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[Hero Techniques] 5 Traits of a Successful Marksman Player

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Hello readers, and welcome to a brand-new guide. During this guide, I will be talking about the traits needed in order to be a successful marksman player and drop some advice along the way. So without further ado, let's start!

5. Being Patient

Diving into the role of a marksman, make sure you keep your cool and always be patient. Timing is key when being a marksman. What do I mean by that? All marksman heroes require at least 1 or 2 core items before they start acquiring their kills. Along with their low HP and defence, they can deal a hefty amount of damage later on in the game. Remember, marksmans shine the best during mid to late game, and rarely in the early phase of the game.

4. Gaining Experience

Practice and gain experience in classic or practice mode. Never settle for one hero, try the others as well! This will give you a wide variety of marksmans to choose from. Developing new tactics in your chosen hero(es) will give you the advantage over your opponents. Refining your skills in these heroes will make you a fear to others. Practicing with a friend is a good method of doing this because this way, they can tell you which to improve on. Winning is important but without losing, you won’t improve. Practice makes perfect.

3. Watching Others

Many successful marksman players have watched YouTube videos or in-game livestreams of other successful marksman players. By doing this, you will gain knowledge of timing, positioning, and map awareness. Learning these skills and adapting those seen in the videos will give you the upper hand in combat. Trust me, watching others play will definitely help you a lot. One of the best marksman players, Gosu General, has his own YouTube channel where he showcase marksman videos from time to time. Just check Gosu General’s official YouTube channel, you will learn a lot.

2. Effective Use of the Jungle

As a marksman player, making the most out of the jungle is key to victory. Maximizing your gold income during the game is crucial when it comes to playing as a marksman. As much as possible, make sure to always clear the jungle by killing jungle monsters from time to time. Slaying the crab will definitely be helpful in getting your items much faster. You’d always want to farm early game and engage in team fights mid to late game.

1. Positioning Properly

A marksman is a ranged-type hero and this gives you the advantage to deal damage from the back. Proper positioning means staying behind your team and avoiding being in the center of combat as much as possible. Use your wide range as an advantage! When engaging in combat, make sure to maximize your range potential to successfully wipe out the enemy team. Victory!

Well, that is all to know. I hope you all enjoyed this guide and please comment anything about this guide in the comments below. Criticism is compulsory! If you have any tips you’d like for others to know, feel free to share. Have a fantastic weekend!

Post time 2019-7-28 11:01 PM | Show all posts
excellent guide i must say. totally agree with all the points. but u really suggest point 5,4 and 3. most of us just play rank and sometimes classic. but watching live stream is really an important part of the game too. and a small portion of players understand that. thanks a lot for sharing this guide with us. it will be a great help for new comers or those who wanna try mm.
Post time 2019-7-29 08:52 AM | Show all posts
mmmmm nah, i hate jungling. Im main tank, great one but terrible marksman. Too hard and risky. I rather help to jungle and win than being the star.
Post time 2019-7-29 12:20 PM | Show all posts
good guide. but there are 2-3 MM is a bit different in the game play. some of them using MM but playing in a fighter style such as Granger and Claude or maybe irithel. is really not as easy way to master MM and you need a lot of training and focus on a certain MM heroes.

beside this i like to add on something which is the EMBLEM and the setting of the point on different attributes base on the hero, items that you will purchase. all those can affect the MM heroes maximum burst as well
Post time 2019-7-29 01:41 PM | Show all posts
Really nice tips. I do have one thing to add on there.


As a MM player, you have to know how to build according to your enemy team, and what MM hero to play in what situation. For example, if there are two tanks and another tanky fighter, it's best to go for high attack speed marksmen like Moskov or Claude who can easily melt tanks. You'll also have to switch some items out for others depending on the team comp of the enemy team. It's best to avoid burst type marksmen like Clint and Lesley when facing multiple tanky heroes, unless of course you've got a team to support you.

Kimmy is an exception to a few of your tips. She is more to early game since she is half mage. Her playstyle differs from other MM since you want to be very aggressive while laning. Roger is quite different as well, since he is half fighter. His normal builds look different from other MM since he requires other types of items other than MM items.

That's all. Again, very well made guide. Would appreciate it if you did it for the rest of the roles as well.
Post time 2019-7-29 02:51 PM | Show all posts
positioning is 50% of being an MM player, can you position right then you can win the match easily as long as you got some farm
 Author| Post time 2019-7-29 09:06 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-7-29 02:51 PM
positioning is 50% of being an MM player, can you position right then you can win the match easily a ...

Agreed. It's all about being able to position properly in every clash and being able to farm constantly.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I'll try to make one for the other roles as well. Cheers! :)
Post time 2019-7-31 04:56 PM | Show all posts
Really not my thing, I'm really really bad at positioning :(
And IMO, MM role is only good when you play -at least- duo with your friend as a Tank. When tank can't handle the enemy, he can tell you immediately and vice versa. But when you solo, it's hard to communicate, sometimes also happens a misunderstanding.
Post time 2019-8-3 04:53 AM | Show all posts
I will like to add 6th trait of marksman which is to push and destroy towers. this is the main role of marksman and many fail to do this. their secondary role is to support their team in team fights from the back.

most marksman I encountered only go for kills and neglected the importance of pushing towers. end up they caused their team to lose.
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