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Post time 2019-7-6 11:18 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by iqrarahmat at 2019-7-6 11:24 AM

Dear moderators,

I will here discuss defensive items or Tank / Support role items that not Balance.

1. Change the item Imortality from magic resist to physical defend.
This point is very detrimental to the build of a tank role, where by changing the item's attributes only leaves 5 items of magic resist (3 defend items, 1 attack items, 1 shoe). And if the enemy uses Hero Esmeralda then Athena's Shield, Oracle, and items that rely on absorb are useless. So those of us who often use hero with role tanks must buy what items? Coupled with the update of new magic items. And if the enemy buys the Divine Glaive with a magic penetration attribute, try to imagine? Role tanks that are usually the gold network under other roles will get worse.

2. There are no items to counter True Damage.
Again, there are a lot of passive hero / item attributes that produce true damage, which I regret is true damage that is continuously taking care of / burst damage. ex: Karrie.

3. Item support
On another Game, only 1 hero can buy item support. While in MLBB this is not restricted. Sometimes there are team mates who buy item support as well because in the latest update their default build is reset and set to buy the item and it is the opposite of the attribute: "if gold is at number 5, it will add gold 15/4 seconds".

4. Soon

Please agree with me, try to take the courage to speak up about this problem, maybe the suggestions from all of us can be accepted and entered into moonton.
If there are my words that are wrong, please correct them, thanks.

Post time 2019-7-6 03:25 PM | Show all posts
1. I shocked too when I realized Immortality changed to phys Deff. But I think it makes sense since Athena's Shield and Immortality became the most used for tank role. When I play tank, I use 2 Magic Deff items (Athena's shield and curse helmet) and I think it's enough. How many heroes have magic attack in a team honestly? and you can go to emblem for more magic deff, right?

2. That's why it's called a true damage. Dont you get it? true damage mostly comes from basic attack. You can use blade armor for that

3. I dont get this. are you talking about roaming items?

4. You may begging the forum to accept your suggestion. But dont expect too much, otherwise you would say curse words to dev or mods here for your frustration

Post time 2019-7-6 07:21 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Lucc at 2019-7-6 08:25 AM

I agree that supports items should be limited to supports only. I believe that true damage must be something that needs to be rebalanced. If it is to cause true damage, it must be caused in small amount. This is just my opinion. A hero with a lot of true damage can easily turn a tank into an ant, lol.
Post time 2019-7-6 05:06 PM | Show all posts
I think there should be more defensive item for magic resistance.
After nerfing of Cursed helmet and changing attributes for immortality item, magic defense became really low. Now in higher rank, i see many team use two mage like lunox and selena, or esmarelda and selena or other mage. and they dont pick any mm. because of lower magic resistance and nerfing mm, this combo is really good and the game ends in 8 mins max. MLBB should do something for tank.
For true damage, you can use blade armor and as much low hp item as possible.
You mean only 1 player can buy roaming item right? I dont see the point. It has pros and cons.
We will be recording this suggestion no need to request. Thanks.
Post time 2019-7-6 06:34 PM | Show all posts
True damage items is the one should be nerfed, we don't need items to counter true damage or else it will not called true damage. And for support item, there is no such item in ML, supports in ML all are borrowing mages items, idk why Moonton don't create any items for support.
Post time 2019-7-6 12:22 PM | Show all posts
Actually, I don't have any problem with most of em except the Immortality, yes it was a big mistake by devs change it to physical defense while they buff most mage items and even introduced the new magic pen item. How ridic.
Post time 2019-7-7 11:00 AM | Show all posts
The maximum magic pen is 79.5 (80 rounding off) (from emblem, shoe, and new magic staff). After the calculation, the magic res most likely is negative value unless build with full magic res items + tank emblem. Luckily the damage calculation will not take the negative value as determinant. In the damage calculation, if def<0, than set def=0. So, the alternative solution for this case is ignore the magic res if you can't focus in both physical def and magic res.

@AZNUR The roaming items actually are the support items. The basic items of this class is set default as first item for tank and support. Mooonton call them roaming items because tank and support suppose roam the map, well, in MLBB only.
Post time 2019-7-7 03:27 PM | Show all posts
CharlieFong replied at 2019-7-7 11:00 AM
The maximum magic pen is 79.5 (80 rounding off) (from emblem, shoe, and new magic staff). After the  ...

And yet, Awe Mask is mostly used by Fighter and MM. So far only Courage mask that I see really useful for tanks and supports.
Post time 2019-7-8 12:53 AM | Show all posts
 Author| Post time 2019-7-8 02:57 AM | Show all posts
hudaa replied at 2019-7-6 03:25 PM
1. I shocked too when I realized Immortality changed to phys Deff. But I think it makes sense since  ...

1. Yep, i agree with you. but in this latest meta, many team use two mage and if a tank have magic damage ex: Gatot Kaca, Johnson, Kaja there is more difficult.
And with brawl mode too, many player instanly pick mage.

2. I realized blade armor can counter true damage, but with 2 lifesteal item? Trust me dude, it's not work.

3. yep support item called roaming item.
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