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[Share] Masha is not too bad..

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Just reached Legend last night in 2 days after season reset. I tried to spam using Masha in ranked. Well.. She's not bad actually.. She's not op, but she's not really that useless. You can see my history, not impressive result, but I ended up mostly with silvers and sometimes gold while using her. At least I got win streaks.

For some people, Maybe Masha is useless, but for players who main fighter, I think she's not.
She has no different with Zilong, Roger, or Alucard in term playstyle, she's not really good at teamfight, but she's good at 1v1. She's good at split pushing, even she can solo turtle and lord in early-mid game.

The key is just play selfish, push and run, poke, run, regen, roam, push, poke, run, regen, roam, and so on. You have to avoid teamfight, unless your teammates have advantages in number. Just play like that. Trust me, it works!

Playing Masha you just need to have map awareness, and good at rotating. Just that's it!

She's not meta right now, but she can kill meta for 100%.

Post time 2019-9-23 01:18 PM | Show all posts
Agreed.. some people do have different opinions about her, depending on playing style.. She's indeed suitable as offlaner in charge of splitpush
 Author| Post time 2019-9-23 01:53 PM | Show all posts
Ncup.Ajh replied at 2019-9-23 01:18 PM
Agreed.. some people do have different opinions about her, depending on playing style.. She's indeed ...

Yeah, she's not type of hero to deal big amount of dmg or heavy crowd control like other meta.

In my screenshot, you can see it by yourself. Why did I have less kills and assists. It's because I was focus on turret stealing. I rarely join teamfight, because I realized she's not durable even with x3 bar hp and also she lacks of cc. Although I got some kills, it was from kill steal in teamfight, and when I met enemy solo laner.

She's really good at pushing, even I can destroy enemy's turret solo after 2 waves in seconds.

While my team started teamfight, I just told them to stall the enemy, so I have a chance to steal the other lane. I don't care even the enemy team have meta and their score over my team. If they lost many turrets, their flow will ruin for sure.

I'm not kill oriented as long as I can win.


I see.. this game's actually how we can win the game by destroying turrets & base, not from who has the highest kill to win  Post time 2019-9-23 02:07 PM
Post time 2019-9-23 02:16 PM | Show all posts
Thanks fo sharing, this will surely help those players learning to mastr masha(including me). She is not my type of fighter so, I alwaya ended up dying going in teamfights XD.
Post time 2019-9-23 03:23 PM | Show all posts
titan666 replied at 2019-9-23 01:53 PM
Yeah, she's not type of hero to deal big amount of dmg or heavy crowd control like other meta.

I ...

Said all that in my post earlier XD
Enemy just needs to spare one hero to turret hug. If you tangle with enemy under turret, you die. Doesn't have enough burst nor durability to turret dive. Also needs minions, so managing minion wave well will shut her down. While you clear minion wave, the enemy clears your team, then steal turret (no matter how efficient Masha is, 4-5 man team is more efficient)
Good counter is just to push mid ignoring sides, then 1 person recall to stop Masha at inhibitor while rest of team(already killed Masha team 3-4 in team fight 4v5) pushes inhibitor+base.
Masha good spilt-pusher but team always best pusher.
Rather she works well when enemy scattered & focus on gank. Can respond to any 2v2 fast & turn it around.
Imo depends on rest of the team. If they cannot do a proper 4v5 or grasp advantage from turtle/turret farm, you lose. Any player can solo a turret when left long enough after all. Masha just has a little more speed is all...
Always have at least 1 hero near each lane turret & Masha shutdown. Eg: if fight in turtle jungle, have solo laner push while send over 1 player to where ever Masha goes in turtle/mid lane. If left alone, even the solo laner can destroy the turret so Masha can respond to that, or try to atk another lane or join team fight for 5v4 (she squishy tho).
A good rotation while being aware of Masha's potential for split-pushing will stop her.
In the end, the team who can survive or win 4v5 is the winner, Masha is inconsequential. All she can do is just help out a little here & there.
So my Masha motto most of the time is : If my team is good we'll win, if my team is bad we'll lose.
Post time 2019-9-23 06:17 PM | Show all posts
She has incredible damage and lifestealing.
But she also breakable like an assassin. So you should be really careful to play her.
In addition I cant escape from her with Lolita.
Post time 2019-9-23 06:31 PM | Show all posts
Yeah i saw some really good masha ppayers that destroyed harith or esmeralda and hereffects make it look more brutal, i would play her but i am not fighter main so i wont buy her but i would like to have masha main in my team


How does a no cc fighter destroy an equally farmed Esme??  Post time 2019-9-24 12:49 AM
Post time 2019-9-23 07:16 PM | Show all posts
You can try out the jungle route too, and it's very good as far as I've experimented.
At the start of the match buy a 'Hunter's Knife' (Jungle Knife) and proceed to hunt for the jungle buff while Wild Power (Skill 1) is active. You can go ahead and grind the beetle and gargoyle in the jungle too or proceed to jog into the enemy jungle to get their part of the creeps.

The first minute will spawn Mr. Krabs, try to kill it as fast as possible (If you have allies, help him/her) While at the same time, possible 5 seconds before turtle spawn you can jog your way to his lair and beat it up. In that time frame, you should be able to purchase the first tier of Beast Killer (Jungle Axe).

Now take any chances with jungle creeps until you're around 5-10 stacks, then try to gank as much or push as much as you can. The game seems pretty easy after you've secured all turtles and upgraded your axe to tier 3 with other items on. That way you're practically becoming an effective Fighter/Tank hybrid. And since her damage potential towards turrets is AMAZINGLY high, you can use that advantage to clear tier 1 and tier 2 turrets without any issue.

My build in a nutshell goes like this:
Beast Killer, Tough Boots, Haas Claw, Athena's Shield, Corrosive Scythe, Bruteforce Breastplate/Queen's Wings/Immortality

1. Buy jungle knife
2. Get buff
3. Clear other jungles, clear turtle
4. Upgrade knife to tier 1 axe
5. Farm cores (tier 3 axe, tough boots, haas claw)
6. Kill, Push, Tank

Post time 2019-9-23 09:17 PM | Show all posts
yea, she's not that bad actually. Just imagine playing roger with 3 hp bars and Burst ulti
Post time 2019-9-23 10:36 PM | Show all posts
Not bad is not good enough for new heroes anymore.  We're used to the latest heroes getting mvps and banned all the time right away after release.

I love that moonton didn't make another op hero but I don't think she should be 32k hero at the very least
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