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[New Hero Incoming] Masha - Wild-oats Fist

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A powerful female berserker with 3 HP Bars! Fortitude and Unyielding are the best descriptions of her. Defeat can only make her stronger! Do you want to test the power of her fists? Come and watch the new episode of Hero Spotlight!

Background Story

There was a land in the far north called Nost Gal, where it was winter snow all year round. It was also known as the land closest to the Frozen Sea. In Nost Gal's long history was a mythical Bear.

In the early days of Nost Gal, there were thousands of bears that lived and fought with the people of Nost Gal. With the help of the bears, they were able to survive in the world full of ice and snow. Then, there was a young Masha, who was a descendant of famous hunters in Nost Gal. She had a special ability to talk with the bears. She thought that the spirit of bears - to forever fight without giving up - was the spirit of Nost Gal.

Soon, people in Nost Gal discovered the ancient "Beast Power" of the Bear, which was believed to have helped these bears protect themselves and live long. In order to get and harness this power, people of Nost Gal began to kill bears and consequently started a war with the bears. The Bear King found that the bears were no longer respected by the people of Nost Gal. He led his bears to resist and even attacked Nost Gal. The friendship between Nost Gal and the bears was totally broken. Masha knew how important the bears were to the people of Nost Gal. She started to rescue these bears by herself and helped them return to their Bear King. This enraged the people of Nost Gal. They not only decided to continue slaughtering the bears but also to arrest Masha. However, the Bear King knew everything the Nost Gal people did and decided to punish the Nost Gal people by releasing the ancient power of Bear to transform those people who attacked the bears into a "Human-Bear Hybrid".

Masha watched her people die. She decided to stop the bear invasion after escaping from Nost Gal. She intended to solve the conflict between Nost Gal and the bears. However, she was too weak to fight against the Bear King. Many bears followed their Bear king and attacked Masha. No matter how many times she was knocked down, Masha stood up and tried to find a way to defeat the Bear King. She used her special ability to communicate with the bears and let the bears fight against each other. When the chance came, Masha gave a final blow and defeated the Bear King.

Masha could have defeated the Bear King, but the power of the Bear King was about to hit those innocent bears. She chose to protect the innocent. She was hit by the Bear King and fell down on the ground. The Bear King stopped his attack when he saw Masha getting hurt and finally forgave the Nost Gal people. He healed Masha with an ancient power, which also gave her 3 lives. The Bear King promised to Masha that there would be no war between the bears and Nost Gal. Masha became the only power of the bears with which she would continue to use to protect Nost Gal The Nost Gal people and the bears lived in harmony.

The view isn't enough? Here's the full skill information of Masha. Learn and analyze her skills so that you can maximize her abilities once she's officially released and aim to be number in Leaderboards!

Passive Skill - Ancient Strength

Masha gets Ancient Strength from Bear King and has 3 HP Bars. Every time she loses 1 HP bar, Masha can hold damage once. Masha will die when she loses her last HP Bar. Every time Masha loses 1% of HP, Attack Speed increases by 1.2%. Masha will get 10% Physical Lifesteal when she loses her first HP Bar. She will get 10% Physical Lifesteal.
1st Skill - Wild Power

Masha unleashes her Wild Power, increasing her Movement Speed by 20% and dealing Physical Damage equivalent to 3.5% of target's maximum HP with each basic attack. For every 1 second, Masha will lose 1.5% of her maximum HP when Wild Power is used.
2nd Skill -         Howl Shock

Masha roars ahead and discharge Energy Shock to the target, dealing Physical Damage 200 (+100% Extra Physical Attack) and slowing them down by 40% for 2 seconds. If Masha hits an enemy Hero, Masha can cause a Disarm effect to the targeted Hero for 2 seconds. If the target takes damage the Disarm effect ends immediatly.
Ultimate Skill - Thunder Clap

Masha launches a Powerful Charge after reducing 50% of her HP. When she approaches the target, she will release Thunderclap which deals Physical Damage equivalent to 15% (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) of her maximum HP and causes them to slow down by 90% for 1 second..
Special Skill - Life Recovery

Masha recovers 100% of the HP from her last HP bar using all her energy. Not available during Battle Mode or not enough energy.


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Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-9-16 09:35 AM
After all this time finally came too  btw, I really like her trailer

Buff masha a little bit, whenever she loses 1 hp bar, she should gain a half second immunity to all dmg as even with a tank build she is way squishier than dyrroth but dyrroth is better at dealing dmg and durability, splitting her total hp to 3 bars is just a gimmick to make her appealing to players thinking that she is op or strong, i mean her last hp bar is useless considering it only takes 1.5 hits to kill her last hp bar, adding this buff will make her fit in the tank role, as for now she should be classified as assasin fighter as hiding in bushes and doing burst is the only way to make her viable, that is why i stop watching these youtubers like horroro channel and ect, their analysis are pure bs and are so far from reality..  

Post time 2019-9-16 09:35 AM | Show all posts
After all this time finally came too btw, I really like her trailer
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