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[Team Tactics] How to Legit Be A Tank

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Edited by Yunozaki at 2019-8-24 02:28 AM

Welcome to the "How to Legit" Guides
Disclaimer: This segment will be the guide where I will explain how to be legit in certain roles. The goal here is to give the players an eye-opener when playing certain roles as well as the importance of the role, how to play it, and how it affects the tactical elements of the match. This guide, as well as future guides, will receive updates if the author receives new information.

So, you're going to try out tanking for the whole team huh? The Tank is a category of heroes capable of absorbing large amounts of damage from enemy attacks, they play an important role in Crowd Controlling, Damage Absorbing (aka Tanking) and protecting allies from danger. If you really want to take this role, you'll have to stand in front or close to your damage dealers to ensure they won't die before you do.

Challenges and Tips
When taking the tank role, here are some of the challenges you'll be facing. Like really, this is going to be harsh to you.

Tanking (Damage Absorbant)
This is simple, all you need to do is to get enough armour, magic resistance and health to be able to survive enemy attacks right? NOPE. I'll explain the issues here.

Build Reliant:
Players tend to worship Top Global/Local builds or the ridiculous segment called 'Pro Builds'. Let me clarify that those builds aren't fixed. Meaning those players will change builds based on the team and the enemies' lineup. You don't build physical armour against magic attacks. Be extra careful with how you plan your builds, pay attention to what you're buying.

True Damage vs Defense:
This is a no easy task when it comes to True Damage attacks (i.e. Endless Battle, Karrie, Thunder Belt, Turtle Buff, Calamity Reaper...). The simplest way here is to gain as much HP as you can from the items in order to survive it's the least you can do against an unblockable attack. True Damage cannot be reduced by any form of defence. Regardless of how thick your armour is. This is, however, reduceable with physical attacks.
Items with "Deter" can reduce the attacking enemy's "Physical Attack" by percentage, meaning the True Damage from Endless Battle is reduceable. Though it may or may not help much.

There's nothing much can be done here, there are enemies who can burst you into oblivion. Especially when you don't have enough defensive stats to compensate all those fug-ton of damages. Heck, even HP may not help you much at this point. In this case, a focus on the builds is crucial, if you identify who is capable of bursting, start building the right item to tank up from one or two bursts. From then on you may be able to waste one or two ults.

Teamfight Capabilities
This is focused on the challenges tankers will have to face when it comes to getting into team fights AND team tactics.

Ah yes, the classic problem in the MLBB community, the toxicity. And dayum I'd say this is hell for almost every player in this community. This challenge is pretty much a normal occasion as you can either talk back or just silently play the game anyway (Either in annoyance, in anger, frustration or just plain calm and laughing)
What you need to do here is to just ignore them, but don't do your thing. Play your role accordingly and try your best to stay a tank, it's fine to kill steal or anything, but just keep protecting your teammates. Ensure they are ready to strike when you want to initiate. Signal them, who knows? You might win after a huge battle between allies.

As for teammates, you're responsible for trying to stay alive and win battles. Don't blame the tank for not tanking you, at least you have to keep your distance, pay attention to the surroundings when you're alone and make sure your distance when tank initiates is close. You're not there to wait for a Minotaur or Tigreal to stun them, then went out to get some jungle buffs. Be prepared for anything. If they are literally bad at tanking and go alone most of the time. Tell them to read this guide.

Some Tank Heroes have game-changing skills which cause the fight to turn 180 degrees back to you. The one simple thing, which is trust, is the key to get a good grip on initiating fights. Tanks can go two ways, either they initiate the fight first, or they follow-up any on-going fights. When you're with a partying team, plan your attacks accordingly and decide on who to attack, when to initiate and for tanks, choose who to not die.

Have you been in a match where everyone jungles when you performed a very good crowd control game-changing combo? If so, then it's probably a huge miscalculation and miscommunication. It's fine, you can do it again after losing the match, either that or win it.

