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[Hero Techniques] About Minsitthar

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Edited by AZNUR at 2019-10-31 06:56 PM

Recently, @Malicewolf just post a thread about buffing Minsitthar.
Personally i dont think he need one. I think he is perfectly balanced.
People just dont realize his full potential yet, not until someone use him in tournament.

Here are some tips when using him.

Emblem - Fighter (Disabling Strike)
Other than that, can be adjust based on your playstyle
(image from google, not mine)
disabling strike.jpg

Items (arranged in priority)
1. Warrior boot (used to be Wizard boot but removed)
2. Endless battle
3. Thunder belt
4. Blade of Despair
5. Wing apo
6. Athena Shield or Immortality

Battle Spell
- Flicker (not personally recommended but a must)

Skill to upgrade?
1. Unlock 2nd skill first then 1st skill
2. Unlock ulti
3. Max ulti when available
4. Max 2nd skill first then 1st skill

How to play him?
1. Go solo in either top or bottom lane (which has less enemy). Minsitthar is an item dependant hero so he need to gain gold fast by soloing safely. Remember, in early game, Minsi is really weak so dont target for a kill in the first 5 minutes, assist is enough.

2. After obtained boot and endless battle, he is now ready to collect some assists. You may go roam to mid now but not to the opposite side. Taking care of turret is main priority.

3. For his combo, remember, his 1st skill will only pull the furthest enemy hit by the spear. His 1st skill is specialize in pulling enemy's mm into the middle of the battlefield. Do not use his 1st skill to pull tank or fighter, unless, theyre trying to escape.

4. When seeing enemy squishies roaming solo, (this combo works well with enemy mm or mage)
1. aim with first skill first, (they wont notice if youre hiding in the bushes)
2. when enemy got pulled back, use 2nd skill to stun them,
3. after stun enemy, use ulti and leap to the direction you think the enemy might use to escape,
4. use basic attack to trigger both endless battle and thunder belt
5. most mm and mages should be dead after succesfully doing this combo


if the enemy is just a step infront of you (recommend this combo if youre targetting enemy's assassin)
1. use ulti first
2. basic attack will trigger items passive
3. enemy will try to escape by running away, just pull him back to the center of the ulti using 1st skill
4. stun enemy using 2nd skill and quickly apply a basic attack again
5. heroes like Gusion, lance or Fanny should be dead after succesfully doing this combo.

5. When in war/teamfight, Minsitthar role is to pull enemy's mm to the center of the battlefield. If not mm, then mage.
After winning a war, Minsitthar is responsible to pullback any enemy that is trying to escape. Using 1st skill then 2nd skill again.

If your hp is almost out during war, leave your ulti so your teammtes still gain benefit from your ulti even though youre not there. Minsitthar is quiet tanky in late game so dont be too afraid and escape battlezone too quickly.

Minsitthar doesnt have escape skill so thats why I highly recommend flicker to escape when done contributing to your team. Use 2nd skill first to gain shield and stop enemy then flicker (if needed)

1. Minsitthar is item dependant hero, so you need to farm minions is enough and never initate fight in early game.
2. When your hp is running out but youre responsible for taking care of a turret, leave your ulti to clear the minions and recall. His ulti cd isnt that long.
3. 1st skill will pass through minions and monsters so dont get confuse like youre using Franco which his hook cant pass through them
4. Minsitthar should focus on killing enemy's mm, dont get carried away with enemy's tank.
5. As Minsi is a fighter, dont be scared, youre second to die after tank so if you die to protect mm and mage, youre already honored.
6. If the enemy is directly in front of you, skip 1st skill, use 2nd skill instead and only use 1st skill to prevent enemy from escaping.

7. DO NOT and NEVER buy Minsitthar Blood Lust Axe. I don't know why but Minsitthar ulti do not benefit from spell vamp. Buying him Blood Lust Axe is a big mistake.

