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[Team Tactics] How to win ANY game (rank)

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How to winANY game  (classic or rank)

I had to erease and re write this little guidebecause of how much the game has changed. Its pretty simple, but most playerscant do it. You need to choose one of your teammates and give him the jungle;it should be the marksman or the assassin (then protect him and try not to die).Im main tank so for me its easy not to desire the experience and money of thejungle monsters, but I keep seeing people (yesterday it was a Nana) stealingbuffs and jungle from the chosen one. Our Kimmy stole the buff Nana was tryingto get, inmediatly Nana got super mad, left the game for a while and came backlater just to insult Kimmy. This Kimmy was 5-0 at the moment, of course nanawas 0-0. Instead of pushing and killing, me and kimmy needed to defend,eventually lost the game.

Iunderstand that Nana, she is not so different from most players. They all wantthe buff, the jungle, the kill and be MVP. Me? I just want to win the freakingmatch, no matter how, no matter if I die and feed, as long as I distracted theenemy and we got the lord, a turret or a worthy kill, Im fine with it.

-We cantall be the killer and the MVP. If you see one of your teammates getting kills,turrets and pretty much the whole game, HELP HIM get even more op!! This iswhen most players think “Ok, the kimmy is great, its time for me to get buffs,help with kills, and get more money”. Big no no, unless kimmy is far and cantget that buff or monster on time, otherwise just give it to her.

-Roamingitems are a most, as soon as the game starts, one or two of you need the woodenmask. Sometimes even 3. I just get the wooden mask, never upgrade it to any ofthe 3rd masks with skills (I prioritize my items). Since I startedusing the roaming items, both my friends get their 2nd skill fast.Usually we get to level 4 before the enemy, and get the first kill. The problemis when the ones who get the mask are not the ones with the lowest gold becausesomebody die or they are not jungling or something. Then the mask is USELESS.

Its ok tohave 3 people with masks, if one is at top lane alone. The problem would behaving those 3 with the masks together. Personally I don’t like having 2 tanksin the team, I want to be the only tank, but recently people are going for 2tanks in both teams. I rather have One of each role or 2 marksmen, 2 mages or 2assassins because 2 tanks late game die fast. A full set granger can easilykill a full set Uranus (or any other tank). Right now tanks are only tanky fromearly to mid game (unless they have more money and experience than theenemies). But this might change soon because they are biffing the tankingitems.

-If youever see a “pro” match, you will notice teams stick together most of the time.Its common to have 4-1 formations. We, mortals, still use the “I will solo thislane”. I recommend always being at least 3 in the mid lane the first minionwave. Hell, even 5!! The enemy will probably have only a tank and a marksmanthere, if you all run fast and hide in the bush mid, you might even get a kill.As soon as you spot the rest of the enemies, you decide if you can steal enemybuff, its easy. Once you stole their buff, split in two, 2 of you getting thecrab, the others your buff. Soon you are 3 teammates with buff, only one forthe enemy. You are stronger, the enemy is distracted and confused, go forturtle. Ive seen 4 mid clearing the first wave fast, then stealing enemy buff, splitting.The first 2 minion waves alone, cant do much damage to your towers. Its ok tobe aggressive the first 2 waves. If you are 4 vs 2 you can totally steal enemybuff and get the first kill, or even 2.

-The first2 minion waves DON’T ANY DAMAGE TO TOWERS, prioritize stealing jungle, securingcrabs. Your tank should be aggressive in order for this to work. As a Jhonson,im safe because of the shield I get from my passive. As khufra I can stun themand kill them with execute. I have one or 2 teammates with me so im very very aggressiveearly game. I usually get the first kill because of the execute and the stun  

-Understandyour role in this match. My friend is an amazing Vale and Aurora. He is theassassin. Most of the time he is hiding in enemy jungle, just waiting for akill. He NEVER jungles, he doesn’t ask me to help with buff (I am the one whoinsist on getting the buff for him). My other friend is a decent marksman, buthe doesn’t go for the fight, he focuses on towers. He is able to get last hitand steal some kills but he is not the main damage dealer, Aurora is. At theend I usually get 30%-40% tanking, Aurora the same numbers for damage and themarksman the same for turrets (my yellow turret bar is also high, sometimes ashigh as the marksman). This plan works most of the time, if the other 2teammates are average we have high chances of winning; if they are just tryingnew heros or just plain bad, then we will focus on defending towers and losethe game.

