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[Hero Gear Tips] MOSKOV on his FULL POTENTIAL!?

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Edited by TheScreamer01 at 2019-9-14 09:48 PM

Information included in this post is not mainstream.I would like to change that...


  One of the most scary late game Marksmen, always considered good but also kind of inconsistent and impractical and thats because of the fact that he is actually really squishy, counterable, and even hard to control.

  Its common sense for a Marksman user to use adc build on Moskov, maybe build additional defence or some kind of armor in many cases, eg: "Immortality", "Rose gold meteor". Commonly, the most effective builds for Moskov would revolve around critical with attack speed and may include items such as "Demon Hunter Sword" and "Endless Battle". Building Moskov that way will result in him having an insane damage output, but this wont be as practical as he still will be squishy and prone to cc and one-shots, while having too many defensive items will just make him less effective.

The Solution:

  I thought it would be fun to experiment with troll builds. Out of curiosity I was trying to find a build that would permanently stun lock the enemies on the wall. So I came up with this.

Screenshot_20190914-065643_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.png + Screenshot_20190914-071956_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.png + Screenshot_20190914-071739_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.png

It is possible to use Marksman emblem too Screenshot_20190914-071753_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.png

You can also replace enchanted talisman with "Oracle" for magic resistance Screenshot_20190914-072211_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.png , but then you must use assassin emblem exclusively for the 10% CDR it gives, and you also sacrifice the essential mana regen.

  I will admit it looks weird on first sight. The whole point of this build was to get Moskov to maximum CDR and max AttackSpeed while having the addition of "Golden Staff"'s passive, so he can successfully manage to stunlock his enemies. It actually works, but does it have enough potential to be an actual build?

  According to my testings, not only he is capable of dealing decent damage to any kind of enemy (tanky or not), but it turns out that his ridiculously mobile dashing in less than 1sec,  he is resistant to enemys attacks, he can escape cc with purify, and of course he can use his stun almost anytime. He also has alot of lifesteal on top, plus good mana regen.

Looking deeper,

1. This Build uses "Demon Hunter Sword", not only that but it fully benefits from the maximum AttackSpeed it finally gets and of course makes a good item combination with "Golden Staff". In addition, this is the first item to be bought in early game which gives enough damage already early on.

2. Due to his passive which reduces the CD of Skills 1-2 with each attack, plus the maximum CDR, plus the passive of "Golden Staff" and his maximized attack speed, He is capable of dashing in less than a second in-between basic attacks. This gives many opportunities of dodging incomming skillshots and CC, while making him capable of chasing even the most mobile heroes in the game.

3. The cooldown of his second skill replenishes ridiculously fast and it is more than enough to permanently stunlock an enemy on the wall in any 1v1 situation, this is especially scary combined with his already insane mobility as he can deal with all sorts of heroes without an exception.

4. The constant use of skills triggers the item passives, those being "Endless Battle" and "Thunderbelt". With those two items, Moskov can deal tons of true damage to any kind of squishy or tanky heroes.

5. The slow given by "Thunderbelt"'s passive after every dash keeps the enemies in a desired distance.

6. Both "Demon Hunter Sword" and "Endless Battle", combined with "Golden Staff"'s passive boost Moskov's lifesteal by decent amounts so he can replenish health in or out of combat.

7. He is given mana regen by the use of "Enchanted Talishman", of course he consumes relatively high amounts at the same time thought.

8. He is durable because of the "Thunderbelt", and "Oracle" if used (sacrificing the mana regen).

9. The use of purify is really good as he can avoid punishment from hard CC. Any other spell is not used to its fullest eitherway, besides Retribution for fast farming. Eg: Inspire (with max attack speed it is unnessesary), Sprint (he doesnt need extra mov speed as he will be dashing most of the time), Flicker (this is just a waste). Maybe aegis is a good option but i dont feel it is nessesary.

10. The total item cost is less than that of a common adc build.

11. Moskov gets very strong earlier in the game around his 4th item.

Really, the only disadvantage is the slightly less damage provided, but in the end that doesnt even matter as he can still kill super fast squishy or tanky heroes and survive tough situations. With the mobility of his he wont let the enemy escape anyway.

