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[Hero Techniques] How to marksmen properly

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i mainly play as tank or fighter but there are times when
no one wanted to play MM, so i picked them up. what im struggling with is how to make sure myself
keep farming and build item fast cuz most of the times i just got distracted and drew to a teamfight thats happening early game which i cant help much.
most of the times i would even end up dying. slowing my gold even more.
but if i dont team will just start calling me out,
please advise on how should i play mm from the early, the rotation, they important stuffs.
thank you

Post time 2019-8-20 09:48 PM | Show all posts
Eizy replied at 2019-8-20 09:34 AM
big mistake, dont ever let mm get a solo lane. He will get ganked easily by enemy's midlaner. I be ...

for that you do not show yourself too on the map so it is not easy to gank ... just farming in jungle and cleaning lane
Post time 2019-8-20 07:41 AM | Show all posts
Maybe it's better to solo lane to be able to level up faster and be able to join ganking, but don't get kidnapped by the enemy ..
prioritizing farming (last hit to the minion especially) to be at least 2 core items you can join ganking..
Post time 2019-8-20 12:00 PM | Show all posts
which MM you like ? this is the most important thing you need to know. different MM have different kind of play style.
decide which MM you like, find youtube for the top 1 global player and watch their replay, keep watching on how they play for the first 5minutes(very important)
1. try to reach lvl 40 for your mm emblem asap
2. as i said, watch replay
3. study on the build item and emblem build
4. positioning during the game (dont play like a figther)
5. as BD007 said, map awareness is important, die lesser will be better
6. always observe the item bought by your enemy

and you need to know your own heroes weakness in order not to let the enemy aim you. just like me in legend, enemy know that MM is squishy, they will come over to our jungle lane to disturb or rob your mobs just not to let u farm. once the MM past the first 10 minutes without proper farming, you are gone.

And who said MM without jungle item cannot farm jungle mobs ? (MM newbie or noob will said that) watch more MM top global players play style, you will understand why i say so. when your mm emblem is high, no need to buy jungle item to farm(wasting time and gold)

you can always feel free to ask me more on MM (because i m a noob, just play MM only) lol
Post time 2019-8-20 04:26 AM | Show all posts
I played as mm more than 5k matches. So i will give you what i learned from my experience so far.
Most important part about mm is map awareness. You need to aware of your position at all time at all cost.
If you can master this, you can survive near death situation on daily basis.
So master this first. As a tank player it should be easy for you to identify danger zone. but you need to save yourself and keep safe distance from danger all the time.
2nd thing is farm. You need to farm and help your team at the same time.
And decide when to farm and when you help your team.
Mastering these two will help you a lot to learn mm fast.
Also watch live stream of your fav mm or mm you wanna master.
Post time 2019-8-20 01:52 AM | Show all posts
My strat is basically, farm your lane as long as you can. If the enemy ganks just recall regardless of your HP and stay behind tanks in teamfights
Post time 2019-8-20 02:10 AM | Show all posts
Farm as much as possible, dont touch jg if you dont have jg items, if you are agressive go and try to steap something from enemy jg, and have decent supp or tank with you, idk ehy but grock kimmy is popular combo now
Post time 2019-8-20 06:58 AM | Show all posts
Marksmen aren't easy, Most mm should farm. And by farming i don't mean using retribution and wiping out the jungle, Farming also includes getting kills, getting last hits from minion waves, and even getting turrets or lord/turtle. Getting your core items is a must, Don't be afraid to kill your enemies. Your job is to get fed, and even die sometimes. You should be able to reach level 12 at the minute 8 mark, by doing so the lord will spawn and will be less tanky in order to kill him. Crab spawns at the 1st minute, so get it because it gives extra gold. Your rotation should be a farming rotation till level 10, You're usually in the side lanes, you can gank mid if you want for some gold too.
Post time 2019-8-20 10:34 AM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-8-20 07:41 AM
Maybe it's better to solo lane to be able to level up faster and be able to join ganking, but don't  ...

big mistake, dont ever let mm get a solo lane. He will get ganked easily by enemy's midlaner. I bet
Post time 2019-8-20 02:44 PM | Show all posts
also mm first priority should be to destroy towers and not purely getting kills. I see a lot of mm do not destroy towers when they have opportunity to do so.
Post time 2019-8-20 07:39 PM | Show all posts
Dying is the worst mistake for a marksman. More than 3 deaths early on means you are most likely going to feed in the whole game. No damage = useless.
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