When Idon’t play with my friends, I always go mid, help the marksman or the mage whojoins me. It takes me less than 3 minutes to realize if he is good or not. Incase he isn’t I just leave him (lol) and follow the carrier in our team (ifthere is one, otherwise we will lose). Can you kill enemies without gettingkilled? (a kill for a kill is not worth it) Do you prefer to help the one whois killing or getting towers? You have no idea where to go or what to do?(don’t take buffs please) Are you dealing damage without dying? You can get thelast hit on the kill with a skill or execute without dying? Be aware of whatyou do and choose your hero accordingly.

-There are4 ways of winning, choose one and play accordingly:

a) youdominate early game and finish fast. This happens when you get the first kill,steal enemy buff and get towers. To do this you need a good assassin or gankerwho works with one or more teammates, or just one very bad enemy, willing tofight and push no matter what. Average time less than 10 minutes.

b) similarthan the first one but you wait a little, you get your level 4 ultimate andbecause you master your heros, you fight kill and push. This is the most commonscenario. Average time between 10-20 minutes.

c) You takethe match to late game, where both teams are full set, now it’s a matter ofskills and team composition. This is why I always ask my teammates to get 2marksmen instead of 2 tanks. Lately, non tank players have been choosing to bethe second tank in the team. This doesn’t work unless you are a real tankplayer and your tank has the ability to stun or kill.

Letssuppose you are Minotaur, Lolita, Granger, Aurora and Alucard.

Yourenemies are Kimmy, Leslie, Zhask, Khufra, Chou.

Late game,the stun of Minotaur and Lolita is not enough for the Granger to kill theenemies. The enemy Leslie is attacking with the range advantage, kimmy from thefront. Plus Khufra pulling you and Chou getting the marksman… not enoughdamage. (unless you are all masters of your heros.

Theimportance of roaming items

There aremany players who still have no idea who should buy and when to buy the roamingmasks. Its UNACCEPTABLE. These items changed the whole game. Basically, theyare a money and experience buff NOT FOR THE USER, but for the teammates of theplayer who bought the mask.

If youdon’t buy them and the enemy does, you are already getting less money andexperience than your enemies. This is why in the last 2 seasons games arefinishing sooner, because assassins or marksmen are getting more money andexperience faster, thanks to the masks.

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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
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Honestly, when I'm using Nana, I give all jungles to teammates (ofc when I jungling with tank). But still, I'm carrying the game and get MVPs

For the roam items, I usually buy the wooden mask from the beginning and go solo lane (when I pick fighter or assassin). If someone follows me, I command them to retreat. After level 4 (usually faster than any other), I sell the wooden mask and start to join teamfights. Except, if someone join me before I reach level 4, I'll sell the wooden mask immadiately.
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How to win any game in the current meta in a nustshell
- get the good draft
- rotate well
You win
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After reading your guide, i can clearly see your guide is for advance player. And thats really good. We all know the basic, but sometimes we ignore them lol. normally we try to do 1-2-2 but you are absolutely right on 1-4. This is very common nowdays that opponent tries to proxy and come to your top buff. Now there are two ways to handle this. Either go their buff, or if they only 3 attack them back. Also depends on many situation. Today 4 enemy were stealing our buff. While our lunox and 3 of them were taking enemy's buff. And after that we came to our buff and got 4 kill. because it was 4 vs 5. You need to take decision very fast. even second can cost you real hard. I really appreciate the way you describe many situation and how to tackle them. Thanks a lot for sharing this guide with us.
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