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[Lineup Strategy] What is expected of each role (guide)

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Im mythic,7000 games (I like to show off lol). Main tank but sometimes I play other roles(cause I play from 2 to 5 hours a day lol get me a life). I will talk aboutsome heros; some are unique, others are general.


All magesare useless before level 4. Don’t try to gank or get the kill, just clear theminions and get your buff.

Teamfightmages like Gord , Vexana and Lylia should be mid, where the action is. Youshould never die. Its ok if you don’t kill, as long as your red damage bar washigher than 20% and had lots of assists. One of the buffs is for you. Don’tsolo because you will die, I promise. You are mostly mid, join the teamfight atthe end and from the back.

Marksmenassassin mages like Harry, Cyclops, and Lunox need the buff. You are expectedto have the most money in the game, most kills and most damage. Couple ofdeaths are ok because you need to be really aggressive. You are supposed to beeverywhere, unpredictable, gank and win the game with MVP. Chang´e is here too,but she attacks from the back and doesn’t gank.

Tank mageslike Harith and Alice have to jump in and be the tank while they use theirultimate. You are the star of the teamfight, just for 5 seconds but that’ssuppose to get a wipe out. You need the buff, lots of damage, no towers andLOTS of tanking blue bar.

Zhask, Valirand Aurora are pretty special. Valir is great for teamfights or 1vs1. He is op,he can escape… just ban him (lol). My squadmate is main Aurora and he is hidingmost of the time, not jungling. He is a ganker and gets most of the kills.Sommelier recommendation pick to surprise the enemy. Zhask, my new favoritemage, is an assassin tank. He is intimidating but only attacks one enemy. Maybethe only mage who can push towers? I don’t have Lunox so Im not sure. He isunkillable and scary.


There areseveral kinds of tank, in general support tanks and aggressive tanks. Letsstart with the support.

Lolita,Belerick (my old and new favorite) need to follow the marksman or assassin mid,clear the first wave, take all the damage from the left buff (because it givesmore money than the right buff), get the next monster, then the crab. At thistime you probably need to heal, so recall and come back mid or wherever he isgoing. He should be level 4 by now, so he doesn’t need you as much as before,but still, protect him and help him be OP. Mid game you don’t need to “babysit”him anymore, you should go where the fights are (mostly mid). Its ok if you diewith the enemy marksman or assassin, we need to stop his farming. Its notnecessary to die for anybody else, unless you protected your marksman (youdon’t really need to sacrifice yourself for your fighter, just your marksman orassassin). NEVER EVER be alone. DON’T push lanes because you are as weak as aminion (lol), let the fighter or the marksman push.  You are expected to have the most assists inthe game, no tower damage, no hero damage and the blue tanking bar from 30% to50%.

Aggressivetanks like Khufra and Grock are the opposite, make your team follow you. Youcould pin them and let them know you are going to jump or tower dive. I usuallydon’t, I just jump, do the Khufra combo and kill 90% of the time. This isbecause my items and execution spell, so I don’t really need teammates to getthe kill. If you like to playe more safe with these 2 tanks (which is not ok,cause you should have picked a support and more tanky tank), tell your teamwhat you are doing so they can follow you. Don’t expect your team to read yourmind, just tell them. You are expected to get the first kill, and even a doublekill, not just protect and help farm. You need to roam everywhere, be annoyingas fck and unpredictable. NEVER stay in one lane. You need to have fast fingersand mind. First you start with a gank mid, then clear minions, help with buffand crab, gank, clear, gank, gank, gank. So you are half tank half assassin.You are expected to have lots of kills or lots of assists. Your hero damage barat 20% or 30%, no yellow tower damage, and 30% tanking. So you will not tank asmuch as the first type of tank. You are expected to be strong and brave andkill and everything (lol).

