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[Complaint] Why are we nerfing lunox?

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 Author| Post time 2019-7-7 04:53 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

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For the love of God, why nerf a good hero? She is a freaking mage. What are you so afraid of? Just because cause there's a mage, a good freaking mage, we have to nerf her. Keep nerfing mages. Why? First harith now lunox? What about assassins selena, karina, gusion, lancelot etc. How come you don't shit your pants when they are savaging your entire team. Or what when an mm like irithel, claude, moskov, kimmy and such get fed and rape your entire team. Not a single complaint then. But lunox comes and kills your tank, and you guys are all such crybabies. She killed our tank. Must nerf her. Why? Why can't you let good heroes be safe and well in the game as they are. She was nerfed so much already, then you guys didn't touch her. You were busy with harith, kimmy and the like. Now lunox is your priority. When i say nerf aldous, you guys don't listen. You keep defending him. So. I was like, "Alright, we are not gonna nerf aldous, we shouldn't be nerfing other heroes also then." but no. Cause she's a mage, you had to go there. You have to keep mages under your toes. You just have to. You can't just stand the fact that mages are good early game and weak later. U had a mage who was the best at it and and perfectly followed that rule. But no, you nerf her. Make her bad early game also. Why not delete mages all together? And yes early game keeps getting shorter, so mages don't have much time to shine. It's cause of the new roam items that allow the adc to get fed faster. So where's the balance? If I am a mage who am I  strong against? And I am subject to nerfs all the time. What the hell? It makes wanna quit this time. Or I should probably just go back to playing Layla. I guess Layla would be more meta than lunox now. So yeah you made lunox trash. You made a good hero trash. Well done. I even bought her skin. Screw me. Waste of money. I spent my money on something only to see it nerfed a month later. And I made a thread specifically requesting to not nerf cause I had a strong feeling this was gonna come and it did. That's why I explained in detail why she should not be nerfed but screw balance, nerf good heroes. Keep aldous meta for life. Gonna leave ML one day at this rate, I swear. You think before you nerf a hero that's loved so much by everyone, who is literally the goddess of the in-game universe. You shouldn't go and upset your players like that.

And now practically all of you are gonna say that it's just a small nerf on movement speed, but I don't care. A nerf is a nerf. To me the balance is tilted. Neither lunox nor her players like what you have done to the balance. Balance is the only truth. But you couldn't stand it. Now you guys gonna say, "Bro she was OP and banned and such" but that's all just BS. Gusion, harith, aldous are banned too but are we nerfing them? Did nerfing harith completely stop him from being banned. They will be banned always. It's just a mentality thing. I think lancelot or Harley should get banned but you guys gonna call me crazy for that. It's basically a sheep mentality. We don't see the truth. We see what the herd believes. The herd said lunox is OP, so you nerfed, not because it was true. Screw it.
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Edited by MakiNish at 2019-7-8 02:11 AM

The recent nerf on her move speed is worthless. I think the point should be on making more magic resist items. I suggest it would be magic version of Blade armor. Also a kind of mana burn item would be good to annoy Lunox.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-7 10:49 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
FatalXBullet replied at 2019-7-7 05:16 AM
She still top ban. There reason why she nerf is because most of public or player use her because met ...

Like I said, she's meta not cause she is OP but because she has skills.  A nerf would make her weaker. Please consider taking back this nerf.


kk.  Post time 2019-7-7 12:09 PM
Post time 2019-7-7 02:32 PM | Show all posts
lunox is op 1vs1 or 1vs tank and carry , but lunox is op for players who dont lag and spam her skill fast for other player who cant spam fast her skill she is not op lol
Post time 2019-7-7 02:57 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Geniusx at 2019-7-7 03:11 PM

I think they nerf her because of her mechanically overpowered kit, not damage-wise. I am not saying that she is on a different level but she is a mage that excels her other kind based on skillset. Unlike other mages that needed to do a full-combo burst to deny enemies at once, she is a unique mage that excels in dealing sustained burst of damage, while inside the backlines of your allies. I don't know why she had a vareity of survibability in her kit when she is not needed to be in the frontlines. She only kites enemies from afar with her ranged abilities.

Let's say:
Harley: Harley is a mage that excells on killing enemies beyond the front lines. For a mage that is squishy, he has a mobility/escape to compensate the risk of his gameplay.
Kadita: Kadita also has mobility and defense because her combo burst is effective when she is in the front lines.
Kagura: Though she has the mobility like of assassins, her combo burst is not that dependable since she must reposition her umbrella than other mages's abilities that lock on the target as they clicked the ability.
Harith: Though his numbers are not that balanced for now (yes he is mechanically balanced but the numbers of his AoE Sustain-Burst potential is above all else.), his main gameplay revolves on dashing in and out of Zaman's Force Area to be effective in most clashes. Zaman Force cannot be repositioned and enemies might go near it, making Harith be vurnerable in the enemies' crowd, since he will most likely to be inside of/pass through it to be effective.