  I've played quite enough games with Moskov and im decent at using him at this point. My highest rank is mythic 60 plus stars, im a player since season 1 and moskov is along the top of my favourite hero pics. From my experience using this build I was really surprised to see the outcomes. My kda is always high now with Moskov and I can carry almost all of my matches without the fear of counters, most of which are fighter heroes that this build specialises to keep a a safe distance from. I totally recommend this and I really hope one day this ensures a spot in the META for my favourite Moskov.

P.S./Edit: you can still replace the last item (it being "Enchanted Talisman" or "Oracle") with "Blade Of Despair" if you feel unsafe about the damage, but then the maximum CDR you can get will be 30% (and you will certainly miss the mana regen) and im not sure if i recommend that. A good alternative is also "Hunter Strike" which gives that extra 10% CDR. In both cases you still have to use the assassin emblem with the CDR buff unlocked.
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pretty wierd build but i will give it a shot
Post time 2019-9-16 12:34 AM | Show all posts
My moskov build is slightly different..i gotta say, i'm feeling tempted to try out your build, see how it works. It's kinda hard these days with this meta we have to deal with..i'll give it a go though..  
Post time 2019-9-14 03:21 PM | Show all posts
Interesting, for me its not the build but just your positioning and your abbility to farm well that makes these late game adcs strong
Post time 2019-9-14 04:23 PM | Show all posts
adc = attack damage carrier.
where is damage in that build?
if you use it in late game, you cannot carry the team.
no critic build = trash
Post time 2019-9-14 07:17 PM | Show all posts
I really need to test this build. I play moscov but i do not have proper build. I changed his build many times but still not comfortable with any build. Not only you provided build but also explained each item and how they cope up with his passive and his game play style. Thanks a lot for sharing.
 Author| Post time 2019-9-14 07:54 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Charles at 2019-9-20 10:22 PM
ozgunlu replied at 2019-9-14 04:23 PM
adc = attack damage carrier.
where is damage in that build?
if you use it in late game, you cannot c ...

He might lack critical, but note that Demon Hunter and Endless Battle are excellent items to build in early game. Later with the addition of Golden Staff to boost Demon Hunter's effectiveness and plus the super low cooldowns and the addition of Thunderbelt which will make him spam True damage it almost completes Critical builds. I know because I tested this. On the other hand you build defence for compensation so the forces are equalised. The point of this build anyway is for Moskov to survive in the META vs his counters which are mostly fighter heroes. Eitherway many heroes more or less build some sort of defense or utilise passive skills (Granger for example and many other burst fighters such as Roger who could just go on full adc) and as I said, this less damage is not big of a deal as you can still kill pretty fast (or fast enough to fulfill your purpose as a marksman I should say), (this build is effective in any given situation both vs squishy and tanky heroes) and even outplay easier if nessesary, so you have nothing to loose and many more to gain in your advantage. Imagine a match where you get one shotted instantly. Would you sell your items just to buy Immortality or trust this build?
Make sure to check the additional details at the bottom of my post marked as "P.S.". You may find them interesting (those were most recently edited).

IZxCOLD replied at 2019-9-14 03:21 PM
Interesting, for me its not the build but just your positioning and your abbility to farm well that  ...

Of course on an advantage - easy game a full damage build is beneficial as it will secure the game faster. At this point you might aswell build  whatever you want as it doesn't matter that much. I am refering to the situation where you need to play safe and outplay your counters.

BD007 replied at 2019-9-14 07:17 PM
I really need to test this build. I play moscov but i do not have proper build. I changed his build  ...

I will be glad hearing your feedback!


ok, i will try :)  Post time 2019-9-14 10:53 PM
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I want to say thank you for this guide.
I can play all mks but not Moskov is like impossible for me
So respect for all main Moskov because in late game is hard against him and my brain screams loudly OMG RUNNNNNN


nope I tell I can't understand him xD I think first I will watch some video on yt  Post time 2019-9-23 04:35 AM
Tried*  Post time 2019-9-23 03:54 AM
My best tip would be: go from behind and wait for the right moment, then kill their carries. Thats moskov!  Post time 2019-9-23 03:53 AM
Have you tied this build?  Post time 2019-9-23 03:52 AM
Post time 2019-11-11 06:33 AM | Show all posts
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