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[Hero Balance] My personal opinion of whats needed for Argus

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From the recent poll i posted (link to the post is here) it would seem that a lot of people agreed that the buff for Argus was definitely not game-changing (not even close in fact) and that he needs more than those minor changes. Keep in mind these are my own personal ideas and opinions, so they may not be what's best or whats needed. (Besides he's getting an Epic skin so yknow might as well buff him more *wink wink*)

Base Stats - Increasing base physical atk will (not dramatically) increase his early game damage potential and definitely help him get a little more lifesteal off his Ult. Upon late game, Argus is already a monster and so an increase on his physical atk growth wont be needed. As for his atk spd, he has very slow atking spd at the start (unless of course you take the Marksman Emblem, which isnt good because of lack of mobility compared to Assassins), which makes him not a very good wave clearer (not including Skill 2) and a slow farmer. A small increase in atking spd would be nice, and hopefully make it a lil bit over 1. Another great buff idea would be increasing his base movement spd. A lot of Argus's lately have to give up better damage (like the spell Inspire or extra physical atk from Assassin's) for mobility (Sprint and/or Assassin's with extra movement spd). Increasing his base movement spd to something like (but maybe not as much) as Kaja's (275) will make him a little better, especially when he misses his skill 1 or 2

Passive - So the added "chase" effect is nice and all, but its buggy and sometimes risky. Instead, tweak it a little. When rage is fully charged, the next basic atk has increased range, an additional chase/charge effect (kind of like Alucard), and does 2 fast atks instead of 1 (like the old passive). When HP reaches less than 15%, the rage will stay fully charged

Skill 1 - First things first, the animation is messed up. When you grab a monster or hero, 2 claws appear. One next to their feet and one thats grabbed onto them. Please fix this animation...It looks absolutely ridiculous. This skill is in my opinion one of the best blink skills. It comes with a stun, long range, and extra dash if you hit a hero or monster. It's good for chasing and extra mobility. Unless, of course, you miss it. The speed of this skill is super slow, and the CD is way too long. Even Lance's Skill 1 has an instant CD reset factor. However, the recent buff for this skill has made it way better (like the fact you can now aim the second phase...wait thats the only good thing lol). Simply make this skill work faster and longer is all thats needed...Nothing more

Skill 2: Hitting an enemy hero or monster should increase his own movement (around 30%) and increase atk spd (around 40%). Hitting additional heroes/monsters will increase the buff effect by 5% each (for ex. if it hits all 2 enemies, itll be 35% extra movement and 45% bonus atk spd while hitting 3 enemies will be 40% extra spd and 50% extra atk spd) The basic damage and other mechanics are fine the way they are

Ultimate: I cant say that the CC purify effect is really any good at all. Most enemies stun after the Ultimate since they want you to waste time and it doesnt really help against CC's that actually counter him like Akai's Ult or Chou's Ult or Franco's Ult (etc). Though this effect is better than nothing, honestly. The resilience doesnt help at all. 25% is basically nothing. Instead, introduce 50% resilience for the duration of the Ult and immunity to slows (after all, slows are his biggest counter in my opinion). When Ult is over, grant extra movement spd and immunity to stuns and slows for 1-2s for that Argus can actually escape. Unique CC like Franco's/Kaja's Ult will still work.

Post time 2019-7-23 07:22 AM | Show all posts
i do believe argus needs a slight base movement speed buff to match with his play style.
To be honest i also think the buff was a bit small. Specially on ultimate. I always said that 5 second immune to any cc would be best or 100% cc immunity. Because you can escape from him easily with so many blink skill these days. Even harith has 70% cc resistance as his passive. I think 100% cc immunity or resistance needed for argus. Thanks for your valuable feedback.
Post time 2019-7-23 03:07 AM | Show all posts
I really like the passive.  But do you want to lower the CD on such a good mobility skill (skill 2)?  That'll make him a little too mobile tbh (the last thing he needs.) I think Argus is just out of meta because of his mechanics. They can do nothing to buff him. Argus takes way too much to farm (similar to MM), and tbh he just needs a stronger early game. Also, his ult already gives him A LOT OF movement speed, last thing he needs is more


i agree it might be a lill op. any1 of these buffs would be good for argus. if all these were implemented hed prob be on the ban list lol  Post time 2019-7-23 05:57 AM
Post time 2019-7-23 04:29 AM | Show all posts
I like your suggestion, i think he’ll be strong if he just gets buffed this way


thx for ur feedback  Post time 2019-7-23 05:57 AM
Post time 2019-7-23 06:05 AM | Show all posts
Just make his skill 1 cooldown around 7 to 4 sec it will change his much (every fighter short skill cooldown like this either his skill 1 or 2, not like argus 10 sec on max level for both his skill). And of course a bit less cooldown for his ultimate if he may.
Post time 2019-7-23 10:07 AM | Show all posts
Argus should make his double attack permanent when his rage is full and rage goes down if he fails to attack enemy targets 3-5 seconds.
Post time 2019-7-23 01:46 PM | Show all posts
Keep in mind Argus is a basic attack based hero. Giving him absurd skills will make him too good. Basic attack heroes are designed to be good around mid to late game where their damage shines. Though I agree to some of these buffs, he is already good in his own way. Just look at Zilong, when's the last time he got a buff?


lol tru but i still think that he can be lacking late game, especially w the short duration of ult  Post time 2019-7-23 10:48 PM
Post time 2019-7-23 06:27 PM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-7-23 01:46 PM
Keep in mind Argus is a basic attack based hero. Giving him absurd skills will make him too good. Ba ...

Is not about damage but I don't know how to say.....mobility or option?? like zilong heroes never fade you survive or win. And all this happen because all his skill have a long cooldown. So argus is like layla in mm role.
Post time 2019-7-23 11:09 PM | Show all posts
Why not let Argus able to use his skill 1 dash even when he isn't hitting heroes/jungles? This will drastically improve his chase/escape potential.

Of course he should also have more resilience and immunity to slows for his ultimate.
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