Mix tank.Hylos, Minotaur, Gatotkaka are tanking but suddenly they stun you and kill you.They are both support and Aggressive tanks. They have high damage. Recently Ihave been playing Belerick and surprisingly he is the best tank late game.Jhonson crash is useless late game, Grock doesn’t punch as hard… But belerickwith his items and HEALING SPELL kills you. Best counter for Guinivere. As amixed tank you are expected to do both support and assassin. Because you aresupport, you are expected to NEVER die. Grock dies because he is tower divingand getting kills, but as a Hylos you are expected to save your team and killas well. Minotaur should heal the team, stun for killing or protecting theteam.  

Uranus isvery special. He is expected to be full health, no matter what. For this youneed the regen spell plus 2 items, oracle and concentrated energy (hehehehethis makes him unkillable). Belerick too, he needs to be full health in orderto engage, so get the regen helmet.

Frankoneeds to, MUST have perfect hooking. Without the hook he is only good to stunwith the ultimate, but the marksmen and mages will never be close enough. Ifyou don’t have perfect hooking skills, play any other support tank.


Allmarksman are useless even with their ultimate. They need at least 2 items andboots to start getting kills. They cant even kill jungle monsters themselves,that’s why tanks and fighters must help them jungle. Its so frustrating whenthe fighter gets the jungle, takes the buff and leaves nothing for themarksmen. Our jungle is for our mage and our marksmen, enemy jungle and minionsfor fighters.

Kimmy andGranger are the strongest marksmen early game. They can get the first kill ONLYif the tank or fighter help. All marksmen have to clear minions, jungle and gettowers, but Kimmy has to be more aggressive and have someone to help herbecause of her short range.

Leslie hasgreat range, she has to be a “poker” more than a marksman. Granger is a mixedshort-long range and he is super strong, but harder to play than Kimmy (lots ofbottons, Kimmy is just endless “piu piu piu”). A marksman who dies before minute4 is the biggest disappointment for the team. As soon as we see you die, wewant to surrender. Please please PLEASE don’t be first kill, this means theirmarksman is stronger and we need to play defense, from freaking minute 4. Justclear waves and jungle, we don’t need you to kill anybody in early game, itstoo risky. Request back up if you need it for the buff and mini fights whenclearing waves. Have your flicker or purify ready. I suggest these more thanretribution because mid game you don’t need retribution anymore, and the tankis supposed to help you early game.

Hanabi islovely, but only late game. She is only useful because of her ultimate. Beforeyour third item you just need to jungle and push towers.

Irithieland Karrie are the strongest. They are the marksman version of Zhask. If yousee them you better run. They need less items than Hanabi, which makes themuseful from level 4. These two are expected to have more than 30% damage, mostmoney, towers and kills. If they die, their team want to surrender, so you needto be an expert with more than 100 games and 60% win rate when you show this atthe draft. Just showing “im an expert and I want to use this marksman” makesthe whole team worried.

Layla andMiya are the first marksmen of the game but everything has changed so much…they are not meant to be in the current rank (just like Balmond). The reason isbecause they are only useful with 4 items, after minute 10. They are onlyuseful before 4 items if their team is getting towers and kills, otherwise is auseless investment. The game finishes before they can get their items, and itfinished fast because they couldn’t get their items. Kimmy and Granger from thevery first wave, why would anyone pick Miya and Layla? Only old and stubborn Miyaaddicts with 2000 games. Yes, he will “carry” you, late game… (which doesn’texist anymore due to all the burst damage new heros). So anyway, these 2marksmen are expected not to die, and jungle a lot, and the towers if possible.Yun shin as well. His just a poker who needs to be full set to be helpful.  Wan wan is op, just ban her.


There areseveral kinds of fighters, some mages are fighters too. Fighter means a tankwho punches harder. This is the hardest role in the game because you cant surviveas easy as the tanks, but you are expected to. Not only survive but kill andget towers? Its really hard. You need skills, money and LUCK. Its easy to killas a marksman, and survive as a tank. You cant get the buffs or the jungle butyou are expected to be stronger than those with the buffs? How!! That’s why Idon’t like being a fighter, I end up doing what I do when Im a tank and weusually lose, but Im improving day by day. Teamfight fighters like Terizla andRuby are expected to trap and pull more 2 or more enemies. You are supposed tobe a super hero who endless lifesteal and fight 1 vs 3, while your team ispushing the other side of the map. To achieve this you need to never die, bepatient and smart til you are level 6. Your ultimate is not enough to fight,just to clear waves and defend. Don’t attack unless you outnumber the enemy.Thamz, Martis, Ruby and Alucard can totally 1 vs 5, late game. Mid game 1 vs 2,sometimes 1 vs 3, but they need at least 3 items.

