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[Lineup Strategy] Most common TANK mistakes

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Most commonTANK mistakes

I have 7000games in total, half of them as tank. Mythic now. Main tank players know thesetips, the problem is for you all, not main tank users who have to go tankbecause nobody else in your team wanted to, or because you were last pick. Ihope to help all you mortals (we main tanks don’t die lol) with some tips:

1.  Don´t pick a tank just because the enemy hastwo tanks. If somebody else already went tank, you don’t need a second tank. Itwas so funny, Im main Khufra, my teammate was main Uranus and got him, so theenemy picked Franco and Minotaur. Khufra is strong, like Grock. Franco is notreally a tank, he is a support fighter. Minotaur is support tank, but he has nopower, so we destroyed them in 20 seconds (not 2 because they are tanks).Uranus is endless healing. Only marksman or strong fighter assassin can killhim. A tank will never ever kill Uranus.

2. Thereare support tanks (only useful next to one or more teammates), Over Poweredtanks (Grock, Khufra and now Hylos), Unkillable tanky tanks (Uranus with theendless healing, Jhonson with his passive shield) and fake tanks (Esmeralda,Hilda, Masha). Don’t just pick Franco because he is the only tank you have. Ifyou are going to feed cause you have no idea how to tank, then go FIGTHER.Someliere suggestion: Terizhla. He punches hard and traps the enemy. But don’t solotop, even if your team ask you to. You are not a fighter but SUPPORT.

Franco isyour only tank and once, long time ago, you hooked somebody, used your ultimatein your turret and you got a kill, so you think you can Franco. Please don’t goFranco if nobody in your team can kill the enemy, example Chang´e. She is agreat mage, but she is more a marksman. Franco needs a fighter or an assassin tokill (of course, any full set marksman or mage can get the kill as well,  but it depends on how far you are in thegame). Franco is not a good option either if the enemy team is something like Hylos,Khufra, Therizla, Harith, Granger Why? Because you cant kill any of them! Sure,you can kill Granger if he is slow and stupid, and next to your tower, butchances are he will be protected by any of his 4 tanky friends. Franco can onlykill when enemy is attacking. If you are the ones attacking, enemy is escapingso it will be almost impossible for you to hook or stun them.  Franco is a good option if the enemy is weaklike Kimmy, Lunox, Nana, Tank, fighter. You can kill the first 3, and maybeeven the fighter, that’s when you pick Franco.

3. Learningone tank is not enough. You need to practice at least 2 different types oftanking. Lets go back to our first enemy team: Hylos, Khufra, Therizla, Harith,Granger.  Here we need a tank that canstop their tanks. Franco is a big no no. Hylos will kill Franco and Khufra willstun Franco and the others will kill him. We need to poke them and stop themwith a Grock. Or fight them one to one with Uranus or Belerick. Unfortunatelyin mythic, Grock and Khufra are always banned. But in my other epic account oneor both are usually available. Or you could totally surprise the enemy withyour Belerick. If your team has damage, like Gusion Dyroth Fanny Selena, youneed to protect them with a support tank. If your team is more passive andneeds lots of jungling like Nana Miya Badang … you need an aggressive tank.

4. Wefinally finish draft pick and move on to the beginning of the game. Buy roamwooden mask. No matter what tank you pick, this is a most. I never upgrade themask, and sometimes even sell it late game. Im not saying the 3 masks are goodor bad, I just prefer my 5 items if possible but go for it, you could become anexpert in the art of using masks, Im just not interested and haven’t needed itso far. I just buy the wooden mask right at the beginning so my people can getto level 4 before the enemy team and if possible get the first kill and more,the money and the experience.

5. Go midfast, try to hide in the bush and retreat if the enemy saw you. Clear the firstwave, help them get the left buff, the big monster with the spider, then thecrab. It doesn’t matter if you almost die. At this point I usually need torecall and be the one with the least money and experience in both teams. BUT,mid game, the masks stops working because Im not the one with the least money.Usually somebody died or didn’t jungle properly so the mask helped me as well,not my marksman.

