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[Hero Techniques] Xborg Tips and Tricks

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Edited by BD007 at 2019-8-7 07:52 PM

Hello guyz how are you?
Today i wanna talk about new upcoming hero Xborg.

I already played 55 matches with xborg on original server including rank games.
my win rate is 87%.
I know its not enough to write about guide or tips about a hero.
But for initial i think i can try a bit.

So lets go.

xborg is a support type fighter. And he is skill based fighter like leo or lapu or martis.
So their build you can also follow for xborg too.
he has hybrid bar. half is for hp and half is for armor.
he collects battery to refill his armor bar or armor. Plus it will automatically refill at idle time.

i want to make it short.
So i will share most important thing i have learned about xborg in last few days.

those who plays kimmy and balmond xbog suits their play style.
xbog has cc and damage immunity.
When xborg using his ultimate, he is immune from cc but not immune from damage.
His armor will take the damage.
When his armor is gone, he will eject himself from the armor on your targeted direction. In this process he will be totally immune from cc and damage both. even if turret locks him, turret will change lock to diffferent hero or minion instead.

Tips and Tricks

This also has some great advantages.
Suppose chou uses his ultimate or franco uses his ultimate on you. If you loose your armor in that process, you will still eject yourseulf from their ultimate and so they will waste their ultimate on you totally.

At his armor stage his 1st skill and 2nd skill has short range, but when he looses his armor, he gains long range with 1st and 2nd skill and his basic attack will have long range too like mm.

you can pull enemy towards you with your 2nd skill. Not only that you can pull battery towards you too.

When you warm up enemies or jungle monster, they will give you battery. Try to collect that. as long as you have armor, your opponenet cant do anything to you at all.

You are only vulnarable when you do not have armor, so play very carefully when you do not have armor. just wait till you have armor or collect battery to get your armor back.

To dive turret, wait for level 4 and full armor bar.
Then ask your team mate to launch attack with you. Dive in to turret and aim opponenet and use joystick like balmond spinning skill.
when his armor gone, it will explone and it will do massive damage more than zhask death damage. so if you almost finish your enemy or your team with your ultimate, just wait for the explostion. It will finish them.

it is better to use his ultimate on multiple enemies. The more the enemies more they get damage and mor you get spell vamp and your team can focus on killing them.


I use this build normally
bloodlust axe
warrior boots
queens wings
Blade of despair
Athenas shield
hunter strike

You can change build on your preference. Like if enemy has claude, kimmy, etc you can build blade armor instead.
He is support type fighter so he does not need more damage item.

For emblem i use fighter emblem with 2nd talent. It has build in spellvamp and the resistance i need.
For spell, i use execute for now. But i want to test sprint+ultimate to see if thats good or not.


Mage. He ha armor which has better defense against physical heroes. But it goes so fast with magical heroes.
Heroes like lunox, lylia, esmarelda, harith even aurora can kill him so easily. Their magic attack will finish the armor in just 1-2 seconds and then you are vulnarable.

Any cc in his armor stats with attack from team will finish his armor and makes him vulnarable.

keeping him away from taking batteries will also make him weak because then his armor will take much more time to recover.

Thats it guys. I tried my best to tell you guys my experience with xborg.
he is a good fighter and in right hand, he is really dangerous.

Post time 2019-8-7 08:01 PM | Show all posts
Thanks to this guide mod
Post time 2019-8-7 08:14 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing these awesome tips and tricks. I think these guidelines will be easy for me and the rest of the MLBB players to master.
Post time 2019-8-7 08:54 PM | Show all posts
BD bro, no need for a guide hahaha, just ult them in the tower and explode in their face izi kill
Post time 2019-8-7 08:54 PM | Show all posts
Thanks for the tips! I'm not going to use X.borg (the guide was great though) but now I know how to counter him Thanks once again!


hahahha no problem man. u r most welcome.  Post time 2019-8-7 09:28 PM
Post time 2019-8-7 08:58 PM | Show all posts
Your guide helped! And i stole your build thanks haha ^_^


hahha no problem. glad to know that.  Post time 2019-8-7 09:27 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-8-7 09:28 PM | Show all posts
IZxCOLD replied at 2019-8-7 08:54 PM
BD bro, no need for a guide hahaha, just ult them in the tower and explode in their face izi kill{:l ...

well that's one way to look at it -_-
but not the whole picture.
cheers man.
Post time 2019-8-7 10:31 PM | Show all posts
This indeed helps a lot.. Looks like ill buy him when he is released... Nice guide xD
Post time 2019-8-8 01:28 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing, i wanted to buy hum as next hero :D
Post time 2019-8-8 07:03 AM | Show all posts
does x.borg  available on original server?
just want to clarify, because i don't have bp now.
so i didn't try to buy him. but my friend says. he is not available.
but someone can use him in classic by the trials card. then if you encounter him on ranked game
he say maybe they glitch? they set the time and date of their phone to buy him. is this true? just want to know.
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