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[Account] Bug in account

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Post time 2019-8-26 08:11 PM | Show all posts |Read mode

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Hei , my InGame name is VirO , id : 49530920 (6043)
My current rank is on Legend V
My gold  is exactly 31.765
I try from 2 days to make the gold 32.000 for herro but is some bug , i got no gold for playing rank , classics and brawl from 2 days .... something is wrong , then another problem lunox have a big bug , sometimes wen she start atack u , your controls goes wrong and blocked , did the same bug to me more then 4 times against lunox , i used lylia by that time , and lose the scroll u cant run , the herro stopes instantly letting her kill you ,.
Another shit is the ulty on guinevere her ult is too much really , wen she jump in someone mostly is instant kill , wich have refresh at 2 seccond or what ? How a huinevere can ult 2x in max 10 s , where goes this game with all this bugs, same for losing stars couse game do lag for people instable , very much instable , make separate servers and divide us somehow to be less lag

AND the huge problem is HACKERS
I played random with a turkis player saying to me every place where enemmy are on the map , how they go , what cd they have or stuff like that , seriously !? Hackers on mob legends and we lose stars , that is the why why cant touch mythic couse they are full cheaters , hame is full of them

Who care about us?
Post time 2019-8-26 08:22 PM | Show all posts
Report all these problems one by one to customer service in game (blue person icon), about this bug and who is using cheat / hack
they will respond and care about this, try it
Post time 2019-8-26 08:26 PM | Show all posts
Hmm have you contact costumer service, I hope that you have evidence of that big also, you can contact customer service in the game (blue icon in the left corner), for GUI ultimate it's possible because of her passive and there is an item that can reduce ultimate cd for 35% for every kill, name of that item is fleeting time
Post time 2019-8-26 09:19 PM | Show all posts
for bp, it seems you have reached the threshold. normal player can only get 7500 BP's per week where starlight members get 9k bp per week with 5% extra in each match. you can also increased limit with double bp card.for lunox ultimate bug we need video proof of the bug, your profile id number, server id number, device model and os version, game client version, date when you faced the bug, how to trigger the bug info.
Guinevere one ks suggestion than bug. please provide that in separate thread in suggestion sub section.
last one also needs proof. follow same lunox bug one.
Post time 2019-8-26 09:36 PM | Show all posts
By gold if you mean battle points then might be that you didn't get anymore battle points on any mode you play due to that you've received your weekly battle points capped.
I'm not quite sure about the second issue with lunox using her skill and your hero being suddenly stops moving. Would help much more if you could provide a video.
Guinevere skill 1 has this passive when everytime it hits a target, the cooldown of her skills reduced by 1 second and if she has an equipment fleeting time as well, then pretty much it is possible because that equipment reduce the ultimate skill by 35% whenever you get a kill.
Regarding hackers, Moonton I believe is working and improving on their anti cheat system from time to time and compared from before, the number of hackers especially the map hack has being significantly reduced to very little to few.
Hopefully that the developers are only going to be more aggressive on making the anti cheat system much capable to detect those hacks/cheats/exploits form this point forward.
 Author| Post time 2019-8-26 11:10 PM | Show all posts
Well , regards of all rules u got for the game , the matches are not staying recorded , wich i use nipad pro 6th gen 2018 , no way of my tabled doing problems.
The lunox bug i think tested more .
The game have periods , periods wen he leave you to win and periods wen the game drain your stars , wich everyone has this problem , is a game issue , we cant be separated of turkis and assian players wich they are the one who use cheats , more then all .
By the informations i got , some romanian guy working in IT side , has got inside the files of the game making severly modify to see the map , enemmy on it , and others , wich they duplicate the game and use an alternative game hacked .
This situations wont change the fackt as we make bad score on ower accounts .
Maybe an autopatch or something replacing the old files always just in case they are modified , same league of legends client does, and others , regardless , i love the game
Has big issue with lag , cheaters
 Author| Post time 2019-8-27 01:36 AM | Show all posts
Have a look of hacking or some shit like that ,
Apart from the side we lost farm and the match , who cares ? How we recover losts ?

This has happend today .
Post time 2019-8-27 01:20 PM | Show all posts
Kirahisaki replied at 2019-8-27 12:36 AM
Have a look of hacking or some shit like that ,

Contact to
Report it
Post time 2019-8-27 01:27 PM | Show all posts
Edited by DennisST at 2019-8-27 12:29 PM

Thats black map surely not from the hacker, its bug in latest version of mlbb for some devices, clear game and system cache or re install the game may help solve the problem.
Post time 2019-8-27 01:48 PM | Show all posts
The bug whwre you can't move.. that's been popping up a lot lately, is there somehow a connection between it and the new patch?
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