6. Betweenlevel 4 and mid game things start to get interesting. First kill will happenfor sure here, if it didn’t happened in a surprise attack before. Where to go?Keep babysitting that one marksman or assassin. Just because they are level 4it doesn’t mean they are ok alone. Keep following them, help them jungle, BUTthe objective here is to try to start killing and getting turrets. For this YOUneed to start playing a little aggressive. Turret dive a little, try to stealtheir jungle. But just  A LITTLE. Theproblem is that not main tank players pick tank, and die because they didn’t knowwhen to retreat.

7. ALWAYSuse the signals, “initiate retreat” “launch attack” and the messages “ultimateready” “ultimate not ready”, “Im out of mana”, these are the most important,but basically 2 “attack” or “escape”. Usually the marksman or assassin willtell you what to do because they are experienced enough in their role. In casethey are not so experienced, they will rather follow and obey you. With thesigns and messages comes as well the mini map. You need to see the mini mapmore than you see yourself. Its really hard to see who is where because if theyare together it only seems to be one face but its actually 2 of you and 3 ofthem. You can only understand this mess if you were checking it before. Bydoing this, you are not going to help mid, instead you will stay bottom andpush. You are killing them mid and they are retreating, no need for you to gohelp there. Ideally your teammates would tell you if they need help or not, butyou need to assume ALWAYS that everybody is a noob and you are the onlyskillful player in your team.

8. Early gameminions and heros don’t do damage at all. Just forget about those towers andfocus on the jungle and kills. Once you kill somebody you can poke their towerbut you wont be able to destroy it. That’s why Masha is ruining the game formany people, she can destroy a tower from the very first wave. I love playingzhask and throwing my minion in the turret. The damage is close to zero but theenemy usually panics and runs to me. I have my ultimate ready with the dashplus a flicker, so Im ok. Early game focus on helping, don’t worry abouttowers, THAT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. This is one of the biggest noub tanks,the run to “save” the tower early or mid game, when their teammates are gettingsmashed at top. Have you seen how fast a marksman and a fighter can destroy atower in mid game and late game? It takes Miya less than 2 seconds to destroy atower. A wipe out in late game is game for sure. In early game it takes ages todestroy a tower and ITS NOT WORTH IT. The person who made write this guide wasa freaking awesome Jawhead (fighter), he had more than 1000 games but hedecided to go Grock instead. We were fighting mid because they ganked us, andinstead of dashing mid, he stayed bottom to clear the wave and destroy theturret. He didn’t even destroyed it, he would have destroyed it if he was afighter, like he usually is, but no, he went for a tank. What happened next isobvious, they destroy the turret in mid, then got lord and before we clearedwaves they even got another turret.

9. TanksNEVER solo and NEVER clear waves. Just follow the action man!! Damn, you arethe main character in this story. Follow the fun, take punches, steal kills,defend… but never ever alone. The only time for you to push towers is if youkilled 2 or more enemies, the rest are escaping to heal, then you can totallypush one, maybe two towers, but you need to be ready to go back right to theaction.

10. Wrongitems. Because you never play tank you just buy the recommended set. Please don’t.Only marksmen and mages have a pre item set, they need some core items. Tanks don’t.Just buy lots of magic defense if they are mostly magic, and physical if theirmage is not killing and not scary. If you are playing aggressively you needIMMORTALITY. If you don’t need to go back to base, playing support tank, youneed to regen with GUARDIAN HELMET, but this makes you 100% support, not tank. Aggressivetanks would never buy this because they need to survive the fight and go backto base to heal. This regen item makes you good for poking, not for tanking.

11. PROTIP: Don’t ever buy CURSED HELMET and BLADE ARMOR if you are tower diving. I vebeen called a cheater because I dare to dive and not die. Guess what, I haveminions taking the damage of the turret and Im attacking the tower, not theenemy. I almost die but its because of the enemy attacking me, not the turret.The same goes for Franco, he will pull you to the turret and use his ultimateto stun and punch you, but it’s the turret what kills you, not Franco. If you didn’tpanic and punch him, you will survive because the tower is attacking yourminions (if he hooked you and there are no minions you are dead for sure).