Selective Protection:
As a tank, people tend to say "Protect the highest damage dealer" aka Marksman. While it is completely true you'll have to protect the marksman, but keep in mind there are 3 more people in your team. Never, ever, lose your attention to them. A good tank always makes sure everyone stays in a safe spot and alive. Sure there may be some casualties, such as losing a mage, an assassin, a marksman... Or the whole fooking team. At the least, ensure they can last long during the duration of the team fight. Ensure the enemies are not close to the ranged units, even if the marksman/mage is dumb enough to get close to the enemies. Just make sure they're in range. (But to marksman, I'm going to write a damn guide if you guys can't tell the difference between a melee and a ranged unit. You people tend to become the tanks in the game...)

You can't rely only on one tank, I beg of you don't rely on just one tank. I've been playing Tigreal for who knows how many seasons and I regret it once I've started to spam this guy on ranked, everyone in the tank category can be very good IF the player is good at the hero. Study all of them, figure out their pros and cons and try to at least play a match or two... or 10... or 20... or even 50, 100. Play as much as you can to be good at the majority of them.

Remember that going alone is already considered a toxic behaviour, you are the tank. Your role is to absorb damage and protect your teammates from danger throughout the game. Don't expect them to follow you 24/7, you can lead all you want and all. But keep in mind they have items to build, surroundings to focus and trying to avoid death, leadership and consideration on that part is crucial. Don't just "Stop tanking" when they can't stay alive, and stop going on a solo trip just because they aren't performing well. Unless you're trying to segway a lane or retreating to a safe spot.

Tactical Approach
Damage vs Defence
Everyone, or in this guide, every Tank. Needs to know the types of defences as well as types of damage in order to figure out a good build, there's no need to think a lot regarding this, just pretty much common sense and you'll do just fine.
There are 4 types of Defence Attributes: Shield, Stats, Deter, and Damage Reduction

Shields are barriers that protect you from any incoming attacks through damage absorption, they are basically the "Extra Health" of anyone with shields. Items that have this kind of attributes are Athena's Shield and Rose Gold Meteor. While there are heroes that generate Shield naturally through either their passive or skills. Some of the obvious examples are Esmeralda and Harith. As for skills, there's the Aegis which provides a layer of Shield which increases as you level up.

- You cannot life-steal through Shield.

Stats refers to HP, Physical Defence and Magic Defence. They're raw defences that appear naturally on the hero's stats, can be set up on Emblems and can be provided through items during the match.
- Physical Defence minus-es the attack damage of the enemy, whether the damage came from basic attacks or skills.
- Magic Defence minus-es the magic damage of the enemy, whether the damage came from basic attacks or skills.
- Heroes like Khufra, whose damage is based on (%HP) converted into Magic Damage, still counts as Magic Damage.
- True Damage ignores both Physical Defence and Magic Defence, the damage is shown in white and directly aim towards HP.

Deter came from two items: Dominance Ice and Antique Cuirass, Deter reduces the attacker's basic attack by 6%, stacks 3 times, which is a total of 18% for a short duration. This attribute focuses more on physical damage dealers.

- Heroes with Endless Battle will have their True Damage potential reduced, this is due to EB's passive, which "Any skill is cast, the next attack will be x% of total Physical Attack as True Damage" is applied. Therefore, Deter will reduce the attacker's physical attack, thus making EB's True Damage potential reduced.
- Items with Deter effect can still stack along with Blade Armour, even if the damage is reduced, your survivability will be better.

Damage Reduction is a defence attribute that purely reduces and forms of attack except for True Damage. This particular attribute is not a part of the raw defences but rather placed in its own category. WoTaQ and Terizla are the only item and Hero to have the Damage Reduction mechanism.

- One reason is that Damage Reduction reduces incoming attacks by a percentage. Meaning the attacker will only be able to deal only a percentage of their attack to the target instead of going through simple math process. One simple example is "If Layla attacks Zilong with 50% Damage Reduction, Layla's will only deal half her damage to Zilong"

Defence vs Karrie/DHS
Karrie had been known to be able to kill off Tanks just as fast as killing their other teammates. One factor is that her passive, on every 5th attack, will strike an unobstructed True Damage. And since Karrie has very quick attack speed, her lethality in dealing multiple counts of True Damage is devastating.

