time 2019-6-5 01:52 PM
Post time 2019-6-5 05:06 PM | Show all posts
How this balance out? even after seeing that much difference?
Well mages only shine from early to mid.
In late game fighter and mm wins no matter how strong mages become.
Plus if you look closely, fighter and mm can buy magic resistance item yet they have good attack.
But you barely see any mages use physical defense item(only gusion or harley sometime use magical defense item). Because they wanna go full burst damage in one shot. If they can not one shot, then they are gone. Just my opinion though.


I think that's more on situational wise and depending on what Mage i guess. And yeah, i get what you're saying.  Post time 2019-6-5 07:41 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-6-5 07:37 PM | Show all posts
Hmm... My purpose of listing all those items out is just to let everyone have a clearer view of how and where they get their stats from. Like for MAtk items as u can see, those insane Magic % are mostly passives while PAtk % needs to fufil certain requirement then they'll get that extra PAtk % for like 2-3secs. Maybe developers can adjust some MAtk % to requires prerequisite like what PAtk % is having? From what i see from the list, Mages have it easy having their high passive MAtk % ready for them at all times. And im talking about the red % only. Not including the blue %
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