12. Followthis guide and I promise your team will not complain about you, even if you are0-11 (that’s me in my last game, and we lost lol, but I was an amazing Khufra,it was a strong Gussion and Karrie who killed us). They will only complain andcall you noob if you start attacking the enemy alone. I kill people as Khufraand Grock, but its because I have more money, not because Im a pro; its justthe money and the level. Rafaella can easily kill Minotaur if Rafa is level 15full set and Minotaur still level 10 and no items. It’s the money what makesthe difference, that’s why its so important you don’t die and help your peoplejungle. Don’t try to play fighter, you are a tank, that’s one of the biggestmistakes. Fighters kill and push, tanks (usually) don’t. Grock and Khufra killa lot, that’s why they are banned.

13. Don´tbe a fighter tank, be a tank tank. This means don’t be shy, weak and coward.Accept and embrace death. Something that bothers me more than the fighter tankis the pussy cat tank. Its obvious he is main marksman, I can tell because heis behind us and retreating with more than 50% health.  I would say from 20% to 30% would be theideal green bar amount to retreat. Less than 20% is too risky, only main tankplayers should do it.

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Very good and informative suggestion for tank. I am not a tank user, but in many situation i have to pick tank because nobody in my team wants to. So it will be useful for me. Thanks for sharing.
Post time 2019-10-30 05:27 PM | Show all posts
Very very good. One of my mains is tank role and I'm a former global Lolita my favourite tank.
I will move your thread to Guide Section.
Also I also made a guide about Tank role you can check it out
How to be a Pro Tank
Post time 2019-10-31 03:55 AM | Show all posts
There are tanks who doesn’t follow the Marksmans or Mages, they ask for the Marksman or Mage to follow them, but when they don’t, they will be ganked (marksman or mage). And a good tank should always be cautious of where the damage dealer is, not just charge at the enemy and not noticing where the damage dealer is.
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Great guide as always. And btw, I wonder why your posts always have some 2 words without space? Just curious
Post time 2019-10-31 11:07 AM | Show all posts
good guide bro. you proven to me with our game that you are a pro tanker.

but somehow there are always arrogant and ego MM or Assassin that dont follow. they love to roaming solo.
or when we are there to assist or help, they will ask to retreat, i want solo. then when they being gank, ask for back up. some doesn't know that we already buy the roam item.

is really not easy to get good team mate that can always play together due to the server and time zone. wish i can team with you everyday.
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kingzvvd replied at 2019-10-31 11:07 AM
good guide bro. you proven to me with our game that you are a pro tanker.

but somehow there are al ...

Yes I also noticed some ping to "retreat" which really makes me wonder why.. Tanks and support use roaming items now, so being on the same lane as them won't affect their farming...
There is one situation when i can understand the ping. If the team goes 1-3-1 composition. One solo-laner on top (most of the times assassin or fighter), 3 will go mid - mage + support + tank and the adc goes bot. So yeah, if you go bot with a solo laner ADC instead of mid.. i can understand if he pings to retreat.
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i'm not a tank player. But my squad mate are always make some kind of mistake like that . this guide are really good .i'm sharing this guide on my squad mate & my page.  i think my teammates will understand there mistake .



You should give credits to the author of this thread :D ...or just post the forum link  Post time 2019-10-31 05:37 PM
 Author| Post time 2019-11-1 07:44 AM | Show all posts
Edited by shinee. at 2019-11-1 01:49 PM
iri replied at 2019-10-31 09:54 AM
Great guide as always. And btw, I wonder why your posts always have some 2 words without space? Just ...

Hahahaha its my stiyle. No, no way. It happens!! I write in word or directly here, then when it uploads its all fked up... no idea why. I used to edit it but its so tiring so not anymore jajajaja deal with it.
RoyalFrog replied at 2019-10-31 04:57 PM
i'm not a tank player. But my squad mate are always make some kind of mistake like that . this guide ...

No need to credit. Im also a short horror stories writer, maybe there I would care. Here I just write about the game, no need to aknowledge anything. If you are curious, though, Mexican 34 living in Japan. The name is Horacio De La Barrera Campos.

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Edited by shinee. at 2019-11-1 01:54 PM

Another common mistake came through my mind. In a situation where a teammate gets know he can't escape not even if he will be helped..and the tank thinks he should go anyway therefore giving another kill to the enemy team.
Conclusion - If you want to sacrifice yourself to save a teammate, think fast and really hard..will you manage to help him escape..maybe even both escape..?Or will you both die randomly ?
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