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Author: zanboracks
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[Poll] New meta

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Post time 2019-10-5 05:32 AM | Show all posts
Samsaras replied at 2019-10-5 02:03 AM
Meta is most efficient way to do things, most easiest way to win. So there can only be one meta.
Wh ...

It's like they don't play the game. I swear every update contains just the most random tweaks. This is most evident when they start buffing/nerfing heroes that are already pretty balanced. They'll weaken heroes who are already struggling (cough, Pharsa's rework, and they dare say in the developer comments that players will now have an easier time going up against her).

Mobile Legends official publications boast about setting the "new meta," so if they don't react to how the new masks are being abused, obviously this is what they want.
Post time 2019-10-5 08:16 AM | Show all posts
Edited by Kathey at 2020-9-26 04:55 AM

4-1 strategy is normal in late game. Every game always do that even without roam item. You never play 5 man team and tournament doesn't exist in your country. Strategy meta not create by moonton. Moonton doesn't know all about strategy. Their job only to get profit.

The meaning 4-1 is, 4 player in teamfight, 1 just push turret. You doesn't know anything at all about MOBA. Even other moba must exist this strategy. Try to play other MOBA, it work same like ML too.
Tbh you doesn't anything at all about MOBA. You only just to complaint, complaint and complaint. I already experienced about this game 2 year ago include other MOBA and study how to play better.

One more thing I need to say. If play 4-1 but use mask in early game, how to gain experience or gold from mask if 4 of them stick together. They just make themselves weaker because no experience or gold from sharing minion or jungle. If your pusher has lowest gold, you team just give huge disadvantage.


2 player buy mask 2 play dont.  Post time 2019-10-5 05:23 PM
Post time 2019-10-6 11:27 AM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-10-5 01:29 AM
Your words without sense.
Players dont do meta.Developers make meta and  players just follow it.If  ...

So what  you want is to removing all roaming items from the game, and players should farm fast attack later right? i mean farm for 15 minutes than attack? dude this is 2020 almost, not 2017 anymore. if you cant adopt with the gameplay then it is not official's fault. i am playing this game since February 2017 and since then the game changed a lot. and i have to adopt with the new strategy and gameplay. you play roger right? do you even know global top 2 plays roger as his main in this season? and he has 93% win rate with roger this season. i bet you dont know. do you even check his live stream, how does he play roger, what is his build. nope. do not mind but i can show your topic list here. 99.99% of your topic from very beginning is only complain and complain and complain. People are getting bored and we crossed our limit. please do not push us brother. make comprehensive thread no problem. but  constantly bashing moonton has 0 gain for you and also for moonton. try to be logical and reasonable with your thread. i choose which thread will go to mlbb official. so impress me with proper reason, i will gladly accept your complain and suggestion. no problem. but if you keep bashing moonton , and without any proper reason. i will simply ignore. mind it.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-6 05:50 PM | Show all posts
Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2019-10-6 11:37 PM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-10-6 05:50 PM
Its not about adopt.
Its about moonton forces players play with only new heroes.Because moonton doe ...

To be honest, i tend to support this afirmation, truth be told, heroes need to be balanced, all of them. I think it's the 3rd time i'm saying this...It's ok to have op new heroes, what is not ok is having just a few heroes that are most often played..There are even a few heroes that no one plays anymore.. this isn't really normal..
Roaming items are good, really good and helpful. They help tank/support role a lot. Consider this. Having a roaming item means that you don't share experience with the allied hero on the same lane as you. So when your team mate reaches lvl 4, you will barelly be lvl 2. I don't see how roaming items are such a problem..
Post time 2019-10-7 08:25 AM | Show all posts
This laning or rotaions are not new to MOBA.

You can see this in LoL or Dota2.

This strats depends on team and enemy comps. They do this usually if enemy team are late game strats.

You can't do this every time.

players skill
champions synergies and all..

Just Saying...
Post time 2019-10-7 04:56 PM | Show all posts
zanboracks replied at 2019-10-6 05:50 PM
Its not about adopt.
Its about moonton forces players play with only new heroes.Because moonton doe ...

then be reasonable. like you posted another thread. you will see i support your thread. you put valid reason and i will support you 100%. even though i work for mlbb i am also a player too. remember that.
Post time 2019-10-7 07:16 PM | Show all posts
Edited by ozgunlu at 2019-10-7 07:24 PM

This is a strategy to get turtle first.

3 mid players go to top lane to destroy tower.
Bot player goes to mid lane at the same time.
Top players (4) back to mid after destroy the top lane tower.
5 players go to turtle or fight.

Not a meta.

People learned to how to play this game.
It is not about 1-3-1 or 2-1-2.

You cant stay on your lane until late game.
People changed. You need to change.

You cant play like in season 2.
You should more fast farm to win the game. And rotation is the best way to do this.

Note: If you believe 2-1-2 better than 1-3-1. Try with 5 friends and see the result.
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