- One approach would be using the Deter and Reflect mechanism, building a Deter item will reduce the True Damage and if you wish to last a bit longer, Blade Armor's +90 Physical Defence can help you block a few hits from her normal attacks. Of course, having large amounts of HP is highly recommendable.

- DHS (Demon Hunter Sword) is known to be the "Tank Killer" (Cringe!) since its damage is based on a percentage of your HP. Heroes like Claude has a higher chance of finishing you off with DHS thanks to his ult. This item is expensive and requires some time to farm. One tip here is to avoid getting large HP pool at the start of the game, but if you're quick enough, you can out-farm the DHS users. By stealing their jungles, lanes and other methods of stealing anything in sight,

1. Build wisely according to the enemies' lineup as well as allies' benefits.
- Get physical against physical attacks, and magic resist against magic attacks
- Get more health to survive from True Damage
- Identify and counteract builds against early/mid game burst heroes
2. Always make sure your teammates are ready/alive/survived
- Don't neglect them, tanking your ego is not worth it.
- Plan carefully and initiate at the right location/time and situations.
- Protect everyone, but always ensure which one is the utmost importance.
- Play your role. Be flexible.

Post time 2019-8-12 10:52 PM | Show all posts
Great tips! I'm not really a tank player but I will give it a try! Tbh, when playing as a tank, all I do is really try to protect my team mates and stun the enemy (like mino, akai, etc.). Thanks for sharing!
Post time 2019-8-13 12:17 AM | Show all posts
Edited by DennisST at 2019-8-12 11:18 PM

Iam also lolita user, because i like her passive give shield + athena shield give you more durability againts true damage and also you can stunt enemies, block projectile basic attack and skills, but if enemy have esmerelda, it will be worst nightmare for lolita.
Post time 2019-8-13 12:18 AM | Show all posts
this is awesome tips, thank you. i main khufra and yeah its annoying when i initiate but team is nowhere to be found (jungling closest enemy creep)
okay, what do you feel if the case is people on ur team just wont push, they either jungle or just focus on killing?
u think is justified to go alone to clear some minions for them to push turret?
also, in case of sacrificing urself so mm doesnt die. in what case do u think doing that is justified?
Post time 2019-8-13 12:26 AM | Show all posts
about true damage vs defense, it would be better if you explain a bit more. like how to make defense against karrie? or endless battle or dhs? i know blade armor is anti against kimmy and claude but what about karrie? other than that it is a very good and complete in depth guide about tanks. thank you.
Post time 2019-8-13 12:38 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for sharing tips, i am tank player also, myb something from here could get usefull :D
Post time 2019-8-13 01:22 AM | Show all posts
Tanks are really underrated and players fail to understand their significance.
As a Dota player, I am aware of what tanks should do!
Post time 2019-8-13 01:28 AM | Show all posts
good tips.  bright and clear
Post time 2019-8-13 03:50 AM | Show all posts
Great guide! i'm a tank main and i'm only lacking 3 more tanks, I usually help people play tanks and everything i say is already mentioned here. But the only "Bad" or "Annoying" thing when playing a tank is your team actually, you can't be available for all of your teammates, but all of your teammates need you, idk if you got my point, but they sometimes blame the tank for not helping while the tank is already helping someone else in another lane. And another thing i say (Which you briefly mentioned) is to never solo in anything, Don't clear a lane alone or don't push a turret alone, they both give gold and your teammates also need it.


Agreed a lot to this, there's only one tank and he/she needs to prioritize who to guard against. It's still possible to protect everyone but can't guarantee everyone survives XD  Post time 2019-8-13 08:28 AM
Post time 2019-8-13 08:34 AM | Show all posts
BD007 replied at 2019-8-13 12:26 AM
about true damage vs defense, it would be better if you explain a bit more. like how to make defense ...

Maybe Yunozaki meant damage reduction like Martis' second skill or Apocalypse Queen's Wings. Then again, I don't know if damage reduction items do reduce true damage.
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