Im not Top Global Minsitthar, im just a casual player who play for fun.Btw, these screenshots are just some random images i found in my galary. (2).png (1).png
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Yeah he doesn't need buff at all. I can say this bcs I still use him as my main fighter rather than other fighters. Of course it's because his cc skill, he can immobilize hero with high mobility.

All you need to do with Minsitthar is using correct items and proper skill combo.

Just share my minsi build:
Warrior boots, Endless Battle, Corrosion Scythe, Thunder Belt, BoD, Immortal.

Emblem/Talent: Fighter/Festival of Blood, focusing points on HP + P.def

Battle Spell: Purify or Flicker. I used Purify the most even though enemy had no cc, there's no reason behind this.

Combo: Ulti + S2 + S1 or Ulti + S1 + S2 (works on teamfight)
Why I used hook spear for the last? When u cast the ulti first, it will be more easier to aim the enemy, bcs they will go slow down and try to escape, before they escape, u can stun one of them, if one of them succesfully escape, just hook spear into your ulti area. There's no more escape. And let your teammates do the rest.

That's it.


I know that. I don't use this emblem bcs spell vamp will work on his ulti. But everytime I used this emblem, it increased my survivability. Bcs my talent pts were focusing on hp and def by default.  Post time 2019-10-31 12:28 AM
But isnt Minsitthar ulti dont benfit spellvamp? then why festival of blood? is it only for his 2nd skill?  Post time 2019-10-30 04:17 PM
Post time 2019-10-30 04:52 PM | Show all posts
I always fascinated by this hero but he is very hard to use. Specially after removing wizard boot. Also most of the time my team suggests tank minsi. Hopefully this will change their mind. Thanks for sharing.
Post time 2019-10-31 12:58 AM | Show all posts
Some heroes don't really need a rework.They are just...underrated. If some heroes are "meta" this season, this doesn't mean the others are dead. Minsitthar is one of them...altough i saw him more often now than before. It's so interesting how streamers can change people's preferrences and choices.. I think it's enough for 1 or 2 known streamers to play Minsitthar and he will become one of the meta heroes xd
This is one of the heroes i don't really for me, your thread is helpful.
=I will move it to Guide Section = Thank you for this info
Post time 2019-10-31 03:02 AM | Show all posts
Thanks for putting this up! Glad to finally see a Minsitthar guide!

Ironically, your build suggestion was already what I had with the exception of magic boots instead of warrior boots. And I already do/did most of the suggestions above. But it may just be because my mindset is that of a Ruby main and so CC is big on my mind (and I try to be the middle of the fight if not the initiator). Likely need to practice his hook as it's different and can't just pass other heroes. I often find tank or fighters in my way when trying to hook backline in teamfight.
 Author| Post time 2019-10-31 03:10 AM | Show all posts
Malicewolf replied at 2019-10-31 03:02 AM
Thanks for putting this up! Glad to finally see a Minsitthar guide!

Ironically, your build suggesti ...

Play 5-10 matches and I think you will become used to him. Upon release, I also felt regret for buying a weak hero, after that, Moonton buff him a little but still he is weak to me. So I don't use him for months.

Later that, I thought of trying rarely picked heroes so that is when I knew how to use Minsitthar correctly.

Tbh, he is team dependant hero too, when your team don't have any kills, you don't get gold from passive, then you will have no items.

If you're suggesting for Minsitthar rework, I think improvising his passive is enough.
Post time 2019-10-31 03:52 AM | Show all posts
Minsitthar is a good hero! You just have to learn how to aim his second skill.
Post time 2019-10-31 10:14 PM | Show all posts
AZNUR replied at 2019-10-31 03:10 AM
Play 5-10 matches and I think you will become used to him. Upon release, I also felt regret for buy ...

I've played around 60 matches with him. When wizard boots were still a thing, it was fine. He had good income even if team sucked. But now, he needs team to do well to get items. Which is why I said, I feel like he's weak. More so because, those few times I feel he was strong, my team was already dominating and so long as no one did anything immensely stupid, we won anyways.
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