Assassinfighters like Kaja, Dyroth and Badang are more assassin than fighters, becausethey die as fast as they can kill. They need to be good at ganking and fast ashell.

Leomord isthe fighter version of Zhask. You see the horse you better run. Best fighter??But he needs to be at least 2 levels higher than the enemy to wipe themout.  

Supportfighters like Bane and Jawhead shouldn’t be alone. They need to join theteamfight, right next to the tank, push towers and have lots of assists andtanking.

Chou is alittle jewel, he is a fighter tank and assassin, depending on how you play him.Tanking Chou is good for defending, but if you are just going to kill peoplewho push your tower, then go tank. Assassin or Fighter Chou is the real deal,when they kill you without using the tower. That’s a “come on just surrender”for me.

Assassinslike Ling (he shouldn’t exist, rank is becoming brawl), Fanny and Gusion areexpected to kill thanks to their awesome skills, not their items. I ve seenDyroths killing from wave one. You are supposed to steal the enemy jungle andkill them a lot. I see a fanny im expecting at least 20 kills. If I have morekills as Khufra or Grock, im reporting you, no matter if we won. Choose aneasier assassin, like Selena. Selina is good only if she stuns you with her 2skill,but if you don’t have perfect aiming, just as Franko, then PLEASE don’t pickher. We expect you to get the first kill withing 2 minutes. I also need to seeyou are level 4 when we are still level 1 and 2. Jungle fast, be everywhere andkill kill kill.

Helcurt isthe king of assassins. He silence and blinds you, he has burst damage. He justneeds a little jungle and have his 5 needles ready.

Hanzo andZilong need a buff or rework to be in this guide (and back to meta).


Angela, Estes,Diggie, Rafa are only useful with the team. I have gone afk in early gamebecause our Esthes rushed top alone. Im not even going to try. Same thing withmarksman Rafaela. Just pick a second marksman man, please don’t be the marksmanrafa. Its really hard to be support, the enemy target you, your team expectsmiracles from you, hate you if you get the kill by accident… its hard. You needperfect timing for your skills and ultimate. Too fast or too soon and everybodywill insult you and report you at the end. Don’t go support unless you areplaying with a friend. Being support with strangers is a big no no because youdon’t know their playstyle. Good communication with support will force theenemy to surrender at minute 6 because its impossible to defeat. Never ever be alone,be fast and master your hero. Show 200 games or more in draft, otherwise play200 classics so your team feels safe with you.

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Edited by shinee. at 2019-11-1 02:05 PM

Cheers to another great guide made by one of our fellow friends from the forum. I truly wish this could reach to more people..some need some more understanding about how the game works...because of lack of information, people make mistakes..ergo they feed/cause the team to lose - ergo, we start blaming matchmaking again. See the irony ?
I will move your thread to Guide Section, thank you for sharing this information with us.
By the way...marksman Rafaela is a thing?? I never saw this..and hopefully never will
Kimmy - endless piu piu piu =)))))))))
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shinee. replied at 2019-11-1 01:35 PM
Cheers to another great guide made by one of our fellow friends from the forum. I truly wish this co ...

Marksman Nana and Mage Rafaella maybe, but only freaking weirdos trying that poop. I didnt read any guides, I just played a lot and got to natural conclusions because of lots of practice. Reading would help you get faster, just as watching videos in YouTube. Matchmaking sucks, thats for sure. Mythics shouldnt play with legends, and under no circumstances Mythic with Epic, thats how much our beloved matchmaking sucks.
Another reason is new players, which is good because that means the game is growing. But again, shouldnt match new players with pro like me (hahahah im no pro, im just a decent khufra, thats it).
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