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Author: Yunozaki
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[Team Tactics] How to Legit Be A Tank

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Post time 2019-8-13 09:06 AM | Show all posts
thanks for sharing
 Author| Post time 2019-8-13 09:36 AM | Show all posts
Alpha_Omega2nd replied at 2019-8-13 12:18 AM
this is awesome tips, thank you. i main khufra and yeah its annoying when i initiate but team is now ...

Good question!
1. They would push eventually, but since greed is a deadly sin to most MLBB matches it's a guarantee some of them would think about getting kills.
- It's fine if you go and clear minions alone, just make sure you don't stay too long, otherwise enemies will notice. You will also be a temporary space creator by letting the enemies retreat and defend.
- The minions can play their role in damaging the turrets, you can attack the turret if you must. But it'll take a lot of time, enough for your opponents to notice.

I've solo pushed lanes before too, but not often (Which is somewhat a contradiction to my guide). so it's justifiable IF it is used tactically. You can intentionally expose yourself for others to notice, or clear, hit and run when your opponents aren't visible on the map.

2. Sacrifice is one thing a tank commonly does, and it's pretty much the wall of every defender.
It's not just the MM, but any other allies in the match alone.
- The term sacrifice here necessarily means to die but to absorb as many skills, ults, combos and attacks as possible. Enough for the game to change its course, and still be able to survive throughout the duration of the fight.
- While the faults and responsibilities can vary, MM is one of the many heroes that are vulnerable enough to the point where it'll just instantly and magically disappear in the map all of a sudden. In other words, they're squishy AS FU--
They need someone to absorb all those insta-death combos, and it's either the tank, fighter, or some random guy willing to block it just so they can continue to deal damage. After all, tanks don't have a lot of damage to begin with.

Hope this answers the question (O uO)b
Post time 2019-8-13 09:50 AM | Show all posts
very good guide and all the comments from the others. TANK is the father of the game, protect all the babies.

but i just hate it when there are some idiots players will say noob tank or say report the tank when we always die for saving the other players. this is always apply to those arrogant fighter or assassin players that keep insist want to kill only(fxxking hate this kind of players when they can't even play tank)

but many Tank players fail is because they will just buy the item base on the Pro Build and not buying item base on the game situation and judgement on enemy heroes, this is one of the main thing the tank players need to concern
Post time 2019-8-13 03:19 PM | Show all posts
i've found myself being a good tank after actually not engaging in the most random moments ever, just wait it off in a bush or something and then jump on them
Post time 2019-8-13 07:00 PM | Show all posts
how about roaming and rotation? Do you mind elaborate abit on those ?


Sure! It'll be done for a little while  Post time 2019-8-14 11:21 AM
Post time 2019-8-13 09:09 PM | Show all posts
Khaweja replied at 2019-8-12 10:50 PM
Great guide! i'm a tank main and i'm only lacking 3 more tanks, I usually help people play tanks and ...

Yeah but sometimes you make others upset because you're protecting the main carry, which is why i'm not playing tanks a lot unless i'm playing trio or 5men.
Post time 2019-8-15 01:06 AM From mobile phone | Show all posts
Yunozaki replied at 2019-8-13 09:36 AM
Good question!
1. They would push eventually, but since greed is a deadly sin to most MLBB matches ...

Thank you for the replies, this helps me justifies and make better decisions from someone who knows better.
Post time 2019-8-15 01:32 AM | Show all posts
Halbikx replied at 2019-8-13 08:34 AM
Maybe Yunozaki meant damage reduction like Martis' second skill or Apocalypse Queen's Wings. Then  ...

i alao have less idea about defense against true damage. that's why asked.
Post time 2019-8-17 08:08 PM | Show all posts
Ohh man, I loved it. Just like many other im just as confused with the buildaing phase regarding true and burst damage.


Loooks like I'll have to update on the guide soon, to help out a bit with the type of defenses and true damage XD  Post time 2019-8-18 03:17 PM
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