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[Hero Balance] Saber's ultimate need more power!

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Post time 2019-6-18 06:41 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by Mostak at 2019-6-18 06:43 PM

Saber is one of the first and one of the forgotten assassin in the game(at least i think so). He has good skills that deals burst damage. I use him because he is fun to play with but as the days passing by it seems he is weeker compared to any assassin in the game. So i suggest "please put some more power in saber's ultimate".

>>>Please put 10%/15%/20% physical penetration in his ultimate!

Putting this power won't make him over powered just will balance the hero.
Thanks in Advance



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Post time 2019-6-19 08:46 AM | Show all posts
Just make the ultimate have a second cast to short dash like gusion ultimate
Post time 2019-6-19 02:39 AM | Show all posts
Tbh, Saber is the only assassin in ML that have a true playstyle of how assassin role heroes should be played. For me, it's not Saber's fault for being weak, but it just other assassin's is just too strong. An assassin is suppose to just kill squishies and half dead heroes but look at Gusion and Fanny, brave like fighter. That's why fighter is the least useful in ML.


@Lucrecia well in most games yes fighter are still being picked but fighters are the least pieces in tournaments unless it's meta fighters like Leomords, Kaja etc.  Post time 2019-6-19 04:43 PM
Should I say except Ruby? ;)  Post time 2019-6-19 08:58 AM
Post time 2019-6-18 10:27 PM | Show all posts
Saber is not a forgotten assassin .He picks quite often for countering hero in rank though giving him buff is nice since Saber lack something than other assassin
Post time 2019-6-19 04:14 PM | Show all posts
Saber is a true assasin,this is my build wizard boots endless battle and 4 blade of despair. N u get 1shot1 kill,good for taking out dmgdlr


I know it takes time and but it also depends the team if they let u farm give u kills u can.  Post time 2019-6-20 03:00 PM
no need for 6 4 is enough to kill one target n the match will not wait for u to buy6  Post time 2019-6-20 02:57 PM
*cough* Do you realize how gold it takes to get 4/6 BoD? Sorry, but I seriously doubt most matches would give Saber that much freedom. This is why Saber isn't meta. Too item depended.  Post time 2019-6-19 11:50 PM
i support this comment , saber isn't for solo kill but for ganking , and wizard boots is saber best partner .  Post time 2019-6-19 05:33 PM
I think buying all 6 BOD is better  Post time 2019-6-19 04:52 PM
Post time 2019-6-19 09:35 AM | Show all posts
Saber suffers the same problems Lance does. Both are hugely item defended (only Saber more so), both are lackluster in teamfights (again Saber more so), and both are very squishy because of spell vamp neft.

Saber isn't good because he only has one skill that does significant damage (and the ultimate does no damage until he has at least two BOD). The fact that Saber is so item depended hurts him alot.

He's slow at wave clear.

Damage in teamfights is even worst than Hayabusa/Natalia.

Reap potential sucks because once again, he only have one damaging tool. His overall skill kit is designed for single targeting. Hell at least Lance is good at cleaning up the battle field lol.

Poke with skill 1 is the worst poking tool in the game. Enough sad.

Mobility is redundant for a assassin. Not a single assassin in the game relie so much on flicker/sprint for mobility.

Damage against tanks/fighters is pitiful. While we have Gusion and Fanny who bringing down tanks with a single combo. Saber isn't even doing 0.01 of their health. It just take one defensive item and Saber doing no damage against no one.

Saber, like Lance, is only good when they have a huge amount of farm. But every game the enemies/allies won't give you such farm freedom. The meta right now is all about teamfighting/aggressive invading/roaming.
Saber lacks two important aspects of this meta. Thus he needs a buff.


So explained everything  Post time 2019-6-19 04:51 PM
Post time 2019-6-18 10:53 PM | Show all posts
i think saber is perfectly balanced. the only buff i would ask for is lower cd on skill 1 and maybe more dmg on it too. when built right saber can easily one combo kill a somewhat squishy enemy (and other assassins) and can be a pretty good "support" early game
Post time 2019-6-19 09:10 AM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-6-19 02:39 AM
Tbh, Saber is the only assassin in ML that have a true playstyle of how assassin role heroes should  ...

Tbh more fighters are in the meta now oppose to the assassin meta. Chou, Leomard, Gwen, Kaja, Teriza, Thamuz, and sometimes Ruby are all valuable picks.

Conversely. Only Gusion, Fanny, Selena, and Helcurt are useful this meta.

I do agree though. If fed enough, Gusion and Fanny becomes off-tanks.


In daily matches, yes fighters are still picked by many players but in tournament, most team much prefer to have 2 assassin instead of 1 assassin and a fighter unless the fighter is a meta.  Post time 2019-6-19 04:46 PM
Post time 2019-6-19 01:16 PM | Show all posts
I agree with some users.
Saber is the true assassin. Gusion, fanny lance they act like fighter rather than assassin. But to be honest saber needs buff. He is kinda outdated in current meta. Not much but by a small margin.
 Author| Post time 2019-6-19 04:23 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Mostak at 2019-6-19 04:48 PM
CodeXhyper replied at 2019-6-19 04:14 PM
Saber is a true assasin,this is my build wizard boots endless battle and 4 blade of despair. N u ge ...

And how much time does that take anyway?Do you have any idea?! Do you think your enemies are going to seat back and relax for you to get the full build? Even with that full build its hard to take down a tank or a fighter. And i don't need 6 item to kill a mm, 3 is enough but not enough when any other enemy around! The full match you can't go in a team fight and survive without death..And additionaly saber is not good at farming like Hanzo.In early game without jungle equipment, killing jungle monster is a tough job for saber.There goes your another option.
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