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[Hero Balance] Role problem in ML and role supposed to be in MOBA

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Post time 2019-8-12 11:48 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts |Read mode

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Edited by FatalXBullet at 2019-8-13 12:37 AM
I will say problem to any heroes role that dev should fix it.

Marksman -

Mm should be in bottom lane along with support and tank support. Dev didn't know all mm in ML nowadays (even low tier) play in bottom lane rather than midlane along with support and tank.

Tank -

They should be more durable than all heroes. Defence item should be buff (+ pls add magic resistance item) and pls don't nerf their durable. For me much better having 1 tank and 1 support composition rather than 2 tank composition. 2 tank composition will lead to nerfing tank heroes. Then, please don't make tank has high damage. Only CC skill with high durability is enough for tanker. Tank should more roaming and control map, not always killing. Why we need dmg tank if we already have carry heroes (assassin, mm and mage).

Support -

Support still underwelming. They should be more supportive and make more durable/survivability rather than having more damage. Pls make support has better/stronger CC than tank but weaker durable than tank. Then, if they are healing heroes, make them or allies (especially mm in early game) more survivability and harder to kill.

Assassin (Jungler) -

In current meta, Assassin role is not good pick (except for some certain assassin). They should more jungling because jungle is just nothing now. All can kill jungle buff and assassin should be more solo jungling. Assassin only need leveling power spike, not item power spike. So make them fed by leveling jungle monster and killing monster. They should buff base damage from skill and weaken item damage from skill. (Just like what you buff Gusion dmg recently). Honestly damage Fighter > Assassin in currently, so wtf you make Assassin weaker damage than Fighter.

Fighter (Offlaner) -

Fighter is typically balance and mostly are play in offlane (top lane) but some Fighter role are not real Fighter role like Dyrroth. Fighter should have both decent durablity and offense, not high damage but weaker durability.

Mage (Midlaner or Dmg Support)

Mage cannot do anything else other than killing. Their job only to find kill. It is good if mage has high damage but please don't have high durability and mobility. If they have no blink skill, please make them more stronger than mobility mage. For high mobility mage, pls make them weaker damage than non mobile mage.

All heroes -

Don't make all heroes has insane damage. Let them do their job, not make them all as a killer. Btw, killing all time cannot winning a game, it only a bonus to secure winning. If you want to make or revamp a hero (especially tank, support), try to make them OP in other way (not always by damage). Then, only jungler supposed to take a buff.

Push only = Bad
Kill only = Even bad
Push and Kill = Good

Note: DOT@ is very different than other moba. They didn't have real role unlike other moba (they only have 3, physical, magical and durability). So, it kinda hard to roling a heroes in ML if they follow DOT@ role (that why dev keep releasing Mage and Fighter). Actually, ML (and any other moba) and DOT@ playstyle pretty much different, tbh.

Dev should fix this because ML too broken rn. Thank you.

Post time 2019-8-13 12:04 AM | Show all posts
Wow I like everything you said and I'm agree with you. But for this kind of idea I think we need to wait for a balance of heroes so idk let's see what will happen in the future (hope better)
Post time 2019-8-13 12:07 AM | Show all posts
I agree with tank problem, after magic resistance got nerf tank more weak and i agree with tank need more cc rather than damage, for example esmeralda (Mage and tank) as we know mage have high damage and tank more durability = op hero
Post time 2019-8-13 12:15 AM | Show all posts
well official did put those heroes and provided a method to play them. but player often make their own method and play with that. i only agree about tank. because tank shouldn't deal damage like adc. nowdays hylos, kaja(kaja is fighter but people use him hybrid), grock, uranus, khufa ken deal tons of damage and can kill almost any role in early to mid game. but tank not supposed to get kill in my opinion. and what is the difference between side lane and bottom lane? just asking.
moving this to suggestion sub section.


you can always edit. cheers.  Post time 2019-8-15 05:15 PM
Sorry. I want to say bot lane but I type side lane.  Post time 2019-8-13 12:38 AM
Post time 2019-8-13 12:47 AM | Show all posts
I agree in some ways with you, mages should go mid because of hifher demage in early game, but i wouldnt let some heros go solo (fighters) jawhead is more tank then assassin and he only deal high dmg in early game, and we need less heros with high mobility
Post time 2019-8-13 12:53 AM | Show all posts
Tbh, Eudora is pretty balanced since she has high damage while her mobility is weak. But I don't feel like mages like Lylia is just too op due to her high mobility when using her skills and her high damage early AND late game. Definitely agree with your mage section
Post time 2019-8-13 01:30 AM | Show all posts
Great suggestions..
Post time 2019-8-13 03:40 AM | Show all posts
Not all heroes have insane damage, that's what makes the game fun imo, Yes some heroes aren't balanced but that's just how it is with almost all the games, moba or not. The game's current meta is actually bad but it's going to change with more underrated heroes coming into the meta, like kagura. Marksmen should not go mid lane except for kimmy, i agree. almost no one looks at what the in game suggestions are (Mm mid etc...) and they just play how they're used to.
Post time 2019-8-13 07:13 AM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-8-13 08:53 AM | Show all posts
Great suggestion, but the thing here is it takes some time before changes can take effect. ML would have to focus on old heroes more and diminish on making new ones. That's not bad per se, but right now ML is still growing and they should be capitalizing on that. Once they reach a good abundance of heroes like around 100 to 130, they should stop or slow down making new heroes and focus on balancing them since balancing 130 heroes is a fat ass challenge.
Huge season end updates would work for these changes to be implemented. For now, we'll just have to keep suggesting in hopes that ML is listening to us.
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