Who doesn't want survibability as a mage? But maybe Moonton must slightly nerf her survibability(mobility/defenses/escape) yet slightly increase her kiting potential. The first case had started when they decrease Lunox base MS. Maybe they will increase her damage, slows or range sooner, i guess.

 Author| Post time 2019-7-7 03:21 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Geniusx replied at 2019-7-7 02:57 PM
I think they nerf her because of her mechanically overpowered kit, not damage-wise. I am not saying  ...

But leave her be as she is. She is fine. People gonna start complaining if her damage is increased. Her damage was nerfed to begin with to make it balanced. As a mage it's supposed to be higher than an mm in early game and lower than them in late game. So it's fine. It doesn't need nerf or buff. And with roam items like I said, mm have opportunity to get fed earlier. So how is lunox meta exactly? Didn't MM and tanks technailly get a buff with the new roam items, thus making the class of mages weaker then and now you are nerfing one of the best mages out there. And what kind of a nerf is it. 240 movement speed? Why is it needed? Who asked for it? She doesn't have mobility skills like Harith then why? Please everyone. Convince moonton to take back this nerf. It's not needed. Please.


tanks got buffed with new roam item? lol  Post time 2019-7-7 03:46 PM
Post time 2019-7-7 04:07 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Geniusx at 2019-7-7 04:14 PM

Uh huh. no. Her survivability must be tuned down, as the reasons and examples I had stated above, along with why Harith needs that mobility. She even has no clear gameplay or combo that when effectively exerted out, she can turn the tides of the battle, unlike most mages and champion that has their own unique playstyle to begin with, because of her overloaded effects that are not necessary for her designated role. In short, she has no gameplay-identity, aside than lore-wise, because how random her skillset is, which makes her, mechanically not balanced.

I don't say they must buff her damage, maybe her casting range is increased or even the slow of skill 2 to compensate the nerfed survivability. Up to now she topped most mages in terms of sustained damage and yet also a vast array of survivability kit that keeps her alive even when she is mostly in the backlines wiping enemies in the front line. Damage is ok, survivability is overpowered as a mage.  We're not talking about with or against other roles, but only herself as a mage role, she is not even a tank or a fighter, or a frontline mage to have that vast array of self-life sustaining kit.
Post time 2019-7-7 04:44 PM | Show all posts
Sounds like you never faced lunox by yourself before
You were overeacting to compare Lunox with Harley. Lunox has anti-cc ability and I dont think you can beat her on 1by1. Harley is weak on facing enemy with cc like Chou and Ruby, dont even mention Kufra.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-7 05:17 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Geniusx replied at 2019-7-7 04:07 PM
Uh huh. no. Her survivability must be tuned down, as the reasons and examples I had stated above, al ...

No, she doesn't have that much survivability. I explained it before also. There are limits to what can be done. First the immunity ult we are talking has a long cooldown to it. So she can not use it as often as a proper blink skill can be. As escape skill it's descent at best and second limitation to this skill is that she can use it  only and only in her light form i.e. you have to switch to that form which takes time. You are mostly gonna be in your dark form for offensive purpose. So your light ult is not readily available to you as you might think. You are probably gonna be dead by the time you switch. Only scenario where light ult is helpful is when you are perceiving that some sort of danger is coming and you switch to that your light form in advance but then again you won't have dark ult available to you. So there are limits you see. Those perks which you are talking about don't come without limits. Secondly, Eudora and Aurora also stay at the back and attack and they also have 250 movent speed. Another mage is change who has 240 movement speed but overall she also has 15% speed buff cause of her second skill which also instantly gives a shield btw. Lunox doesn't have that kind of additional shield or blink or added ms given to her and overall she is not mobility type either and,  and, and, and she has no hard cc like Eudora and Aurora. So she does need 250 ms. Period.

And it's just a matter of 10 points of Ms. Why take it away? Why bother? You did all the nerfs on her that you could. You nerfed base mana, mana cost, damage, slow down, ulti cooldown, everything. Movement speed was left, so you come months later and nerf that. It doesn't make sense. Please Moonton. It's not needed but it's hurting a lot. I don't wanna move around slower. That's a pain tbh.
 Author| Post time 2019-7-7 05:22 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
hudaa replied at 2019-7-7 04:44 PM
Sounds like you never faced lunox by yourself before
You were overeacting to compare Lunox with Harl ...

It's not even anti CC ability. What are you talking about? It's an immunity skill like the passive of that frozen wand(can't remember name) and I explained already what the limits of it are.

As far 1vs1 goes math is simple. Early game lunox is more powerful, late game others are more powerful. Simple. That's all that there is to it. And it's balanced.
Post time 2019-7-7 05:34 PM | Show all posts
lufasa replied at 2019-7-7 05:22 PM
It's not even anti CC ability. What are you talking about? It's an immunity skill like the passive ...

I am not saying She needs some nerf. But among mages, I fear to face her the most
It's not even anti CC ability. What are you talking about? It's an immunity skill like the passive of that frozen wand(can't remember name) and I explained already what the limits of it are.

Exactly, whats the difference between anti cc and immunity anyway?
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