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[Hero Techniques] Masha guide

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Edited by RoyalFrog at 2019-10-22 08:08 PM

Current trend: Masha!
Why was masha nerfed? Why was masha nerfed even though she isn't even being banned in rank. Masha means 4v5. Masha can't take damage bla bla bla.
Below is a gameplay of Masha. This is in mythic rank.
Why this particular video? Because in this one, i was able to pull everything i wanted. Simply i controlled the whole game.
Masha is useless, masha means 4v5. Yes totally right. Until she falls into someone's hand.(not me xd!)

1st note: Forget about being a superhero with masha! Masha can't do 1v5 even if you want to. Masha is a despicable hero. Masha is a coward. But, despicable or coward is not equal to loser/useless. Cowards have their own style of winning.

2nd note: Do you know why zilong was feared as well as popular then? Ans: Because he was fast. Simple. And Masha is the fastest in MLBB. With masha, is the correct way moba should be played.

3rd note: Don't think about killing just RUN, RUN and again RUN. Clear lanes-push, clear lanes-push.

4th note: Take 3 turtles, take all the lords without delay when you see a split second chance. You can do it instantly.

5th note: Bla bla bla it's still 4v5. Masha isn't that weak. Are you going to laugh if i say masha has zero counters? Yes, that's literally what i'm saying, no counter at all. No mage can kill masha in oneshot, no mm can kill masha, no assassin also, even gusion included. Well, if you're a moron that's a
different story altogether. The key is, engage when you got the scenario 2v1,3v2,4v3 you get my point. You can also try 1v1 only when you see enemy hp is, say half not more! Masha has limited burst damage. And that amount is approximately adc's half hp. The combo is usually ulti first then 2nd skill. After that if you haven't finished the enemy don't bother chasing. Like i said, don't try to be a superhero. After initial burst dmg, it takes significant time cause of low sustained dmg. Usually enemy runs away because they can't use attacks then. So, unless very low hp, don't chase cause it wastes time and the enemy reinforcement arrives quickly.

6th note: Take turrets one by one. The advantage of masha is that you can't stop her 1v1 from taking turrets. So, take the turret as soon as minions enter. If it's the last turret or the base don't bother about fleeing. That's the correct decision.

7th note: Farm. Well, Masha means farming so get used to being tarzan cause you will live in jungle most of the time. But, minions first; turret first; turtle first; lord first; crabs first then jungle. You get the point.

8th note: Masha is not invincible. She dies okay, in fact quite easily. It's just that you need number advantage. 1v2 masha is a goner most of the time. So, when you face 1v2 RUN if you can.

9th note: Although i said masha has no counters, she is easy to kill with physical dmg dealers like fast atk speed mm claude, bruno, moskov, layla, irithel. With clint, lesley granger, it's possible but masha can run even after wrong engage cause they are skill based. Funny thing is Masha is also mm counter. But, remember half hp!. Don't bother with layla or kimmy cause they are minions. Lancelot and hayabusa can kill masha easily so be careful of them. And be careful of the item wind of nature. It's really hard to kill masha with mages because of her passive.

10th note: Again don't be a hero, engage when you got 3hp bars cause 1st one runs out instantly, 2nd one goes out quickly too. Most of the time, i run away with last hp bar.
Solo means cancer and masha is cancer hero for both solo and team players. Funny thing is that in the video masha is the first pick cause no one requested anything solo players can't play any hero like trendy hero like harith,esma,grock,xborg. Solo players play only aldous, alucard, hayabusa and mm.

PS: The video is large so watch only when you got wifi. Those who laugh has STD

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I will admit I got owned by the dumbest combo in mlbb history last night.  Masha and Natalia pair. lol  Me: "Oh look it's just a helpless masha stealing turrets let me go kill her"
Also Me: " -no sound I'm dead- "
Post time 2019-10-23 10:40 AM | Show all posts
Is that ijen is you?
The guide is really nice.
But the  video has no sound, please check.
Thanks for sharing the video. But i think i know the person in your video.....
Post time 2019-10-23 11:36 AM | Show all posts
Yeah! That's me. I had to do this when people were crying about masha in the forum
Just think about, this game was 2v8. Harith was fat and literally dominating and bruno was the only one who was doing some payback. If someone like me can steal the whole game from an easy victory just think what a world level player with low ping can do.
@frog you owe me a skin now.
@BD007 it seems when i recorded i lowered the sound so no sound
Post time 2019-10-27 10:14 AM | Show all posts
ijen replied at 2019-10-23 11:36 AM
Yeah! That's me. I had to do this when people were crying about masha in the forum
Just think about, ...

thats why. I will make sure frog giving you a skin.
Post time 2019-11-23 12:56 AM | Show all posts
Well said. Running really encompasses her play style
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