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[Item Balance] Remove roam items from mlbb

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Post time 2019-9-20 09:19 AM | Show all posts |Read mode
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-9-20 10:02 AM | Show all posts

Tbh I can't disagree with you about this because I agree.

I really hate how spoonfed this game has become. First they removed that 4mins gold penalty from laning if you buy jungling items, which BALANCED the game for the first time ever because it made the game longer and prevent Gusions from being able to end the game at 7mins. Now? There's a lot of stuff changed such as tier 2 and 3 jungle items able to insta-retribution monsters when previously you had to manually aim it if there's enemy heroes nearby.

Too much spoonfeeding and I think it's degenerating the game.
Post time 2019-9-20 11:47 PM From mobile phone | Show all posts
It's because the developer know mobile legend era is coming to end and people will start dota/LOL moba after it release . The only reason people play mobile legend right now is because people dont have strong device to play arena of valor , but that's going to change when dota/lol release their mobile version .
So yeah they make everything faster so they can gain maximum money before mobile legend era finished .
Post time 2019-9-20 10:24 PM | Show all posts
i also think old game was a but more balanced than now.
recent heroes are much more stronger and powerful than old heroee except faramis, masha, dyrooth etc. roaming item makes everything much more easier and no need to farm for tanks or support heroes at all. the game needs to be much more strategic. good news is our official always listen to their users and they change the system accordingly.


I hope so  Post time 2019-9-20 11:05 PM
Post time 2019-9-20 10:31 AM | Show all posts
Idk why but roam items supposed to make carry farm much faster especially mm.However people smart these day,I mean why do you want to babysit mm while u can do this to assassin like gusion,Harith& meta heroes.People takes small risk while doing this than babysit mm lol which make roam item such abusement
Post time 2019-9-20 12:08 PM | Show all posts
RohitBK201 replied at 2019-9-20 11:54 AM
As far as I can see its going to early game meta,i guess game devs devs don't want to extend a game  ...

I can see this trend too, and it makes sense. Even League of Legends has made lots of changes to reduce the length of games, because people don't have the time or attention span to play for so long. The longer the game goes on, the greater likelihood that someone will go AFK or feed, and that causes dissatisfaction with the game. It's in the developer's best interest to reduce game duration.
Post time 2019-9-20 11:13 AM | Show all posts
No, for me is more like fighting game, some sorts of Street fighters or KoF. All you need to do is "3, 2, 1, ready fight". Double hit forward in D pad, then half-circle-forward + kick, down-forward + punch, use DM, double hit back in D pad. Positioning is no needed. And this can be done in first minute.

Actually, this happen since Lancelot release, is earlier than Lesley. Heroes who released after must come with dash/speed up + cc/slow, and most of them are burst type heroes, with 4 exceptions: Odette no dash, Diggie no dash, Valir no dash, Chang'e no dash and delay cc. What happen to them you already know.

I miss the time when I used Eudora to kill adc; used Bane deal 15k turret damage; used Estes constantly healing my team; used Balmond be a strong tank, sorry, Balmond still is Bal****.
Post time 2019-9-20 11:46 AM | Show all posts
Is "mond" considered as a bad word perhaps
Post time 2019-9-20 11:54 AM | Show all posts
Edited by RohitBK201 at 2019-9-20 11:59 AM

As far as I can see its going to early game meta,i guess game devs devs don't want to extend a game more than a 15 min,all updates and buff for the heroes are to have early game damage,and I am not totally against it coz I don't want lengthy game too Avg 10-12 min game is good for me.And roaming item shines here ,coz it helps your teammates to farms early and easy + you dont need to farm for gold and exp you can roam and support your team with outdelay.
Post time 2019-9-20 12:34 PM | Show all posts
I love this early game, myb because i am new player, but still early game is now inthis gamez try toadjust, i mean i still se bane and estes in ranked, i can push easiky with bane and healing is crazy with estes. And i like these roaking items like i just buy it earlygame in solo lane and gain extra gold,some peoole dont know this yet or they try it with partner and they dpent more gold than they gain
And dont worry moba games are changing from time to time, and if there is more people for making less op heros they eont release them anymore, just look at masha, she is not op xD
Post time 2019-9-20 06:59 PM | Show all posts
So i agree, masks kinda ruined this game, but there is alot of strategy if you ask me. Look for example in 5Q where they used 5 masks and had to do a perfectly executed rotation where the tanks have to stay in a certain position so the midlaner gets farm. Also they already push the (usually the top tower) in the first minute which leads to YOUR point which is it makes the matches much less long and not fun at all
Post time 2019-9-20 07:45 PM | Show all posts
I agree with you.
Some players dont know how to play 3 mid and match turns to Brawl mode.
Everyone at middle in 1 min and fight kill. No farming, no gank....
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