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[Request] Ling is too much

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Edited by Moona at 2019-9-20 10:48 AM

Please remove the knockup on the ult.He has 2 cc skill so at least remove one of them to atleast give mm and mage to fight back because if he use his auto attack from far away & skill 2 blink crit ,ur hp is already in half and can't run away if he use his aoe knockup ult plus invisible.

also don't forget to adjust the other hero that immune basic attack like Karina ,Lolita & Aldous because sometimes he can crit them  but 50/50 chance of occuring.Not to mention ling blink skill considered to be enchanced basic attack)
Post time 2019-9-20 11:48 AM | Show all posts
yes. he's weird. almost feels like 1st generation lance.
assassins souldn't have cc skill.
Post time 2019-9-20 11:24 AM | Show all posts
its fine in my opinion he is normal as all other assassin,we will not know  if he should be nerf or not, till it releases in the original servers .
Post time 2019-9-20 02:27 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Ar3neKn1ght at 2019-9-20 02:31 PM

Did you play advance server. I don't think he is op since his dmg nerf really hard and he is too squishy to deal with op heroes. His level just like current Lance and Haya, only deal good dmg in mid to late game. And what a point to cc target if he squishy and deal less dmg in early game.
Post time 2019-9-20 03:00 PM | Show all posts
Yea Agree. He can be a bit op  since he will be released early, but montoon will eventually make him balanced like the current lance, haya. Since it is not released in global, we dont know how he will turn out.
Post time 2019-9-20 03:18 PM | Show all posts
Since its still in Advanced Server, there is high chance Ling will get adjustment and maybe a revamp, from what i see in recent patch notes, he already have much adjustment like they reduce critc damage
 Author| Post time 2019-9-20 03:20 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Moona at 2019-9-20 03:24 PM
Ar3neKn1ght replied at 2019-9-20 02:27 PM
Did you play advance server. I don't think he is op since his dmg nerf really hard and he is too squ ...

I played in advanced server.Well to be honest, his 2 skill blink stun is removed which is great and that's it.He like the fanny version but much better which is why his more superior than fanny.But the way he can kill you surprisedly easy even though you ran away from teamfight bcuz low health or at the 2nd turret is so frustrating
Post time 2019-9-20 03:30 PM | Show all posts
Moona replied at 2019-9-20 03:20 PM
I played in advanced server.Well to be honest, his 2 skill blink stun is removed which is great and ...

Owh, I see. His escape is great when he almost last hit by enemy. Only bad thing is he cannot escape on the wall if he doesn't have enough energy.
Post time 2019-9-20 03:45 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
I think that Ling is balanced. Even he has big damage, he is so squishy. Someday the devs I believe will nerf his energy just like Fanny. What makes Ling OP is his mana regen which is very fast. Once his mana regen nerfed, it will be replaced with a buffed armor. Ling will be like Fanny which hungry for monster buff. That is my opinion.
Post time 2019-9-20 03:49 PM | Show all posts
Ling is super weak early game, he atleast need 3 items to be effective otherwise he lacks damage, mid game his performs like ana assassin should, but late game he's a god, no mm or mage can survive him he will one or two shot depends on his crit damage, he will eliminate their carry even if there together and escape safely, gussion destroys him early and mid game, ling has no chance against him and even late game both can kill each other superfast, I don't think he needs a nerf, cos he's a late game assassin like Natalia.
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